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Concerta & Ritalin About Methylphenidate.

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Old 02-11-2009, 13:49
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opening the Concerta bunker

People: SWIM told me that the folks who abuse drugs have GOT TO GET their SHIT together, man. Buy some tools. Get the fuck out of the house and equip thyself. Any of the following tools will open anything made by humans, including the nuclear bombshelter otherwise known as Concerta:

1. Tweezers to grasp bunker and put into
2. Plastic baggy to contain the blast particles.
Place bunker in between the slicing part of a
3. Needle-nose pliers.
With baggy over the blast site, proceed to slice bunker in half.
Now you have a crime scene full of evidence--all of which must be collected and stored in your mouth.
Beware the blue meanie that tastes like poo; he can be swallowed. Bon appetite.
Old 04-11-2009, 07:27
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Re: opening the Concerta bunker

SWIM just attempted to do this with 4 18mg pills and one 38 mg pill for a total of 108mg, but he figured with the loss from breaking these things open it is prob more like 80-90mg. SWIM did a similar method with wire cutters, but once you break the pill open you are not out of the woods as there is another plastic like coating over the pill that you have to peel off as well. SWIM found this extremely difficult at first but then he snipped the ends off the pill and put it into the wire cutter length wise and was able to separate the plastic junk from the pill material rather easily.

Now SWIM has a baggy filled with small chunks of Concerta minus all the time release crap, at least he thinks, unless it is built into the pill matter itself as well, does anyone know, is this now effectively regular release Ritalin? SWIM thinks this pill is crazy and very anti-abusable, he would never try to sniff this as he would not want to risk that plastic stuff getting stuck in his nose haha. SWIM thinks he will prob just parachute the chucks of pill left over from the separation process and hope for anything decent because Concerta has never done much for him, it is just too mild.
Old 21-11-2009, 01:20
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Re: opening the Concerta bunker

The first coating around the pill has some methylphenidate in it, keep that stuff. Swim used to peel off that part, a straight (not serrated) steak knife worked alright for this, then would use a razor blade to make a slit along the plastic coating and lift some of it. Once that is done it's possible to peel the whole coating off in one shot if swiy is lucky, if not just keep cutting away at it with the razor. The coating around the edges of the pill are easy to remove. Once that is done cut out the green part, it's the part that expands to push the contents through the hole at the opposite end of the pill. The outside coating and the white and yellow parts of the inside contents are the only active parts.

If swiy doesn't want to go through all that work they could always just give it one strong chomp with their back molars to break it if they have a strong enough bite. Snorting is useless, swim tried it once before he read about the pill online and just ended up with a bunch of poorly broken up plastic crap in his nose and no buzz, don't bother trying it.
Old 21-11-2009, 04:15
Smitty2 Smitty2 is offline
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Re: opening the Concerta bunker

SWIM found this guide online, not sure if he can link to it but here is the URL

drugsandbooze. com / showthread. php? p=295845 (remove spaces)

SWIM tried this method and it worked really good, just takes some patience but it went much quicker than when he just winged it without a razor. However SWIM would NOT recommend snorting this crap, first of all it doesn't really break up into a fine powder, more of a mushy substance and then once it is in your nose it turn into some type of gel and makes your nose run constantly, not pleasant. SWIM would just recommend eating the shell and then the rest of the pill minus the brown part, throw that away.

Even still SWIM does did not get too much from doing this, maybe because he is used to and has a semi high tolerance to Adderall (usually takes 20-30mg for a decent buzz. Concerta is really well thought out as far as Anti-Abuse goes, sure it is possible but not really worth it for the small buzz it gives you in SWIMs opionon, he will try a higher dose next time and maybe just try peeling a bunch of the shells off and taking those. Two shells from a 54mg pill should equal around 24mg of ritalin, but again SWIM is not sure if it actually works that way or not.
Old 22-11-2009, 20:00
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Re: opening the Concerta bunker

there is a video in the concerta ritalin video's that has a perfect method for what your asking to do check it out. it works perfectly just make sure you dont cut your finger swims first attempts ended up with two slices in my thumb from the exacto knife.
Old 28-11-2009, 10:54
aridchimp aridchimp is offline
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Re: opening the Concerta bunker

I heard that Concerta is easily abusable and does not goo or gum up nasally unless used improperly. When cracked like a bunker should be cracked I have heard on the grapevine that it is a great pill since it can be prescribed in up to 54mg doses a day due to its supposed long-acting and non-abusable nature. I heard from a cute baby chimp that apparently all that is needed to convert it into the drug we all know and love is a sharp edge and a crushing tool (such as the back of a phone, etc).

Here is what the monkey told me works (haha silly guy):

"Step one make a slit down the side and peel off entire red layer (if 54mg...i forget colors for other two doses) with fingernail. Total time 20 sec max. This part can be applied under the tongue with great effectiveness as it is really just pure stim. Next cut off the green part entirely with a clean chop. Total time 25 sec. The green part is worthless if abuse is desired...it is simply a matrix that expands when exposed and wet to slowly force out the good stuff over a long period of time. This is what causes many people to believe snorting concerta is worthless...they snort a mechanically functional non psychoactive sponge layer meant to expand and wonder what went wrong. Avoid the green at all cost. The goo it creates is like ectoplasm flavored rubber-cement.

Now cut off the rounded red part (again assuming 54mg color scheme but either way cut off the rounded top layer that is separated from the main bulk of methylphenidate by color. Keep this part around since it contains stims. If desired, the plastic can be removed and the top layer can be processed as described below as the white (middle) part is, but it is alot tougher and annoying due to being rounded to get the plastic off. This subsequent chunk can be applied under the tongue very effectively anyway and if you sub-lingual it correctly (actively pressing down hard with under-tongue for about 2-3 min at least), just like all methylphenidate, it will give u a nice oral numbness most people never realize mehtylphenidate is capable of (they don't call it kiddy-coke for nothing). If the previous tongue method is done, the plastic can be swallowed with no worries.

Now you have a white cylinder with plastic on it except for the two ends. Cut it in half vertically. Total time 35 sec. Peel the plastic off each half-cylinder by picking at an edge and just pulling. Due to the physics of the shape the plastic will peel easily off your methylphenidate. Now crush the white halves thoroughly with your crushing tool - grinding and turning as u push (think like u are doing a dirty but effective figure-eight during adult time). The white will go powdery very soon if crushed decently and with ample force to at least tickle a ticklish hamster. Total time about a minute. You can rub it in between ur fingers to get it finer and into smooth snort-able condition but avoid moisture as much as possible it will gum it up and ruin any chance for fun nose time. Separate into lines and have fun. Hits pretty damn fast and clean for a "non-abusable" "gummy" drug. Wont drip much (and if it does it tastes fine...its no benzo) or goo up if green isn't present and is thoughtfully discarded as directed. Sometimes say 10 min after initial lift-off u can snort some water to make sure the drug is staying absorbable and not shacking up in booger town on a one night stand to the trashcan. Most of the drug can absorb nasally if intake is nice, slow and controlled, not too deep, and the target is ground fine enough. 54mg quality methylpheidate for 1$ a day (assuming insurance)."

Some treasure chests are hard to open because they hold quality items. I hear Concerta is one such example "
Old 29-11-2009, 05:05
Smitty2 Smitty2 is offline
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Re: opening the Concerta bunker

For the record, SWIM did NOT blow the green/brown part of the pill, he cut it off and threw it away as instructed in the link above. He only had crushed up white and yellow powder and it still gelled up in his nose and made it run like crazy. Maybe there was a little green stuck to the back of it but SWIM is pretty positive he got all of it off. Either way he plans to give it another go with a 54mg red guy at some point. SWIM has a script so why not? Problem is he can get Adderall fairly easily, and although it costs him more he tends to choose that over the Concerta.

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