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Concerta & Ritalin About Methylphenidate.

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Old 16-03-2010, 18:03
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Trying to extract with Ritalin ER

My first time posting!

Ok, so I'm writing a short fictional story and I'm having some issues developing the main character Jeffy.

Jeffy stumbles upon 20mg Ritalin ER pills (white M 1451 specifically) in this fictional story, and he's having issues with them. He tries in insuffilate them, and notices virtually no effects. Whenn Jeff crushes these pills he notices that there are "bits" and "small pieces" that aren't crushing, and must put a LOT of effort into breaking them down further. He then realizes it obviously has lots of binders/filler or something to prevent the ovbious use he is trying to get out of it (sniffing)

Well, Jeffy broke up another and placed a littler water into the powder, and watched it all become very "thick" and gel like. Jeffy is wondering as to how he can remove all the crap thats in these to have just pure (or as pure as possible) methylin.

Jeffy searched the forums and couldn't find anything related SPECIFICALLY to this pill and wasn't sure if some of the methods would work

And feedback/advice or technique for this fictional character Jeffy would help him very much so I can continue the story.

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