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Benzodiazepines All about benzodiazepines (downers)

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Old 30-07-2010, 23:15
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Clorazepate Experiences (Chlorazepate, Tranxene, Cloranxen)

Alf has had high expectations of this benzodiazepine, especially about it's long-half life being a very promising to control his SAD. Those promises have not been altogether fulfilled yet. However, Alf did Clorazepate only four times so far and there are still 15 pills left. Too bad his Cloranxen is just 5mg. 10mg would seem much more appropriate.

Anyway, on first occasion Alf did 15mg and it was definitely not enough for him. Only mild anxiolytic effect, diminishing too quickly (in about 4 hours it was generally unnoticeable already). No side effects.

Two days later, he upped his dose to 20mg and it was much better: relaxed, in a good mood, able to communicate and commune with people. It lasted about 6 hours this time, not bad at all. Side effects: about an hour and a half after ingestion Alf had to fight off a sudden wave of drowsiness. This spoiled the experiences a bit.

Five days later Alf did 20mg again, this time before travelling by train. Drowsiness appeared again just as before, but this time Alf succumbed to it freely and slept for about one hour. Effects lasted about 6 hours again.

Three days later Alf decided to test Clorazepate's hypnotic potential and used 20mg of it preceded with 1.5ml GBL 10 minutes earlier. He was almost literally knocked off his feet in about 10 minutes since ingesting Clorazepate but surprisingly he slept for 40 minutes only! Could be an infamous dopamine rebound that woke him up. Anxiolytic effects lasted for no more than 4 hours this time.

For the record: Alf is prescribed alprazolam since January but he almost never does it more than 3 days in row, then usually takes a 2-3 days break. He also almost never does more than 1 dose a day (1.5mg is the dose that eliminates his anxiety).

He occasionally uses midazolam and recently (i.e. 3 weeks ago) did 145mg of nitrazepam. Therefore I would rate his benzo tolerance as average to medium.

More experiences to come, probably with a few 25mg doses.

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