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Old 28-01-2011, 07:16
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Hydrocodone as Anti-anxiety & anti-depressant

First post! Let me set the stage. So my friend's pet monkey Rico has had a recent revelation of sorts. Hydrocodone prescribed through an injury he suffered while slipping on a banana peel has allowed him to come out of his shell in a way. See Rico enjoyed being pretty much a homebody most of his life, never really was much of a socialite or felt comfortable with other large groups of monkeys. Whenever Rico found himself in these situations, he would usually sit shyly in the corner, or find an excuse to leave early to head back to the monkey nest. This stemmed from a medical condition Rico had when he was younger in which he had no teeth for several years. We all know how self image plays such an important role to young primates growing up. This issue in Rico's youth left him with not a large amount of self esteem and played a large part in why he has an issue in social situations. Funny thing is Rico never really realized this issue until he met the monkey of his dreams. She is very much a socialite, enjoys large gatherings with other primates, and very much wants Rico to join her in her social activities. Normally, when she made plans to go out for a night on the town (monkey bars, clubs, art shows), Rico would develop anxiety which in turn gave him an unsettled stomach, and at times monkey diarrhea, or sometimes Rico would find a way to wimp out and stay home. So this had Mrs. Rico not very happy after some time, that her husband was such a wet blanket at times.

Well recently, Rico fell and hurt his back like I mentioned. Damn banana peel! While waiting for an appointment with his regular vet who he hadn't seen in several years, Rico had to go to a Rapid Primate Care center in the meantime because of immense pain and discomfort. The vet there prescribed three drugs, prednisone for the intense inflammation, flexeril as a muscle relaxer, and 10/325 Norco (hydrocodone) for the pain. After several days of rest Rico was rapidly feeling better. Then a Friday night arrived where Rico's wife had plans to meet some old work friends for a night out. Just the type of situation that usually gave Rico anxiety. Rico took one hydrocodone tab before to ensure no pain throughout the evening and let me tell you, Rico had a great night. No anxiety, no shyness, no withdrawn feelings whatsoever. So since, Rico has been very successfully using whats left of his hydrocodone pills to ease anxiety in social situations. He has never taken more than two of the 10/325 in a day, and even goes several days or even a week without them at times. Rico enjoys using the hydrocodone this way so much, that when he finally got in with his regular doctor, he sort of hid the fact that he had already received a prescription for it a month prior, and received another for the weaker 5/325. However, Rico's regular doctor was somewhat reluctant to fill this prescription and seemed very opposed to it's use unless absolutely necessary.

Rico did some research, and discovered all the dangers and bad stuff about hydrocodone, but also that it has been very successfully used to treat depression. So is Rico heading down a slippery slope with this frame of mind that he would like to continue using hydrocodone this way to treat his anxiety and depression? That as occasionally as Rico is using it won't lead to a massive buildup of resistance which will lead to abuse? I mean Rico finally feels like he can live his life like it should be lived, and his wife has even noticed a more confident monkey in her partner. He only takes it before he knows he might be entering a social situation which would normally bring anxiety. Is it possible monkeys like Rico could use this drug responsibly?

Rico thanks you.
Old 28-01-2011, 14:34
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Re: Hydrocodone as Anti-anxiety & anti-depressant

This monkey is on a very slippery slope. The medication being taken by the money have an ability to gain tolerence and therefore require more of the monkey medicine. This will in the long term begin possible withdrawl symptoms from the monkey meds and cause extreme symptoms of pain aches vomitting chills diareha restless leg syndrome ect. Rico would be better off seeing an M.D. to be prescribed money meds that are non addictive and work well with the seratonin in the the brain. Monkeycodone might give the great euphoric effect but it will lead to trouble. First hand experience here and Degree in this field. Hope this helps.
Old 28-01-2011, 21:03
Jasim Jasim is offline
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Re: Hydrocodone as Anti-anxiety & anti-depressant

Chronic usage will eventually cause tolerance and dependence. However, I'm not clear exactly on the manner of usage here and if it fits the 'chronic' definition.

Pharmacologically speaking, if a person or monkey leaves at least 4 days between doses and does not increase the dose, I don't think either physiological tolerance or dependence will develop. Dependence certainly should not develop under such dosing, but psychological tolerance could develop, which may lead to the subject wanting to increase the dose - That is where things could start to become problematic. The subject here is not using this medication as it is intended (for pain relief), but for the psychological changes that occur with the medication. As I stated, psychological tolerance is a very real threat even if physiological tolerance is not.

Opiates are addictive and they do cause dependence. I highly recommend that if the subject wishes to continue using an opiate in this manner that the subject find the lowest possible dose that gives the intended effect and be extremely cautious and very aware about the frequency of dosing and any desire to increase the dose or the frequency. Addiction is an insidious thing. It's not something that one often sees coming. It can slip in and take hold without the person realizing it. Vigilance is important. Keep track of the doses and when Rico takes them! A calendar may help.

Clover wanted me to convey this information as he has personally been suffering from opiate addiction for many years now.

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Old 29-01-2011, 01:37
Wisdom73 Wisdom73 is offline
Join Date: 27-01-2011
43 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 20
Wisdom73 is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: Hydrocodone as Anti-anxiety & anti-depressant

I have passed this on to Rico and he appreciates your responses. Rico actually only has a 10 tabs or so left and will be using them sparingly and does not plan to seek a renewal of the prescription until speaking with his vet and fully expressing the situation. Rico has never seen a doctor specifically before about his anxiety and depression. He always just sort of lived with it and never thought it much of a problem. However now Rico realizes it has been a pretty big problem and he could be living a much more fullfilling and outgoing life than he has been. Rico's wife has also had a history of anxiety and depression which she had been prescribed pretty much everything out there, and all of them made things significantly more difficult and complicated with her. The side effects often made her feel just as bad or worse than without them. She has since learned to manage her anxiety and depression without any medication accept for an occaissional xanax. Rico watched her go down that road and doesn't wish to go through that.

Funny thing about Rico is that he doesn't appear to have a very addictive personality when it comes to drugs. In Rico's youth, his friends all experimented with drugs and such. It started with pot, then cigarettes, meth, etc. Rico used pot (and still does at times to this day), and tried the rest but didn't really enjoy them. After several years, most of Rico's primate friends were deep into various addictions. Most all of them were addicted to cigarettes, and several were deep into meth, cocaine, etc. It wasn't like Rico tried them once and never again. Rico tried them a handful of times just to be doing what all his friends were doing. It just made Rico feel bad, both for what those harder drugs were doing to his body and the fear that he would end up in jail or worse. It just seemed it was hard for Rico to get addicted to something. He has a very strong moral conscience. It was what provoked him to ask me to pass along his message. Rico thinks that perhaps if he were granted permission to continue to use hydrocodone in this manner, his moral fiber would not allow him to abuse. That perhaps his conscience would not allow him to abuse, because he really does not want to end up with a serious problem as witnessed on shows like Monkey Intervention. But Rico may be too also presumptious in thinking he is strong enough to control it in this manner.

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