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Old 27-05-2011, 05:55
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doing meth when your really, really depressed

Before any of you start, yes I'm well aware of the increased risk of addiction if you do meth while depressed.

Usually when I do meth I'm already in a good mood. But what if I smoke meth when I'm in a really shitty mood - would I become instantly euphoric? Would the euphoria be diminished?

I know with opiates even if I'm in a really shitty mood, all of my problems are just forgotten and the euphoria doesn't seem to be any less than if I was in a good mood. Does meth kind of work in the same way?
Old 29-05-2011, 16:39
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Re: doing meth when your really, really depressed

I was talking to a friend of a friend the other day about this and this is what he said " I don't think the euphotos itself would be affected but your thought Process would be affected.. On the meth high your thoughts are quite 'together' and you would be thinking about whatever's upsetting you (obviously not as much if u weren't high) however still feeling good - your mood would be effected I think. Also I think your comedown would be effected because when your coming down you usually already have thoughts of guilt and regret and if u were depressed you would have that bad feeling on top of coming down.. Which I emagian would make it very hard to stop using because u would keep thinking what u had coming..." hope what he said helped at all.. Imput from any other swimmers?

Post Quality Reviews:
100% agree about how guilt/regret are already present in comedown, turning it into a vicious cycle..
Old 29-05-2011, 17:10
MrPie MrPie is offline
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Re: doing meth when your really, really depressed

Swim thinks that doing any drug to "escape" your problems isn't a good idea. It doesn't sound like that's the case but just wanted to throw that out there. Swim agrees with the above post that the real problem is the terrible pchycological comedown that will come with the end of the high and if swiy really is depressed swiy will probably be tempted to re-dose to feel good again. If this turns into a pattern of taking it to relieve yourself then it could easily turn to addiction. As far as the high, you will most likely feel good chemically but swim thinks it could make the high not as enjoyable because of the underlying depressive feelings.

Just swims thoughts. Anyone else?
Old 02-06-2011, 14:28
Pookie616 Pookie616 is offline
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Re: doing meth when your really, really depressed

It definitely used to make swim happier when he is down in the dumps. But the more swiy does that the more its in swiys mind that hes just taking the easy way out, and swim says the guilt starts almost immediately after ingestion. Also an observation swim has made is that being "depressed" or "down" is a necessary part of existence, without it swiy would never step back and want to improve the inevitable shitty situations that happen due to being high.

Gettin tweeked while being depressed is fighting fire with fire, in swims opinion.
Old 13-06-2011, 22:45
Epidemik Epidemik is offline
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Re: doing meth when your really, really depressed

A drug that makes your mind race, lose sleep, and (generally) not eat healthy is no good for depression. Trust me. Overthinking things to the extreme of not coming up with anything useful just makes you worry more. Your body needs sleep for normal brain function and health. If your brain isn't working at a level that it should, emotions get more whacky. The vitamins and natural substances in a normal healthy meal help to keep brain chemicals balanced. I prefer the feeling of slowing the brain down and relaxing when depressed (naturally and otherwise). Being anxious doesn't mix with depression.

Not a fan of that kind of drug when depressed. Especially if the person doesn't have anything else to do. Chemicals shouldn't be used as temporary escapes from real problems. Many would prefer to smoke some weed if they were stressed or down. Meth comedown can be brutal depending on the timing and if you're able to comfortably crash. That on top of depression would make most people feel horrible. As a general guideline, my goldfish won't do any drugs that he feels like he "needs" to do. Like after a long day of work "I need a beer", or sitting in traffic "ugh, i need a cigarette". It's kept him pretty level for a while now. He'll do those things, but when he actually says or thinks it because of an unrelated situation (traffic, stress, depression)...he knows that he's just making an excuse to do it.

It's easy to get caught up in a cycle. Depressed, tweak, get stuck and not work on changing what made you depressed in the first place. More shit falls apart, causing more stress and depression... Which makes you want to get up again. It's not just meth, but eating, gambling, alcohol, shopping. When people do these things in excess, it's normally because of another problem that they're escaping. Figure out the root of your depression and tackle it with every cell in your body.
Old 27-07-2011, 19:04
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Re: doing meth when your really, really depressed

My fairy friend would like to warn that it can be a very bad idea to tweak if the person tweaking may have clinical depression. This type of depression has to do with how the chemicals in the brain work so someone can often be depressed over nothing - this is dangerous because my fairy friend would often contemplate the idea of suicide during a come-down (even if she was happy only moments before) & the tweak most deffintly did not contribute to thinking in any logical way about the suicidal feelings. My fairy friend doesn't know if this helps you in any way but she was concerned.
Old 23-05-2014, 12:35
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Re: doing meth when your really, really depressed

My rule used to be "never get high on anything unless times are good", well than my Best Friend, on/off GF (by force of re-had/jail) vanished from my life and now i use everyday. If I don't all I think about is her and i'm extremely depressed and cannot function (like not even a little), when I use I still think about her but I enjoy remembering all the amazing ( and questionably legal...hehe put in work ) times we shared together ( we spend pretty much every day together for 5 years from when i was 15-20, and her from 13-18, there might have been like 1 day a week where we didn't spend the whole day together ). We lived together when i moved out of my parents house, we basically grew up together, and due to us spending all our time together I never really thought to make any other friends. So i absorb my time with little online research papers for fun, go to community college, and smoke while thinking about my Boo. So my advise only use while depressed if you get depressed to the point where you sleep with a gun 2 feet away and think every night before you go to sleep humm looks tempting, then you wake every morning saying "Fuck I woke up again!". If you get that depressed than ok use, don't go commit suicide cause even I know deep down one day I will be able to let go, so will you.

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