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Old 04-09-2011, 01:13
zefix zefix is offline
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Adderall and Antacids

So one of my friends tried the whole antacid thing with 2000mg of calcium carbonate 30 minutes before orally ingesting 60mg of Adderall IR. This was supposedly going to increase his absorption rate of the Adderall but his intended and expected high did not come? He feels as if it did the opposite which decreased the feeling but prolonged it about twice as much, does this mean if he instead increased his stomach's pH which ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or etc., that it would increase the high but shorten the length?

zefix added 14 Minutes and 19 Seconds later...

edit: "if he instead increased his stomach's pH *with* ascorbic acid (vitamin C)"

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Old 27-09-2011, 21:03
The Stoneman The Stoneman is offline
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Re: Adderall and Antacids

I know my friends have had success in trying antacids in both increasing effects and prolonging them. But to my buddies understanding vitamin C eats it up and it loses effect.
A second test with antacids might be worth it yah?
Old 30-09-2011, 22:57
Dashneo Dashneo is offline
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Re: Adderall and Antacids

Holy crap 60 mg? I'm guessing you have a bad tolerance, that might be why the effects aren't as good as you had hoped. Potentiating adderall can only help so much.

to answer your first question: no, increasing stomach pH is NOT what you want to do. My friend has ADHD and he said that his doctor told him not to take adderall with orange juice or any other citrus or acidic drink. I'm not sure how vitamin C affects the absorption because the friend of mine only told me not to take it with citrus drinks. You can try taking it with vitamin C but my guinea pig has had amazing effects with anti-acids.

Try using baking soda instead of anti-acids, I've heard that it works better. My guinea pig takes half a teaspoon of baking soda 45-60 minutes before he downs the addie. It tastes fricken gross if you mix it in water so I'd recommend you find some empty capsules to put in. He experimented with 25mg adderall and 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda at 10:30 today and he didn't notice diminishing effects until 3:30. It was JUST like his first time he took adderall, the euphoria and motivation to do school work was MUCH more noticeable than when he just takes 25mg adderall.

He also did a placebo test and filled some capsules with baking soda and some with sugar to find out if there was any difference; His friend knew what was in the capsules because he gave them to him. Results: my guinea pig was able to tell the difference.

good luck,

Post Quality Evaluations:
Not taking adderall with orange juice would be to avoid decreasing ph, while an antacid would increase it. You should clarify as you are recommending taking antacids but also say do not to do something to increase stomach ph.
Old 02-12-2011, 11:28
zefix zefix is offline
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Join Date: 29-08-2011
Male from United States
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zefix is a decent psychonaut.
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Re: Adderall and Antacids

Haha, late reply but yes, my friend finally tried what your guinea pig did with the baking soda, and was amazed to say it that this way worked way too well. After over viewing the problem, I came to realize or thought that my friends problem was that it was not the pH but was merely because his normal generic brand was not Barr, which is thought to be his favorite, but was from Corepharma, which he learned to despise with a passion.

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