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Beta-Ketones Mephedrone, Methylone, Butylone, Methedrone, Ethcathinone, 3-fluoroMethCathinone (3FMC), Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV)

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Old 18-01-2010, 00:38
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depression from mcat?

SWIM has been taking mcat for roughly 3 months now, week after week, Now SWIM has to take at least 1-2 grams a night before he gets a high,

The last time SWIM took was 3 days ago , and had taken roughly 1.3 grams and 2 ecstasy tablets.

Now SWIM is getting feelings of depression and showing a lot of the signs

SWIM is wondering if anyone else has been having any of these same side effects?
Old 18-01-2010, 01:07
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Re: depression from mcat?

Welcome to the forum. Just for clarification does SWIY mean mephedrone (4-MMC, sometimes also called MMCAT)? Mcat is methcathinone, a different drug. Unless SWIY really meant methcathinone calling it Mcat is misleading. Please check out this thread for information on appropriate naming for beta-ketone RCs:


Anyway, back to SWIY's question and assuming SWIY meant mephedrone. Depression has been reported not infrequently as a side-effect of mephedrone use. It appears several times in the side-effects database DF users have been collating, which SWIY may want to contribute to:


SWIY can also find other more detailed accounts of mephedrone-related depression by searching through the experience threads in this forum, or using the forum search engine with the terms 'mephedrone' and 'depression'. It certainly seems to be more common in people that have been using increasingly high doses for a substantial length of time though.

Unfortunately the rebound effect is quite a common phenomenom with heavy and chronic use of any psychoactive. Someone takes a drug to feel temporarily happier, but over time they find that without the drug they feel less happy than when they started. It's something that will most likely fade if SWIY abstains from mephedrone use for a while and brings their use back under control. Giving the receptors and neurotransmitters a chance to restore a healthy balance will help the depression lift.

Moderation is most definitely a good thing when it comes to keeping use recreational rather than obligatory. Also get more bang for your buck when tolerance isn't a problem, so SWIY can roll like a cantaloupe, out of control!

Post Quality Evaluations:
good catch- important to clarify these things with the current name confusion problems
saving the mods some work here. thanks

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