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Drug testing discussion What can you do against drug testing & more...

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Old 08-06-2011, 00:11
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How probation drug testing works

I've been on probation for a year now and have a total of 8 years on probation. I have to see my PO once a week. This is how the drug testing works:

1:depending on your compliancy and trust with probation officer will determine how often he'll drug test you. If they are suspicious of you they will most likely drug test you every time you come in. If they trust you they may rarely drug test you.

2: when they do drug test you the standard test cost $$7-$8 dollars. It's the regular old dip stick drug test. The immuno-analysis drug test.

3: if you pass that there will be no more further testing. But if you test positive for something, they will do an additional GC/MS drug test. It can detect any chemical in your system. Any medication. It detects everything. They can tell the difference between Xanax and ativan, Ritalin to adderall. This test costs $42.
3: if you can't pee when they do a drug test they will do a hair follicle drug test. They rarely ever do this because of cost.

4: they always want their probationers to work or go to school. And do your community service. If you are fully compliant with all the probation terms over a consistent period of time, you can go back to the judge and get your probation expunged.

Probation officers are very observant of their probationers. Be careful what you say.

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Simple explanation on testing those on probation
Old 28-04-2014, 03:05
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Re: How probation drug testing works

In LA County I was to check in once a month and was drug tested EVERY SINGLE TIME. This was a drug offence. They DON'T DO A DIPSTICK TEST RIGHT THEN AND THERE, it's sent to a lab and PRESUMABLY dip-stick'ed with some high quality testers (with the same cutoff levels as home tests) and if you pass, you pass. If you fail, they GC/MS ONLY THAT ONE THING YOU FAILED FOR, not everything. I had marijuana in my system and failed for what i fail for every time, AMPHETAMINES and BENZOS (they are meditations I'm prescribed) and the ONLY nanograms per ml of urine that are shown are the GC/MS results...the tests that I passed were NOT analyzed.
Old 28-04-2014, 03:29
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Re: How probation drug testing works

Yeah probation drug test procedures are gonna be different from county to county. I live near philadelphia pa. Years ago you used to have to go to a office in a church once a month and they would do a dip stick urine test. Now the probation officer comes to your house anywhere from once a week to twice a year. Depending on how long you've been on it with good behavior. And he can drug test you under his discretion. Again if youve been on probation for a long time and pass your drug test they become less frequent. But now he does a saliva test that is always sent to a lab. They've been doing the oral drug test for a long time now too. But like I said the way a probation officer drug test is gonna be different based on many factors.
Old 12-05-2014, 07:57
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Re: How probation drug testing works

Myshkin has dealt with this problem for too long. But generally as long as you pass the initial panel at their office they will dump it out and you're in the clear. However, if you test positive they'll send to lab for confirmation test. Although in Myshkin's case he has had negative tests sent to the lab anyway just to do a more thorough screen, this is something you should always be aware of. If you piss clean and they still suspect "something" they can very easily send it to the lab where they can identify anything; or in Prince Myshkin's case if you have a vindictive ex-girlfriend who calls your P.O. and says you're using ketamine, they'll also send it to the lab because the instant panels they use don't typically test for ketamine. Usually the lab will only look for what the Probation officer requests. Myshkin's P.O. uses Redwood Toxicology - the DEVIL of drug testing labs who gladly go out of their way to continually upgrade and expand the drugs they test for. Here is a link for what they will screen for at Redwood, which seems to be the industry standard for probation offices.


This is the specific test Myshkin's P.O. uses in the United Stateshttps://www.redwoodtoxicology.com/devices/doa_icup

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Old 28-08-2015, 23:34
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Re: How probation drug testing works

Hers a question. If I pissed in a Dixie cup for my p.o. and the cocaine line came up paint on the dipstick 2x and he still sent it to the lab. Does the P continuously breakdown on the way to the lab?

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