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Old 13-07-2005, 17:26
BluePhoenix BluePhoenix is offline
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Hydrocodin M375

well, the pills had M375 on em, I belive, they are gone now, but they had that on...

well, my friend told me thsi was Hydrocodin, and he was triping out
after just one (he weighs like 90 pounds, and is 5 feet tall) lol

anayways, i got two botles of those for two different occations:

1. Try throat (strepto cocin or something)

2. Stomach cramps

so those two times got me 30 Hydorocoding pills....

around here thats like 60 bucks

why would I get something like that for what I had????

oh and my brother had a bike accident and his knee was split open and
he was hospitalised and got 2 pills that were the same I got 30 of, it said take
as needed.... wtf?

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Old 14-07-2005, 08:39
polloloco001 polloloco001 is offline
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i believe your talking about hydrocodone</span>,
commonly called vicodin. its pain medication and its an opiate and you
can get a good buzz off it. i wouldn't call it tripping though. im not
really sure what it is you want to know. why did you get it for minor
symptoms? umm, not really sure, you have a cool doctor i guess, have
fun with those suckers.

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hydrocodone, vicodin

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