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Old 09-03-2010, 07:21
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mixing adderall IR with heroin

SWIM wants to crush up a low dose (20mg) of adderall IR with snorting a tab of heroin. SWIM knows speedballs with cocaine are not safe at all. but has heard that amphetamine and heroin is a safer combo. SWIM has tried it before but never snorted both at once and would like some quick opinions please.
Old 09-03-2010, 11:55
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Re: mixing adderall IR with heroin

Personally, swim cannot recommend this as it is a first experience with it.

However, due to the synergestic effects that cocaine and heroin have with each other, she would say that if one is insistent on doing so, to reduce the dosages to half of each of the substances involved. If swiy normally would use 20mg of adderall by itself, then reduce to 10mg. Same with the heroin, half of what would be a normal dose for swiy.

One can always do more but it's impossible to un-do a dose.

Post Quality Reviews:
Good safety advice to start at a smaller dose.Thanks
Old 09-03-2010, 12:04
shiva_master shiva_master is offline
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Re: mixing adderall IR with heroin

Swim has a little bit of exp with this one. What his Boss recommends is that first know the quality of the H First.His one encounter:Got a bundle and his bud had some Addies.He was already on 60mg amphetamine combo/adderall Took about 1/4 g out. Done only a small line. Probably equaled approx 30mg of the horse. Strong horse that is. Felt warm fast.Created stronger euphoria effect of such little amount Boss decided to finish the 1/4 off: Route of admin, smoked. Almost 1/4g. Swim experienced great euphoria for over an hour before the horse started over riding.It is a euphoric high though and takes long time to decrease. Swim sees it as a waste imo.As mentioned about impossible to take back a dose. YESRemember, Swim was spun Before ingesting the H. Swim could have easily done more but knew that it was the amphetamines knocking it down. Careful with the dose of H. SwiY try it out and will like.Remember Harm reduction while doing new research always!
Old 19-10-2012, 04:09
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Re: mixing adderall IR with heroin

My pastor recently tried something similar and wanted his story told. He is 230 lbs with no tolerance to adderall and a medium tolerance with heroin, good tolerance to marijuana and UR-144. He started off snorting .1 gram of heroin, smoking some of the marijuana and the synthetic cannibinoid receptor 2 agonist UR-144. He was feeling decent from the smack, and equally as intoxicated from the weed.
About an hour later he got ahold of six 7.5mg Adderall IRs, and ate five of the Addys and snorted one along with another .1 gram of smack, and smoked even more weed and UR-144, with two of his deacons following a similar routine. Over the course of the night, my pastor continued to smoke the cannibinoids. The speed definately outlasted the H.
He said that, if he could repeat the same thing again, he personally would do a .1 gram of dope, wait a couple of hours and then eat all the Addys. After the amphetamine high starts to wear off and turn back towards baseline, take the other .1 gram of heroin. All in all, it was a good experience, and he got a pretty intense sense of euphoria.
Old 19-10-2012, 06:12
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Re: mixing adderall IR with heroin

SWIM has had heroin to come off amphetamines it works he has also had it half way through when he is still buzzing from the amphetamines it calmed him right down and he still enjoyed the heroin but was just way more active and able to do things than he would have been otherwise, he has a friend who has had meth/heroin and amphetamine/heroin combinations and says its pretty good.

Health wise though 2 competing drugs (depressant and stimulant) isnt good for you especially the cardiovascular system with two competing chemicals both binding. (or the brain for that matter).

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