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Old 26-06-2010, 01:13
jktugor jktugor is offline
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36 y/o Male from United States
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Needs a battle plan heh.

SWIM started smoking and snorting meth a few months ago. SWIM takes paxil 40mg a day and the occasional klonopin. When SWIM first started, he stopped taking his paxil the 2 days he planned to use but was reminded of his the paxil withdrawl possibility from stopping, even for 2 days. SWIM knows about ssri withdrawl and such having tried to cold turkey them awhile back(heh big mistake for SWIM).

So SWIM is now taking his paxil full time normal while using the meth. SWIM notices now that he doesn't get the euphoria when taking a nice fat bell ringer, just an increase in concentration and focus. SWIM wants that initial euphoria back hehe.

SWIM is looking for input from people that have used paxil and meth together. SWIM understands it is a potentially bad combination, but from what he's read, not everyone is affected the same way.

SWIM wants to know if stopping the paxil 2 days a week(his 2 days off, which are the same every week always) to smoke those days would be the 'best' option. Or if anyone knows anyone that has a different 'schedule'.

A few things to note. SWIM is fairly healthy. He eats well. Has no caffeine in his diet. Takes vitamins daily(b complex, zinc, omega 3 6 9, L-lysine, a probiotic, iron, and some others he doesn't feel like checking), works 5 nights a week at a job where he walks 5-7 miles per shift, stress free relationship and drinks loads of water while using AND he eats normally too.

SWIM knows it's alot of info. Again, he knows about the ssri syndrome. He is taking the risk because he really enjoys the feeling meth provides. SWIMs love doesn't mine the sexual side affects the meth has combined with the paxil either(hohoho wasn't that a shock to SWIM).

SWIM is twacked out right now so forgive him if he rambles a bit. At least he used paragraphs though heh.

jktugor added 778 Minutes and 2 Seconds later...

Well, cancel the entire mission. SWIM thinks he is experiencing either minor toxicity or some of that mental breakdown from binging, or maybe a drop of both. No idea. Regardless, SWIM's experiment is at an end and he will detox for a month and approach it more carefully next time.

The symptoms SWIM reported were: blood pressure shooting up, rapid pulse rate, a numbness spreading through his body like needles(wasn't pleasant), then a sudden lethargy, disorientation, weak rubber band feeling all over, stomach pains(though SWIM said he has been constipated for a few days heh), there's an edge of euphoria to it, like some kind of madness.

Facts - SWIM has been smoking everyday for at least 2 weeks. Only a few days here and there for rest with no smokey tokey. MSM cut stuff though it's not a heavy cut SWIM thinks cuz the majority of the shards melted the quickest. SWIM fell prey to chasing the high, dum dum.

SWIM says it was fun, except for this part of course.

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Old 27-06-2010, 06:36
ozzy90 ozzy90 is offline
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Male from Afghanistan
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Re: SWIM needs a battle plan heh.

hey mate i dont really know how to help you out but if the ssris are making ure tweaking no fun than ure gonna have to decide which one is more important to you i guess because both of em are obviously not working.
I myself am on zoloft-ssri and my night on meth was fuking amazing but this was my first time so i dont really know otherwise, anyway good luck
Old 04-07-2010, 03:15
jktugor jktugor is offline
Join Date: 21-06-2010
36 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 7
jktugor is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: SWIM needs a battle plan heh.

Well SWIM cold turkeyed and did some more reading through his 'comedown' and dry spell. SWIM has decided to use for only a few days at most per week and get at least 3 days of rest and recuperation. SWIM was a dummy and smoked everyday for 2 months! DOH. Getting tricked into chasing the high. SWIM knows better now and will not allow that to happen again. SWIM was having panic attacks every morning after work which wasn't fun at all. SWIM felt like a used tire after that ride and doesn't wish to repeat it.

SWIM smoked a little again today for the first time since the 25th and it felt great. SWIM came across an ice cube looking half gram that burned fairly fast but it didn't take much at all to ring SWIM's bell.

SWIM now has a battle plan. He knows to hydrate hydrate hydrate(he drinks 80-120 fluid oz of water a night, sometimes the stuff with electrolytes added). Try to eat normally(SWIM finds cereal and yogurt the easiest things to munch on). SWIM takes vitamins already but added a magnesium supplement and a little more protein to his daily intake. SWIM got some biotene mouth wash and rinses after every smoke session(no more sore mouth at all). SWIM takes his paxil as he is coming down and it smooths everything out. SWIM will take breaks between smoke sessions and not stay awake longer than 2-3 days. SWIM walks 5-7 miles a night at his job but started yoga with his girlfriend and finds it helps alot. SWIM checks his blood pressure twice a night and finds it doesn't go up much at all as long as he hydrates.

SWIM is twacked so his post may be a tad jumbled, he did his best.

Lastly, SWIM wishes to thank all the helpful information other SWIMMERS and flying cats and three-eyed fish have posted for the benefit of the pool party. SWIM feels much safer now when heading into the deep end.

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