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Downers and sleeping pills Anxiety Meds, Sleeping Pills and Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

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Old 27-05-2011, 21:57
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ambien produces a great high!.

At around 9:45 pm my friend chrushed and snorted 10mg of ambien.
He immediately felt like he drank 3 or 4 beers..
It was a nice buzz feeling.

9:55pm. he feels high, not stoned but high. He feels really happy, content with the world around him. He feels the need to do something. like now.

10:05 pm. My friend goes in the kitchen turns on some dubset and starts cleaning like crazy.
But he says he felt amazing while cleaning! soo accomplhised when done.

After he was done cleaning, he started dancing to the music and eating pringles, he had a great time.

10:25 he gets the case of the MUNCHIES! he went in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of snacks to take to his room. He went in his room turned on some chill music and starting eating like crazy! then he started to simply cuddle with his dog.

10:35 pm. His parents bring some friends over and he feels the need to sozialize so he goes out and has a nice conversation with everyone.
But he is completely in control of himself.

10:50 pm. the ambien "rush/high" is now gone and all he wants to do is sleep .

My friend said it was a completely different feeling when you snort ambien rather than take it orally, you dnt feel as tired.

My friend eventually grew tolerant to 10mg and learned he would come down MUCH sooner. He is yet to try a larger dose.

Post Quality Reviews:
Interesting, well detailed story. Thanks.
good trip report

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