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Old 18-01-2010, 08:55
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Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

Hello to everyone on this lovely forum board! SWIM is new here and this will be his first post! SWIM has found these boards to be very useful and SWIm thought it would be a good idea to inform everyone about SWIM's first time plugging morphine. SWIM feels like many swimmers shun the idea of plugging from their thoughts, but when it comes to morphine... this is the only Route to take. Therefore, SWIM's goal is to hopefully make some sort of positive attitude towards this unconventional but extremely efficient method for morphine.

SWIM recently got a good amount of MS-Contin 200mg pills that are blue/green. Some [M] , some ABG. Also some dirt cheap 30 mg morphine sulfate IR's.

As you all know morphine is best when plugged or IV'ed. Do not attempt to IV Ms-Contin... Injecting any pill is a terrible idea and should not be done for the risk of injecting waxy fillers that can be horrible in your veins. SWIM only injected roxi one time and it was the mallie brand (forgot company spelling) 30mg because they have only 2 fillers.

Having said that, SWIM will explain why he fell so deeply in love with this ROA. His first time was two or three days ago, he decided to take 2 of the 30 mg IR pills and he crushed them up into what appeared to be baby powder and mixed with a good amount of water (Using more water will increase the surface area of the morphine being absorbed because water spreads out on the surface of any given container). He then mixed it around in the enema and then did the dirty deed. It was uniquely different but it was only uncomfortable for a minute. SWIM was skeptical. A few minutes later he lay there wading in his disbelief... he was already high!!! He thought in his mind "so this is how a morphine high feels like..." This definatly sparked something for SWIM because everytime SWIM takes morphine it is going to be rectally, it's that amazing.

The next day SWIM was very excited to stick some of the 200mg ms-contin up his bum He used 40-50 mg and it was about 2x as strong as the two 30mg Morph IR's the day before . SWIM used to take about two Roxi codone ( the [M] 30mg's) daily for a month or two. SWIM can honestly say that he felt better than if he were to snort an entire 30mg Roxi, which is amazing.

Last night however was a different story. SWIm is not very proud of this but he deserves it. Somehow he managed to get so high from plugging that he had a brain FART and belived that he was in possession of 100mg morphine pills, when they were actaully 200mg. With that being said he figured he would break the pill in half and take the bigger half and crush it up and plug it, thinking that it would have been about 50-60 mg of morphine. This is not the case... When really, it was about 100-110mg of morphine. He ended up realizing what he had done before it was too late lets just say that SWIM felt a little 'too good' for my liking. SWIM could not keep his eyes open, was rushing for about 5 hours.... not even joking. the 6th hour SWIM was still dizzy and lethargic from not sleeping ( for fear of not waking up) what felt like 7 hours later SWIm relised that he had Over Dosed because he could STILL feel the effects. Keep in mind SWIM is only 160 pounds and about 6ft.

This proves how much the liver actaully does metabolize your morphine and other pills. SWIM has gained a lot of respect for morphine ever since that expirence. As long as swimmers dont over do the dosage, plugging morphine is the most beneficial way to enjoy this soothing sensation that derives from moprhine. SWIM is very high from doing this ROA about 4 hours ago and SWIM is still feeling the full effects. Take it slow, never over do it and as long as those rules are followed, SWIM belives this method should be enjoyed by all. Remember, always have a life guard present while swimming.

*Some advantages to plugging* (these are extracted from SWIM'S accumulative expirences, general knowledge of this method, and SWIM'S opinions. These results are compared to snorting and injesting, because SWIM has not injected morphine and does not recommend it)

-More Bio-Availibility
- Effects last longer
-Effects are much more present and SWIM notices a stronger head buzz than other methods
-Effects can be felt within minutes, if done correctly
-This method saves morphine because i takes twice as less and lasts twice as long
-Sometimes SWIM is scared by the duration of the high when SWIM plugs... SWIMmers be warned.

*Note this is not a complete guide for plugging. For a complete step by step guide on plugging, view DrMuffy's guide here: https://drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22922

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read SWIM's rambling. Hope SWIM helped a few people. Happy Swimming
Love all, King Fiend.

Post Quality Evaluations:
a great and thorough 1st post,well done!!
great report and first post
great report, and well thought out, good job
Old 25-01-2010, 08:53
King Fiend King Fiend is offline
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Join Date: 17-01-2010
24 y/o Male
Posts: 14
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Expiriences /Advantages

So SWIM was thinking the other day about how dangerous constantly plugging morphine water where the sun dont shine? IF so, SWIM, would like to know.

Because SWIM has taken morphine every single time plugged ,from my first time, he does it 2-3 times a day... has not been doing them for long tho. Its the best way without a doubt,and he cant ever take morphine ANY other way ever again. SWIM gets the ABG 200's for dirt cheap.(the [M] company one's gel and it doesn't look appealing....) he wants to know if long term use can be dangerous??? THANKS,

King Fiend
Old 31-01-2010, 02:46
timcat timcat is offline
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Expiriences /Advantages

That's a really good question! It's always good to consider additional implications of drugs used in ways other than those for which they were developed.

The cat didn't find much in the way of research, but did come across an article in Supportive Care in Cancer from November 2002. "Long-term rectal administration of high-dose
sustained-release morphine tablets" looks at a 72-year-old man who experienced prohibitive nausea while taking morphine orally, so his care provider decided to give rectal administration a try. The treatment was tolerated extremely well, mitigated the patient's nausea, and provided equally effective pain management. He was administering 3 times daily over a period of 11 months.

That research seems to imply that there shouldn't be any trouble with long-term rectal administration of morphine. However, the patient was administering whole pills, not the slurry SWIY is talking about, so something to keep in mind.

Do consider that any time one introduces this type of new habit, the body's operation will change. In this case, the cat would be most concerned with irritation and bowel obstruction. The patient in the above case was given a fiber regimen in order to maintain bowel movement and health. When he stopped following that regimen, he was in the hospital with a bowel obstruction!

tl;dr: SWIY should be fine, but if anything begins to seem amiss (stomach cramps, constipation, bloody stools, abnormal hemorrhoids) the cat would recommend laying off the drugs and/or seeking medical attention.

Remember, SWIM isn't a doctor, and nobody's opinions should replace the care/recommendations of a medical professional!

(sorry about the lack of links, can't post them yet)
Old 25-02-2010, 07:47
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Expiriences /Advantages

the recommended dose in the chart says 10mg but from reading swiys post it seems a dose that small would produce little or no effect. So is it better to start with 10 or 30? swim doesnt want to waste any
Old 05-05-2010, 14:04
Blacky Blacky is offline
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

SWIM tried 10mg to 15mg rectally and effects were mild. SWIM have no tolerance. SWIM think 30-45mg is what should be taken for no tolerance and first-timers.
This is SWIM uneducated guess, comments welcome.
Old 12-02-2014, 11:11
DrPhilGoode DrPhilGoode is offline
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

OK, I'm having a little trouble with this procedure and feedback would be appreciated. Now, to start off with, I just read this thread earlier tonight and I probably wasn't prepared the best, and had to make do with utensils that I had on-hand....they may be just a tad "off-spec", but I don't see the differences being very significant. Along those lines, let me just sort of lay out the procedure as I experienced it, and see if any of you can sort of help me refine my procedure.

All right....First, I gathered up the materials I required. I got a clean and heretofore unused 5 gallon bucket, a two to two-and-a-half foot length of good stout garden hose (cut at 90 degrees on the connection end and at about 45 degrees on the business end), a tube of JB Weld, 4 gallons of distilled water, a crawfish pot and butane burner, and some lotion that my great-great grandpa swore by....it's called "Ben Gay". I almost didn't want to say that here considering the brand name and the subject matter, because I didn't want anyone here to think that I was of the homosexual persuasionalitisms, but since I never heard of this brand of lube I figured no one else would have either, so I figured I needed to go ahead and just lay it on out, and also, I thought, "hey, what the hell....we're all intelligent, sensible, level-headed grown ups here".

I drilled a 3" hole in the bottom of the bucket (it's kinda big garden hose....uhhhn, well, it may be some of that hose that is used on retail gas pumps....I say that because my great-grandpa owned a service station, and also because the hose was reinforced with stout stainless steel reinforcement weaving...real hard to cut through, you know, and leaves a lot of jagged ends poking out when you cut it. I'm sure you all know what I am referring to. I took the perpendicular cut end and glued onto the bottom of the bucket via the 3" hole, and affixed it thereto with JB Weld. I hung the bucket up about chest high, and prepared the other end for insertion. Ever the resourceful individual that I am, I made sure that the business end was cut at a good 45 degree angle for pinhole precision on point of insertion, and for supreme comfort, I really slathered the pointified end with that lube, taking great care to makes sure that all the thousands and thousands and thousands of jagged stainless steel reinforcement wires poking out from the layers of hose were really lubed up very good...I know, I know, smart move if I may say so myself!!

Now, I know how important it is that the H2O (that's water, now) is adequately warmed before the solution is mixed, so I got four gallons of H20 (that's still water, now....I'm trying not to be too technical here, but as they say, you may be able to get the boy out of the doctor, but you can't get the doctor out of the boy (unless you pour freezing/scalding H2O on them...oh, that's actually water), and I got it to a robust, volcanic, rolling boil and held it there for 2.5 minutes.

Realizing that I had no valve or other stop on the insertion hose, and knowing again the importance of retaining the warmness of the H2O (that's water) from fix to finish, I took the generously lubed hose and inserted it into my nether regions, right up betwixt my loins, assuring that I would spill not even a tiny drop of H2O (that's the chemical formula for water, now, you all), and that I would lose the most minimal amount of heat from the H2O (better known as "water", the very fluid of life itself for all of you that aren't as ejucaded as myself) as possible, and I tightened up my sphincter to about 86.95 foot pounds of pressure for a super-duper high-pressure seal, and I prepared myself for immediate and full influx of pre-warmed water (or, H2O, for the more technically minded persons such as myself!), the proverbial "two-birds-with-one-stone" if ever such a condition existed!!

I sprinkled the bottle of MS Dash into the pot (all they had down to the Winn-Dixie was the real McCoy, no generic available, and the more informed readers here will know that the MS in MS Dash is Morfiend Sulfate ..... just a little less expensive! I had to go make groceries there anyway, and hey, a penny saved is a penny earned and all that). I got everything lines up and ready, and I jerked the violently boiling crawfish pot off of the butane burner and poured the steaming water (or as we used to say back in medical school, "H2O") immediately if not sooner into the bucket/funnel...without losing even a tenth of a degree, I am proud to say! Obviously, I quickly swirled the morfiend into the boiling H2O (more commonly known as 'water') as it passed through the bucket, and I began to accept this heated anal gesic into my abdomenable, allthewhile giggling and chanting one of my favorite rhymes ...and an oldschool rhyme at that!! - "Through the sphincter and down the rec-tum, lookout colon, here it comes!"

Within the span of less than 5 seconds, I was infused with the sweet, hot, delicious nectar, grinning from ear to ear like the proverbial Esquire Cat, or, like the erstwhile proverbial 'possum eatin' shit (choose the colloquialismicatactic vernacularism of your choice)...and then, all of a sudden, after the faultless and downdamnedright professional procedure thusfar, with approximately 3.75 gal fed and 0.25 gal to go, the flow of the MS Dash/H2O (which as you all may possibly know, means "water") solution/mixture stopped. YES! STOPPED!

Immediately, I screamed "HELLFAHR AND GAWDAMNATION!", my cat-like reflexes took over and my glands erupted, pushing me forward almost as if by rote in abject, adrenaline fueled fury .... and then, heavy, phermone laced gases surged and roiled forth from my expansive colon like a tsunami of grace, speed, and raw POWER, squeezing past my sphincter so fast that everyone in my house (and every of the neighbors' on my block, to boot) clearly heard it sailing past my clamped sphincter at the speed of light as brash, staccato barking erupted therefrom as well....and then, yes, I turned around and like a deadly striking cobrasnake named "Cobrasnake", and deftly snapped my lightning-quick nutscratchers forward and snapped the old Kung-Fu grip around the hose...and, I felt the plug! Thinking that it was a little glob of Morphemes, I clenched down on the end distal to the bucket with my sphincter, and on the bulge with my hand...and a damned gerbil came FLYING OUTTA THE HOSE LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL,and TA_DAAAAAAaaaa! DDone!

Now, I realize that upon reading this, you are all thinking to yourselves, "Yes....Well!?"...wondering what "problem" I could be having with this absolutely FLAWLESS rendtition of pluggation! So, Ill get right to it....as odd as it may seem, I had some minor discomfort after the procedure. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually did!

Any hints!? Is it maybe my heretofore unassailed anal cavity, or what!?
Old 13-02-2014, 16:36
wrx fifer wrx fifer is offline
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

I am possibly going to be trying plugging for the first time any day now, my normal dose that I take orally is 120mg (2x 60mg capsules)slow release zomorph capsules these are red capsules filled with tiny little balls I take both at same time orally, and 20ml of oramorph liquid morphine that's my prescribed amount from my doctor but with less and less effect from it, plugging is my next option just need to get the syringe thingy and some other stuff.

my question would be through what should I do and how much? both or just the capsules? or is oramorph ok for doing this with? as would be easier as could just suck out bottle and job done?
Old 07-03-2014, 23:35
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

Originally Posted by wrx fifer View Post
I am possibly going to be trying plugging for the first time any day now, my normal dose that I take orally is 120mg (2x 60mg capsules)slow release zomorph capsules these are red capsules filled with tiny little balls I take both at same time orally, and 20ml of oramorph liquid morphine that's my prescribed amount from my doctor but with less and less effect from it, plugging is my next option just need to get the syringe thingy and some other stuff.

my question would be through what should I do and how much? both or just the capsules? or is oramorph ok for doing this with? as would be easier as could just suck out bottle and job done?
Not sure about the Oramorph since it is already liquid suspension, but would probably work the same as crushing a pill. Remember that morphine, when plugged, is almost 2x as strong as when taken orally. So, if your pet rabbit usually takes 120mg of morphine sulfate extended release by mouth, your rabbit may want to start off plugging only 60mg.
Your pet rabbit will also want to make sure to crush the tiny balls from the capsule into a fine powder and mix with warm or cold water - never use hot water with opioids (heat basically kills the drug).
My parrot swears by plugging morphine and that's the only way my parrot will take it because the high is so much better than the buzz from oral consumption.
Old 23-10-2014, 01:44
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

Damn Drphilgood wtf that is a pretty elaborate and harsh roa... Ur talking about garden hoses and buckets, or are u just joking around cause it sounds like ur joking but i cant tell. Cause if u are joking u should make that clear or just not post a reply at all, some idiot will try ur "medevil method" of administration rectally with a garden hose and five gallon bucket and probably hurt thier colon severely. I just use an ordinary 5ml oral syringe and add water and crushed ms contin into the syringe and mix it well and lube it and insert it and push it in my hoohah. Thats how it should be done and why such a big hose and bucket!?

Post Quality Evaluations:
you need to use whole words in your post, this is an adult forum and we expect people to write like adults. also, if you can't tell satire from real posts, please avoid the internet all together.
Old 03-01-2015, 07:25
MoxleyMoxx MoxleyMoxx is offline
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Re: Plugging/ First Time Experiences /Advantages

Hi all, I am high as fuck on 60mg morphine that I plugged about an hour ago so I figured I would make a post about how I did it.

I started with 4 15mg morphine extended release tablets, and I crushed them up into a fine powder. (a word about the dose: it's not my first time with morphine and other opiates, so start with a smaller dose if it's your first time or you're relatively new to opiates. I am rather new to plugging itself, though.)

Once I had a nice pile of powder, I dumped it into a 1/8th cup measuring cup (any small container like this will be fine) and added a few drops of water, and stirred, and kept adding tiny amounts of water and stirring until it was all mixed together with just some gloopiness still present in the liquid. you definitely don't need much, just keep using drops of water in it and stirring until it looks liquid enough to suck up into your syringe.

I need to get out to the pharmacy and get an oral syringe, but in the meantime I use a syringe such as you'd use for diabetes, with the needle part removed. I suck the liquid up into the syringe, lay in bed on my side, grab some sex lube (that I happened to have from when I ordered a vibrator once, as a free gift) and lube up my butthole, and then insert the syringe into the hole, and press down on the plunger. I repeat this step as many times as necessary to get all the liquid inside of me, which would be less times if I had a bigger syringe.

After I'm done, I keep lying on my side while watching TV or looking at Twitter on my phone, for at least half an hour. You'll start to feel the warm glow sneaking up on you and it will feel so good.

I used to just chew up the morphine in my mouth and swallow, or grind it into a powder and snort it, and man do I wish I had tried plugging earlier! The super mild discomfort of having to inject liquid into your butt is well worth how good it feels.

Since I'm a female, one thing I've wondered is if this same process would work vaginally, which would be less uncomfortable, but I don't know if it would be as effective or even worth it at all to try it.

Also, this is my very first post on the forum, long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the info everyone!

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