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DMT and Ayahuasca DMT, Phalaris, Yopo, Mimosa, Virola & Ayahuasca

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Old 04-06-2010, 07:53
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DMT First Time Use Advice?

So, SWIM has a possible opportunity to try DMT in a couple of days but does not know much about it. From what SWIM has read, it appears that it is not very long lasting but is very intense. SWIM doesn't know how to smoke it either. If someone could advise on how the process works with this substance, that would be great. Also, how long in between "experiences" can one smoke again and continue the experience? SWIM would like to have a long experience. The only psychedelics SWIM has ever done are mushrooms, only once and not within the last year (at least). SWIM would like to try LSD but that wasn't available at the moment. Any tips or information anyone can give SWIM about DMT would be much appreciated! Also, should SWIM just wait and try LSD first for a longer experience? Or is it worth it to try DMT?

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Not enough threads on first time DMT use for you? UTFSE. There was no need to create yet another thread on this.
Old 04-06-2010, 17:23
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Re: DMT First Time Use Advice?

I think the first step is to learn as much as you can about it, I definately recommend checking Terence Mckenna's views on DMT on youtube or elsewhere. Also there are some previews on a movie called "DMT the spirit molecule", with tons of info. I've never tried DMT but hopefuly someday swIm will. The way swIm wants to do it is to get as many lsd-mushroom-cactus trips under his belt before going into DMT, not because swIm thinks they would "prepare" him (they say nothing can) but because its more like stepping stones and swIm might be able to make more sense of it. Anyway, swIm thinks that as long as you know what you are getting into you should do it. From what swI'm has heard you should get a glass pipe, or some kind of pipe that can get a ton of the stuff into your lungs, apparently its hard to take aswell. Make sure to take all of the safety precautions you can learn of which includes the hard-to-get smart tripsitter. The great thing about it is that it only last 5 minutes or so. Do report back if and when you do!
Old 07-06-2010, 06:50
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Re: DMT First Time Use Advice?

As said above it's really on eof those things you can't truly prepare for. DMT is definitely worth a try but only if you're mentally ready. If you're going to take it the best way is with a vaporising device and a torch lighter. Never expose to open flame. Also, start with a lower dose to get a feel before you go for the big "breakthrough." You can usually start a trip right after the last but you will need more which is unpredictable. If one was to wait at least a half hour to an hour then the residual tolerance should go down.
Old 30-06-2010, 10:35
Jabberwocky Jabberwocky is offline
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Re: DMT First Time Use Advice?

SWIM reccomends that you fill a pipe with ash from cigarettes ect, then crumble a tiny tiny crumb of d on top, light it very sloowwwly with tippy tip of the flame, inhale deeply and hoooold it in as long as you can. (it tastes/smells funky) The best place to be is- outside, sitting down, in a peaceful enviroment, with a friend.
SWIM loves dmt!!! its magical! you may want several hits, be aware that it will resonate your pipe, so 3 hits later, it will be stronger. the differece between a taste and a full blast of dmt is a very small amount of the stuff so start small. but no matter what it lasts 10ish minutes and i bet you will want more. being outside is definiteley the best. enjoy!
Old 30-06-2010, 10:56
Soheil123 Soheil123 is offline
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Re: DMT First Time Use Advice?

Emphasising what's been said above. REALLY, don't try it unless you have a good reason to. What I mean is it's not something you should take to get fucked up, because it'll fuck you up. SWIMs never met a drug with such raw power.
SWIMs only tried it once but he made that mistake, and it felt like the drug was punishing him because he took it so impulsively. It was still a great experience though, not fun, but great.

Have fun though.

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