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Nootropics Smartdrugs, Brain boosters & Cognitive enhancers.

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Old 17-11-2009, 22:23
cosmicruler cosmicruler is offline
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cosmicruler is a decent psychonaut.cosmicruler is a decent psychonaut.

Has any1 here had any experiences with this Nootropic????

It seems its been trialed in Alzheimers treatment and I have read One article stating that it it lessoned the effects of Methamphetamine in Rats..Any1 tried or got any relevant information relating to humans??


cosmicruler added 919 Minutes and 8 Seconds later...

any1???come on people surely some1 here has tried or has some interesting information regarding this Nootropic???

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Old 18-11-2009, 09:21
Durd1e Durd1e is offline
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Re: Nefiracetam

Neifacetam is very difficlut to come by so I would be surprised if a lot of people had experience with it. Having said that I intend to trial it myself when I can.

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