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Old 06-05-2010, 20:41
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fentanyl gel, how long will it last exposed cut open

SWIM feels SWIMS tolerance is ok to continue, still scared but SWIM wants to make sure. SWIM wore the patch for 2 day's and was able to squeeze a good amount of gel out on glass and now it is just sitting there exposed. SWIM wore the patch for those day's, SWIM was taking hydrocodone 40-50mg a day other night also added 20mg oxycodone and didn't even really feel high, just felt good so this is why SWIM is messing with this patch, after wearing it, now squeezed out the gel, put a little on foil, smaller then a bb and put it over the candle and it sizzled and put the straw over it and no smoke comes out but is scared and not exactly is trying 100% if you know what SWIM means and would like to hear some more... SWIM is going to wear another patch in a different spot but will the gel be ok and how should SWIM preserve it.

miws added 3 Minutes and 39 Seconds later...

while this SWIM smokes it, how long does it last, SWIM is very paranoid about this and will blow out and not hold for more then 2-3 seconds and look up and check the mirror to see how pupils look lol, SWIM is freaking out but continues to try. SWIM is still unsure if it is working.

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Old 07-05-2010, 06:03
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Re: fentanyl gel, how long will it last exposed cut open

Smoking fentanyl patches? Thats not a good idea bro, SWIM would highly suggest SWIY does not smoke some type of gel containing Fentanyl, because chances are it contains binders, or other possibly deadly ingredients that are not ment to be inhaled. Why not just wear it until SWIY thinks its not working anymore, then cut it into strips and put it in SWIY's mouth. SWIM has done that before and he dident die so...its safe? Not sure, but stop smoking the gel man, thats not what its made for its made to be ABSORBED, not smoked.

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