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Opiates & Opioids Opiates & Opioids.

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Old 15-09-2005, 18:56
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so any advice on hiding red marks from shooting in your arms? thanks
Old 15-09-2005, 19:00
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MrJim really adds to the discussion.MrJim really adds to the discussion.MrJim really adds to the discussion.MrJim really adds to the discussion.MrJim really adds to the discussion.MrJim really adds to the discussion.
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Models and people who have to bare arms, so to speak, tend to shoot in other places, like into foot veins. Cleaning the skin before and after is of the utmost importance when going that route. Noone wants Gangrene.
Old 16-09-2005, 12:15
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This question is easy,

Stop shooting up, there problem solved!

yeah right j/k, i'm an IDU as well and I know that, that is not option.

actually i use my wifes cover-up(make-up) works like a charm.

http://www.private-income-org2.info/...r/atx_admissio n_page.htm
Old 21-09-2005, 03:26
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Like MrJim said above, clean the skin with warm water and soap around
the injection area, and make sure to wipe with an alcohol pad before
injection. Post injection, you might try some lotion or aloe vera
Old 21-09-2005, 23:17
BrandonAA BrandonAA is offline
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i am a male and i have hairy arms (not bad but normal) just like anyone else. i would tie up right below my elbow and all the veins in my forearm would surface up. perfect for getting in a good shot and it leaves virtually no track marks, and the hair does a good job of hiding it to. seriously shooting in the fold of your arm might be easy but it's fucking retarded,it'll bruise so easy and look so shady.
Old 30-09-2005, 03:03
dillydude dillydude is offline
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Signs of Addiction

‘Pinned’ eyes – very small pupils, the size of a pin head, droopy eyelids
Sleeping a lot, nodding off all the time - ‘gouching’
Slow, slurred speech
Loss of appetite and/or eating a lot of junk food (quick easy meals)
Weight loss
Deterioration in appearance. Not washing their hair or changing clothes, looking dirty
Itching, scratch marks on their skin especially their arms (mainly when people first start using)
Changes in overall attitude
Watching TV a lot, not as interested in music
Secretive behaviour, very sneaky
Generally ‘can't be bothered’ with anything
Lack of money and nothing to show for it
Telling a lot of lies
Borrowing money, very bad at paying it back
Asking to lend money (always the same sort of amount i.e. £10/£20)
Stealing, selling things or things missing from their home/room
Staying at home a lot, especially when they previously went out all the time
Or if living at home with parents, staying out all the time (although most kids do this)
Lack of interest in many things
Not wanting to be away from home for any length of time
If you have been away for a few hours, going straight to their room for a while when you get back
Spending a lot of time in the bathroom or bedroom
Abrupt changes in work/school attendance
Outbreaks of temper, bad attitude, argumentative
Not wanting to go out anymore to the pub or other places they used to enjoy
Wearing long-sleeves all the time, even in hot weather
Wearing sunglasses at inappropriate times
Association with known users
Lack of interest in sex or in the opposite sex
Brown residue on front teeth (some people don't check and walk about with gear on their teeth)
Itchy nose
Complaining of it being cold when the temperature is fine
Being covered in goosebumps when its warm
Complaining of sore legs, not sleeping, sneezing, running eyes, etc. (see info on Withdrawal)
Same mobile number listed on phone bill, only having been connected for a minute or less
Jekyll & Hyde personality - acting normal (friendly, talkative, etc) one day and then being the opposite the next, or even like that in the space of a few hours </LI>[/list]

Many of these signs may not relate to a heroin addiction and could be something as simple as a normal teenager or adult! I am just trying to give you an idea of what to look out for. If someone your worried about shows many of these signs I would be concerned but if only one or two relates to them, I very much doubt they have a problem. One or two of them can relate to most people, even <A name=signs>people that</A> have never used at all.

Also, not all of these signs relate to all addicts. For example, not all addicts are dirty, sell all their stuff, steal, etc. The stereotypical image of a ‘junkie’ is someone who is unwashed, dirty, skinny, with rotten teeth, needle marks all over them, would sell their Granny for a bag of smack, tells lies all the time, mugs old ladies, breaks into houses, etc. Whilst I have met people who are like this, I haven’t met very many. A lot of addicts hold down jobs and are clean, honest and trustworthy – basically you would never know that they were an addict. Others might be unemployed, lend money and never pay it back, or rip you off, but that relates to all types of people in life – not everyone is the same. In my experience, the stereotypical ‘junkie’ is a minority.

I just wanted to point this out, as I didn’t want people looking over the list above and thinking that all addicts are like this. As I said, there are addicts that you wouldn't spot in a million years and there are also some that you would spot straight away but are kind, loyal and trustworthy people who go to work to get the money to support their habits, and of course finally you have the group that you would spot straight away and that would rip you off in a heartbeat.

Don't blame all addicts for the bad actions of a few. Every addict has an identical problem in that they are addicted to heroin but this does not make them identical, each has different standards and morals, so please don't tar all addicts with the same brush, not everyone is the same. Addicts can be decent people!

Click here to read some tips on Encouraging a user to quit

Sorry for such a long post , I did'nt know how to just paste a link of this so you got the whole thing. I thought you might use some of these tips in your method of it all. Something non-users might look for and good for you to not let them see.

Not sure if giving links out on this forum is ok or not , so if you want to know where to this and more info just p.m. me.Edited by: dillydude

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