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Old 12-05-2010, 14:13
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Does smoking Heroin cause poor teeth?

Hey guys, i hope i now understand how to abide by the rules.

So SWIM has been chasing the dragon for most of the time since he started. His 1st year was with tobbaco, then his 3 years till now have been chasing the dragon. SWIM's teeth, at least half of them have a brownish build up between the gum and where the tooth meets the gum. The build up is actually on the tooth bit, four of SWIM's teeth are really bad, where the build up has continued up to a third of those teeth. Where the build up happens, it will eventually month by month start to eat into the tooth. So for example, every month the brownish layer will eat into the tooth by say 2mm, while the white bit stays the same, so eventually if left, after years and years SWIM presumes the tooth will fall after the brownish layer has cut from one side of the tooth to the other.

So to avoid this SWIM has been lately to the dentist to save those really bad teeth, 4 of them. The dentist sanded out the brown bit and filled it up with a cement like filler, till SWIM gets caps put on. SWIM has to wait 2 more weeks for the cap fitting.

SWIM does smoke up to 5 ciggarettes a day, and also drinks like 7 coke cans/sodas a day, along with his habit. SWIM used to do be on the pipe, and has stopped, but during that period he found that the problem was accelerated by the pipe misuse.

SWIM is assuming this has to be down to his using, can anyone else clarify this?
Old 12-05-2010, 16:01
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Re: Does smoking Heroin cause poor teeth?

Swim thinks it might have more to do with the phosphoric acid in the sodas swiy's drinking, 7 cans is alot, and by pipe does swiy mean crystal meth? Because that can't be good either. When smoking heroin, tar or discoloration will definately happen, especially behind the teeth. Swim used to get a mirror and a little hooked scaper, like the ones dentist's use and clean behind his teeth every two months to get rid of the tar build up, from cigs and H. It's amazing how fast it builds up, especially with west coast tar. Just get rinse with water after the sodas, brush your teeth and get a cleaning from the dentist about twice a year.

TarBaby added 48 Minutes and 52 Seconds later...

Oh BTW swim frogot to mention use a extra soft bristle tooth brush or better yet get a sonic care they work great. Swim used the frim bristle type brushs for years thinking they would clean swims teeth better and all they did was wear away his gums exposing more of the roots of his teeth, which sucks big time, can't drink anything really hot or cold now without some pain.

Last edited by TarBaby; 12-05-2010 at 16:01. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
Old 12-05-2010, 18:47
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Re: Does smoking Heroin cause poor teeth?

Swim lives a pretty shoddy lifestyle when it comes to his teeth. Smokes at least 10 cigarettes a day, drinks soda, coffee, smokes heroin every now and then, etc.. He just makes it a point to brush his teeth twice a day. Always, no matter what. And even though his teeth arent flawless, they arent half bad. Just keep up with hygiene. Unless you do...than thats a different story...could be a problem with your saliva or something who know.
Old 14-05-2010, 02:38
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AW: Does smoking Heroin cause poor teeth?

Swim used very fine Teeth-Salt once a Week
or/ and Hydro-Peroxide (afair. 3%) once a Month,
the Cat is not sure anymore about the %, please ask
the Dentist for further Information!
Old 31-05-2010, 06:57
unema unema is offline
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Re: Does smoking Heroin cause poor teeth?

Hygiene keeps swim straight. He doesn't drink that much soda but inhales candy/sugar like another addiction and smokes 3-a pack of cigarettes a day. Brush AT LEAST 2x a day, floss once, and drink plenty of water. After 5-6 years of abuse, teeth are as clean as the next guys. It is also different for everyone(as is everything...) Swim's mother has borderline OCD hygiene habits and until recently had some stained teeth. Whitening solutions fixed that right up. Maybe look into those.

And yes, the pipe will mess up the mouth something nasty. Swim knows some old timers that have been smoking heroin for years and years with a smile true of a 50 year old . So yeah, hygiene and cut back on the sodas
Old 31-05-2010, 21:50
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Re: Does smoking Heroin cause poor teeth?

There's another thread on this subject - Heroin and Teeth. I'll merge them when I get a minute.

The question of heroin and teeth seems to come up a lot. Why do many junkies have bad teeth? Is it a result of the heroin itself, or the lifestyle associated with heroin addiction? The OP suggested it was to do with the actual act of smoking heroin, that the heroin smoke affects the teeth directly. My good friend doesn't think this is the case, as many IV heroin addicts (for whom the heroin does not come into direct contact with the teeth) end up with bad teeth.

Lifestyle factors cannot be ignored, people who are addicted to heroin are less likely to brush their teeth, floss, and go to the dentist. However, my good friend, throughout her heroin and methadone addiction has always made an effort to take care of her teeth. But they're starting to look kinda crap. She only smoked gear for about 18 months, from when she was 16, there after she injected the stuff. Her teeth are kinda stained and are a bit fucked up at the front. She broke her two front teeth a few years ago, and had caps put on them, and now the tooth around the cap is starting to flake and crumble away. It doesn't look too awful, but it's a bit of a piss off for someone who always tried to look after her teeth. It's probably a result of her heroin use, and her previous crack smoking, combined with the methadone, and all the other factors listed here. No one thing to blame, but she's pretty sure they wouldn't be in such a state if she had never started using drugs. Years of heroin addiction doesn't go by without leaving a mark on your body, that's for sure.

There are a few other factors to take into account: Anyone who was prescribed methadone before they switched to the sugar-free stuff (or is still for some reason being scripted the non-sugar free stuff) will definitely have not done their teeth any good with that sickly-sweet, sugar filled linctus. It's so sticky, it coats your teeth in sugar. And when you're rattling and gulping down a load of meth, brushing your teeth and risking the gag reflex bringing the whole lot back up again is not something you're gonna want to do.

Also, heroin addiction increases ones desire for sweet foods. I cannot give a reason for this, but I am sure it is true. From my own dear associate's experience, and that of the countless other junkies she has met over the years, she can safely say that heroin addicts like sugar. If anyone has any suggestions for the cause of this, I would be very interested to hear them.

Additionally, heroin addiction messes your saliva production up. As does heroin withdrawal. When you're clucking do you ever feel like you've got way too much saliva? And when you first start using heroin did your mouth feel really dry? This reduced saliva production whilst on smack is related to the reduced noradrenaline production, and so the increased saliva production whilst in withdrawal is linked to the over-production of noradrenaline when opiates are removed from the brain. (Incidentally, the vast majority of physical withdrawal symptoms are linked to this.) Saliva is what keeps your mouth healthy. No saliva = an unhealthy mouth.

It is possible that other factors such as time spent in withdrawal, acidity of saliva, vomiting etc come into play as well. Or it could just be that heroin rots your teeth.

I realise I haven't actually provided an answer to the question, but I've given you a lot more to think about...!


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