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Ecstasy & MDMA Ecstasy (XTC) pills and pure MDMA

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Old 18-04-2011, 06:19
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First Time Ecstasy Experience: "It feels like ecstasy!"

This story is a story my turtle told me. He told me that this really happened to him and some of his turtle friends.
Here is what my turtle told me:

Originally Posted by Beans the Turtle
Me and a bunch of friends were joking around one day about how fun/funny it would be to take ecstasy at a place called "Sky High". Sky high is a big bouncy house kind of thing, with trampolines on the ground and walls, a foam pit, and a trampoline dodge ball court. Google it if you want to find out more.
Anyways, I decided I wanted this to actually happen. My two other turtle friends M and J decided they wanted to also. M had used ecstasy before. Me and J were newbies.
I had the best hookups for ecstasy pills and was pretty sure I could trust my connect more than my friends. On the day of the trip, an angel came from Clif Land and gave me 6 "Red Hello Kitties". The angel told me that they were very pure and very fun. Many of my friends vouched for the angel, and told me they were great pills and full of MDMA.
After I received them, I crawled on my turtle legs to M's house. Our plan was to meet up at M's house, take one pill each, then have his parents drive us to sky high since it would take us long time to walk there as we walk very slow (Because we are turtles, you know).

When I got to M's house, M told me J was on his way with his car. We figured it would be dangerous to let him drive home, so we decided J's parents could take us home. When J arrived, M and I hopped in his car, drove around the corner, and smoke some marijuana. I showed them the pills. Red Hello Kitties. They were red and speckled, and cut out in the shape of hello kitty. We all exchanged smiles and I passed out the pills, two each. Each of us chewed up one tablet, then downed them with water.
When we get back to M's house, M's mother turtle is upset because we left without telling her. She gets over it, and we all get in the car. Our long trip begins.

T = 0:20
About half way into the car ride, I feel something. A slight tingle in my legs. Almost like butterflies in my stomach, just in my legs. It slowly rises up, and fills my whole body. I definitely feel something, but know this isn't the peak yet.
T = 0:35
We have now arrived at sky high. We are super excited. As I step out of the car, my vision suddenly changes. It looks like the weird blurry vision you get on a high dose of cannabis. I am super excited.
T = 0:40
We are now inside sky high, with our tickets and everything, ready to jump. The guy tells us we have to wait 10 minutes before our jumping time begins. As I go to throw my backpack and stuff in the cubby, IT hits.
I start to come up VERY rapidly. So rapidly, I can feel the sensation of "coming up". I suddenly begin to feel happier, and HAppier, and HAPPIer, and HAPPIER. I decide that my stuff is not nearly as important as I once thought it was (Hmmm iPod Touch, Expensive cell phone, and $50 is not important?). I shove it all in my back and throw my bag in the cubby.
T = 0:45
I am still coming up very rapidly. Me and my friends sit down at a table to talk. We are all pretty much feeling the same things. We decide to take the second pill. We chew them up (I don't think we were paying attention to our surroundings and the amount of people around us :P)
As the final pieces of my chewed up hello kitty go down my throat, a worker comes up and informs us
"You can jump now."

T = 0:50
I run onto the trampolines, leaving my friends behind. I start to bounce and bounce. The more I bounce, the more I sort of "Drift away" into pure bliss. I feel so happy.
T = 1:00
Meet back up with my friends. We decide to do crazy tricks off the walls and things. I feel more amazing than I have ever felt in my life.
T = 1:05
We decide we need water. Not because we are thirsty, but because we are sweating like crazy and decide our bodies probably need water. We walk down the center "aisle". The aisle is a strip of carpet in between the jump areas. You can walk across it to get to the front desk to the water fountain bathroom arcade area.
T = 1:07
After getting water, we agree to sit down and catch our breath. We don't feel tired, but my friends say it is best to think of our "sober" bodies.
T = 1:30
During the time between T:07 and T:30, we walked back and forth on the aisle many MANY times. We would jump for maybe 2-3 minutes, then go to the water fountain (wouldn't always get water) and then we walk back across the aisle to do something (go outside for air, check stuff in backpack etc) then repeat.

Since this is basically went on the whole time, I will now go more in depth into the effects I felt.

I definitely felt as if all my anxiety/depression was GONE. Gone forever! (This was not the case and I came back to reality as soon as the trip wore off )

I felt very speedy, in a "good way". Not like a crystal meth kind of speedy, more like a 25Mg Adderall XR (d-amphetamine l-amphetamine extended release). For those who haven't felt this:
I felt I could focus on things if I really wanted to (I actually couldn't :P)
I felt physically and mentally stimulated. I was able to compute things very quickly. Reactions seemed faster.

I felt extreme good feelings to touch. When I touched my arm, I almost got sexually turned on. That's how good the feeling of touch felt.

I saw many people that I thought were looking at us (They probably were not)
I experience this with marijuana. I get extremely paranoid about this.
On ecstasy, I just did not care.

I also was taking my time to look at people and try to understand them and get to know them without actually talking to them. I stared in awe at many people.

It was like getting VERY VERY high on marijuana, minus all the anxiety, paranoia, extreme feelings of tachycardia, etc. All of the negatives were replaced with pure BLISS.

I cannot stress the fact enough that all I felt was happiness. I made plans with both of my friends for the next day, fully expecting to do them (We didn't end up doing them because we were all VERY VERY sore and tired. :P)

I also found most of the girls I saw sexually attractive. It may just have been the girls, but there were many young teenage girls (12-14 {not that much younger than me}) that appeared very attractive. This worried me, but I figured it was just the drugs :P
I was EXTREMELY horny and wished my turtle girlfriend was there to "help me out".

M was supposed to come to my house and spend the night. J went to drive home, and J's dad was supposed to drive me and M to my house. When M asked his Dad if he could go, he said no. So I was in the car to my house alone with J's dad. Under normal circumstances, this would have been an extremely anxious time for me. Instead, I was able to talk to him. On the way home, we got into a real deep talk about the politics behind the oil industries, and also about his car. He had a Prius, and he explained to me how it worked. I enjoyed the car ride and was disappointed when it was over.

As I slowly felt my trip start to decrease in effect, I went on the computer until I got tired.
I went to sleep at 12AM. I did not feel like there was any insomnia after the pill wore off (Evidence of purity?)

The next morning, I awoke with extreme soreness and muscle fatigue, but my mind felt very refreshed. I sat in bed for close to an hour, thinking about the day/night before. I thought about my experience and what I had learned about myself and my friends. To this day, I feel a very strong bond between M, J, and I after that experience.
Hmm what do you guys think about his story?
Old 18-04-2011, 07:38
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Re: First Time Ecstasy Experience: "It feels like ecstasy!"

I'm still learning the rules here so am not sure if this was the correct forum for this story, but! The story rocked! My pet duck has always longed for one E experience, and she says that felt very close to what she imagined. I was fascinated, personally.
Old 18-04-2011, 07:53
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Male from United States
Posts: 276
xJSL is captain of the psychonauts.xJSL is captain of the psychonauts.xJSL is captain of the psychonauts.
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Re: First Time Ecstasy Experience: "It feels like ecstasy!"

Thanks for your feedback. I tried to get as detailed as i could. I may revise it and add
In between parts as there was just too much to write down without getting super bored.

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