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Amphetamine Amphetamine AKA speed

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Old 23-04-2010, 17:22
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Dextroamphetamine extraction issues

This is most certainly a harm reduction issue, as swims friend will be injecting these with or without additional info. Swims next door neighbor has been injecting sustances for several years, so he doesn't have the fear associated with that in itself. Recently he was prescribed Dextroamphetamine, in the 10 mg, barr labs, instant release variety. Previously, he had success injecting the generic, pink adderall pills, by simply dissolving in distilled water + 10% ethanol, and pressure filter with cotton syringe, leaving a very clear liquid without even a trace of the pink dye. When he got the barr Dex pills, mixing with water yielded a gooey orange mess that was not filterable by any means. When mixed with pure, 95% eythanol, the goo did not occur, and it was filtered and evaped, leaving a slightly sticky orange substance that was scraped from the glass. However, after reading that the sulfate solubility is one in 515, for the alchohol, as opposed to 8.8 for water, he wondered if he was loosing to much to the lower solubility. He tried a 50/50 solution with wather and ethanol, which was filtered easily, but the resulting paste that was scraped up after evap, was very sticky, and when it was mixed with dry acetone for a wash, it did not dissolve, at ALL!

Does anyone know a way to extract the dex from these pills with suitable results and yield? My friend is someone I care about greatly, so I am hoping to help him so that he doesn't hurt himself. I have no doubt that he is going to do this, so please help other than to say "don't do it".

beccag added 1374 Minutes and 36 Seconds later...

Swim was surprised that no information came up to help her friend. Since swim spent many hours searching this site and others, this info seems to be hard to find, but there must be other swimmers who have attempted this process. Swim did find posts that appeared to be the same Dex pill, but since the poster mentioned simple filtering of the solution with water, it must have been a previous version of the drug. Swim sees her friend continue to inject, and wonders about the danger, but hopes some other swimmer will help...

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Old 26-04-2010, 18:14
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Re: Dextroamphetamine extraction issues

If you're going to be shooting pills, you should be using a high-purity extraction method such as acid/base.

Even with the original pills, just because it LOOKS clear does not mean it's safe. There very well could be dissolved solids that will precipitate out AFTER you inject it that could be very dangerous.

A well performed acid/base extraction will result in a finished product that's near 100% purity and with nearly zero loss of the drug. Swim is not a chemist so he can't advise you on how to go about doing this, but if you look up the concepts of an acid/base it may be worth learning how to do. It's not that complicated. Difficulty depends on the particular salt that you have.
Old 26-04-2010, 21:29
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Re: Dextroamphetamine extraction issues

Swim is certainly grateful, and has been looking at swiHS pill extraction post with focus on a/b. One question swim keeps dreaming, which seems search brings many varied answers, concerns tone drying time. Most say 48 hrs, but can be speeded up with heat. But some posts mention solid residue from tone that requires time, not heat. Is tone drying time independent of temp, and will any residue be washed with alchohol?
Old 15-07-2011, 03:43
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Re: Dextroamphetamine extraction issues

I wish SWIM knew more about the preparation for amphetamine injections. Prior to this, SWIM's only experience was shooting morphine and heroin many years ago, a relatively easy process. Being the crazy bastard that SWIM is, however, SWIM decided to do a series of IM injections without necessary preparation. SWIM (before knowing what SWIM knows now) cooked up a 20 mg Adderall IR (heroin-style) and injected it into his bicep (goo and all). No effects were felt and severe muscle pain was felt in the area where SWIM had injected. On another occasion, however, SWIM crushed up 15 mg of Dexedrine Spansules, allowed them to dissolve in cool water and then administered a shot almost identical to the IM shot SWIM had given himself with the adderall. This time, effects were felt (although no more intensely than they would have been if ingested any other way, SWIM said) and there was no pain. That prompted SWIM to attempt another such experimentation at a later date whereby he injected two 15 mg Dexedrine Spansules (dissolved in cool water) into his right buttock. Effects were felt, SWIM informed me, but there was some muscle discomfort. SWIM wasn't sure what a micron filter is, but he would like to continue his experiments, although he finds himself afraid of the potential repercussions of this "Cowboy-Guinea Pig" approach he has thus far taken. SWIM needs to learn more on the topic, before SWIM takes anymore unnecessary risks in his approach. SWIM has heard that due to binders and so forth, in pharmaceuticals, it can be very dangerous to slam pills without the proper preparation.
Old 31-05-2013, 00:39
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Re: Dextroamphetamine extraction issues

I can tell anyone reading this that injecting any substance not properly prepared is one of the most dangerous(& ignorant, no offense) things you can do. This isn't like oops, I took an extra pill. This goes directly to your brain in full force. And I can tell you from experience that a guy I knew used to shoot methamphetamine and it doesn't belong anywhere near a muscle or outside a vein. If u miss just a drop it swells and gets bruised sometimes. But pills are not the same. My friends dad used to tell me about pills 30 years ago that they'd shoot and then they heard they put something in them to deter injection and he did it twice and both times it killed the vein immediately. That was 30+ years ago. Now probably any pill u can think to shoot has something in it that u don't want in your body. And like hamsterdam said, just because its clear, doesn't mean its ok. There is always a process to get something ready. I've seen clear liquid eat the ink off the bottom of a can that u couldn't scrub off with the best household cleaners...
So bottom line, if u havnt found where someone with a degree in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, or medicine has said a completely safe way, then dont do it. It's something you'll regret down the road because pills leave little trails and pieces all through ur body, usually the worst places like ur lungs or ur brain. Because pills aren't made to inject anymore. They're made to swallow. Hell, they even try to make them where u can't abort them anymore. Why don't u show ur friends studies of what injecting pills that aren't chemically broken down do to the body. Anyone who cares a little about life would find something different.
Good luck to you all tho.

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Old 03-08-2013, 13:06
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Re: Dextroamphetamine extraction issues

I know this is old as shit, but a monkey I know taught me a basic extraction and the end result is clear and I feel strongly about HR. It's simple and if your friend is still IVing dextroamp, I think the technique I learned from this monkey will help your friend out a ton.

My monkey has used the Barr generics and another, forgot which, and done this with Adderall IR as well. Note: my monkey can't help on advice with XR/ER.

Your friend will need:
  • Bacteriostatic water if able/willing to get it, otherwise tap water is the 2nd best, preferably boiled. Bottled water is not actually a good choice even though it sounds like it would be.
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Clean rigs (if access is a problem, look into learning how to bleach them)
  • Clean surface (worst case scenario: put newspapers down, paper towels, etc.)
  • Clean hands and my monkey likes to wear vinyl medical gloves.
  • Pill crusher
  • Micron filters if possible, if not, go to a tobacco store and buy a package cigarette filters for RYO cigs. DON'T break them off cigarettes or use ones that have been smoked.
  • Cotton (q-tip, cotton ball, tampon [um, unused]...)
  • 3 containers that are easy to clean, wipe out with an alcohol prep pad, and can hold a small amount of liquid. 3 shot glasses would work well, I'd think.
Make sure procedures to keep things as clean as possible have been taken, this is preparing something to inject into the body and into the circulatory system! My monkey always feels like you can never be too sure if you should wipe something with a alcohol pad again, or if you feel like you should wash your hands, do it. Never too clean when making an IV liquid.

Crush the pills, my monkey likes to crush about 6-7 10mg dextroamphetamine at a time but my monkey has ridiculous tolerances. This method will end up making ~2-3 1ml shots. Crush until they're finely ground and there are no chunks and then dump into one of the containers/shot glasses (I'm going to refer to them as shot glasses) and leave the other shot glass to the side for now.

Depending on how many pills were crushed depends on the amount of water used. Use enough water that the crushed pills turn into sludge + an extra ml or so (based on 6-7 Barr pills) so there's what looks like kind of an oily 1/8th" or so of water on top of it. (I hope that made sense.) Use the plunger end of your rig to give it a good stir for a minute, then let the crap settle at the bottom which won't take long.

Now to the filtering. First, to get most of the visible particles from the sludge, use a q-tip or tightly rolled cotton to draw up the liquid on top. I watched my monkey do this and you don't need to be careful about not getting into the sludge since it can't get up the needle. Shoot the liquid into another shot glass. Make a clean cotton filter each time this might have to be done to draw up the liquid and shoot into the glass with the first filtration.

Clean out your rig by just drawing up and shooting water out of it a few times.

Now, take a clean cigarette filter, plop it in the dextroamp liquid, give it a second to start wicking the liquid up or you'll just draw air. My monkey says sometimes the filters need to be cut in half. They should be around 1/4" to 1/2" as a rule of thumb. After waiting a bit, put your needle into the filter and slowly draw up the liquid. If you fill a rig doing this and used bacteriostatic water as well as plan on using it within a day or two, you can keep your final product (which should be clear, or damn near, and like a liquid, not gooey) in your rig and store in the refrigerator, otherwise, shoot into the 3rd shot glass and draw up the remaining and shoot into a shot glass. To get rid of some of the liquid and keep almost all of the same amount of dex, do a third filtration with the cigarette filter from the last one. It should remove enough water to fit into a 1ml rig.

While clearly not perfect, it sounds like holy water compared to what your friend is injecting. I hope this might still help, even though it's 3 years later.

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