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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

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Old 11-12-2010, 08:17
Ethyl Ethyl is offline
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Ethyl is a decent psychonaut.Ethyl is a decent psychonaut.
How to "recook" bicarbed crack?

If swim gots shitty crack with lots of bicarb in it how can he get rid of it?
He eard of situations where people talk about recooking to make it way better rock..
Swim asked me to say thanks in advance b'cause he doesn't know when he will see the answer.
Old 23-12-2010, 07:09
realcrackhead realcrackhead is offline
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Re: How to "recook" bicarbed crack?

my friend is waiting on some to resolidify right now. He does this quite often and it helps... its crude, not perfect, but helps....

Note: there will be loss (sometimes alot more than you expect.) If you are wanting t extend your session , dont do this. But if you are like my friend, he just cant stand that nasty taste when it was cooked bad the first time.

So my friend usually gets started and says," aw man this batch tastes like shit!" He usually buys 300 minimum, so it pisses him off and hes not going to taste anything that bad for that period. BTW my friends dealer has a no refund policy...lol... go figure, he always calls her to let her know when there is a shitty batch, and she says (sincerely nicely), " aw man that sucks, hopefully the cooks do better next time..." lol

So anyway my friend cant ever taste the taste until the exhale, so to find out its shitty, he has to start the high. so he sets aside enough to last him 30-45 minutes to allow the re-cooked stuff to solidify all the way...

In a clear glass he pours all the rocks.

he adds just enough water to cover the tops of them (seriously like 1/4 of water is enough you get problems cooling right with more water)

Then he puts it in the microwave and risks eye cancer by watching the rocks whilethey cook.

It usually takes only 8-12 seconds, and you can tell its done when the rocks just start to "disappear" (actually melt to the surface)

you really want to open the microwave right when the melt starts because the hot water will continue to melt after its out

If youve gone a little too long you'll see vapor coming out of the glass. it will smell like a hit of crack...My friend allways trys to breath it in and never feels anything here however... Anyway if you have this "crack steam" coming off the water, you will lose more volume... add a LITTLE cold water to it (like not even raising the 1/4 inch of water double...) after a few times, youll know about how much it takes to get the steamm to stop....

Now after you got the steam to stop (or if you got lucky and did it right the first time) swish the glass around in a circular manner, making a kind of "vortex" out of the water... if you do it right, shortly after you set it down the liquidy rock will all blob up in the middle...

Now set it on the counter and go back to the other room and smoke that nasty rock you set aside to pass the time... (why do you think my friend is typing such a loooong essay riight now, lol)

when its done, the new rock is usually a yellower hue than the dirty stuff. it will be stuck to the bottom of the glass, but if you waited long enough (and used an actual GLASS glass {hint hint}) a slight tap with a butter knufe will popit off whole.

Go a head and break you off a little piece to smoke, but let the rest of it air dry (my friend sets it in front of the AC vent) for about 15 minutes....

In my friends experence this always makes a very hard rock, and will require a blade to cut, as opposed to crumbling hits off of it with your fingers.

Note: no one is saying this is the best method, in fact My friend is pretty sure its inefficient and halfassed... however it makes a better product quickly when hes already started his high...

If you know you have poor rock, and dont mind going through a few more steps and time... Turn the rock back to coke with hcl and when you have coke again, cook it into rock the propper way... all that will probably get rid of alot of other cutting agents as well....

realcrackhead added 35 Minutes and 41 Seconds later...

BTW, when he finished the post, everything was done but the final drying...my friend took a blast and had a real bellringer, allmost got sick, immediate sweats, and flying higher than he has in weeks...

yup the system does work...

Post Quality Reviews:
Good TEK. Easy to read and helpful to those in that situation.
very helpful tek...even if it is a bit long-winded. ;)

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Old 23-12-2010, 08:36
SlightlyBitter SlightlyBitter is offline
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Re: How to "recook" bicarbed crack?

Ok heres a theoretical tec to clean up your crack.

Cocaine freebase is readily soluble in acetone while sodium bicarbonate is insoluble in acetone.

The acetone wash:

1)Take your desired amount of street quality base and add it to a beaker.
2)Pour twice the amount of acetone as there is base into the same beaker.
3)Stir it well until no more solid will dissolve.
4)Filter the solution with a coffee filter and dispose of the filter with any solids which may have been collected in it
5)Collect the acetone that should now be clear
6)Pour the acetone into a shallow dish and evaporate the acetone
7)Near pure cocaine freebase will be left behind
8)Scrape up and collect the base.

Water purification:

1)Take the acetone washed base and add it to a clean beaker.
2)Add twice the volume of drinkable water to the beaker than there is crack
3)Heat this mixture until the base melts and sinks to the bottom of water
4)Stir the mixture vigorously
5)place the beaker in the fridge and wait for the base to settle to the bottom and harden
6)pour of the water and break free the chunk of pure cocaine freebase from the bottom of the beaker
7)allow it to dry

The first acetone wash seperates the base from any sodium bicarbonate or other acetone insoluble cuts. The second water purification step removes anything the acetone missed.

The second step can be skipped but it is not recommended because it is fairly simple and will yield a purer product.

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Old 14-01-2011, 21:34
Yid Army Yid Army is offline
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Re: How to "recook" bicarbed crack?

The quickest way swim has found is put a pan of water on the hob, pour the shitty crack into a jam jar with a small amount of ammonia, place the jar in the water let the crack dissolve into the ammonia, this will get rid of the bi-carb, take it off the heat take the jar out the hot water and put it in a cold water bath and watch the pure crack reset. Swim has done this method with powder many times sometimes up to an ounce at a time, make sure the water's not too cold or you'll crack the jam jar
Old 29-03-2011, 12:44
4*Starz* 4*Starz* is offline
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Re: How to "recook" bicarbed crack?

SWIM does not recomend using a jam jar or a glass bottle unless you absolutly need too and you have no spoon around, Its so easy to break the glass and then you have to worrie about inhaling glass...not fun. dont do it unless you know what your do or have dope to spaire
Old 19-05-2016, 14:14
AlanJ AlanJ is offline
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Re: How to "recook" bicarbed crack?

Wow... I can't believe so many ppl don't know about recooking. The easiest way to do it, with minimal loss of product is:

Place crack rock in spoon. Add sufficient amount of water to fill the spoon without risking a spill. Heat the spoon with a lighter, frequently pulling the lighter away to prevent the water from boiling. Boiling will vaporize some of your product. You'll know when it is hot enough, because the pure cocaine base will turn to oil. For those not familiar with oil, it looks like a clear bubble floating on the surface, and separates from everything else. Now, the important part... Take a clean copper penny and gently dip the edge of the penny in that "bubble/oil". As tge solution cools, more and more oil will stick to the penny and begin to solidify. Keep doing this until there is no oil left. You can add another 2 to 3 drops of water and heat it again (repeat the process)... The coagulated/solodified substance on the penny is pure, unadulterated Cracky McCrackerson.

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