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Cannabinoids Cannabinoids & smoking blends.

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Old 26-10-2009, 00:00
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Which legal bud tastes the most like the real thing?

Hello swim is looking for a brand of legal bud or smoking blend that taste like good weed. Swim is mostly just concerned with taste although a relaxing buzz wouldn't be bad either.

I dunno why I got negative rep when some legal bud is marijuana with out THC

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This is in the wrong forum. This section is for cannabis discussion, not synthetic cannabinoids.

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Old 27-10-2009, 10:51
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Re: Which legal bud tastes the most like the real thing?

SWIM has never smoked any blend which tastes like marijuana and I doubt you ever will either. Legal bud isn't THC-free marijuana (have you just made that up on the spot?).. even without the THC, it would still be illegal to sell.. legal buds are just buds from other plants which contain no active delta9 THC, but are often mixed with research chemicals before or after their sale to make them give marijuana-like effects when smoked.
Old 27-10-2009, 14:49
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Re: Which legal bud tastes the most like the real thing?

SWIM's cat Slappy has tried a number of so-called "legal bud" products, in order to find a decent substrate on which to infuse his JWH-018.

Many of these products are designed to look like cannabis buds. This is ultimately what sells them, either on flashy web sites or ads in the back of drug magazines.

Smell and flavor of the smoke, however, are usually nothing close to only vaguely reminiscent of cannabis.

Legal bud products are usually made of ethnobotanical herbs, and may be enhanced with herbal extracts. If SWIY is expecting a cannabis buzz, SWIY will likely be disappointed. Effects range from nothing to very mild, for the products Slappy has tried anyway.

Many companies do not disclose ingredients in their products, or obfuscate them somehow by using uncommon or made-up names for the herbs.

Most companies offer sample packs, which can be an inexpensive way to try a number their products. As SWIY is interested mostly in flavor, SWIY should probably go this route and find one he likes.

Be warned: SWIY will probably end up throwing out or giving away most of them.

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