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Old 25-12-2011, 04:54
whocaresdude91 whocaresdude91 is offline
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Snorting with a stuffy nose

SWIM has been snorting (insulfating) heroin a lot lately, but obtained a minor cold causing his nose to become stuffy or filled with mucous. If SWIM were to snort on a stuffy nose, is the drug more potent because its being absorbed by th mucous membranes? or will it be less potent (due to the blocked nasal cavities)? Where are the facts for this subject?

Thanks for the help!
Old 25-12-2011, 05:51
HaZie HaZie is offline
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Re: Snorting with a stuffy nose

While I've never snorted gear I know from snorting other drugs that when your nose is blocked the mucus membranes are already covered in, well, mucus and so the membranes ability to absorb the drug is reduced.

You know you have mucus membranes in other places don't you
Old 14-04-2012, 05:53
lovage lovage is offline
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Re: Snorting with a stuffy nose

SWIM has been in the same boat the last few days, and it's no fun! SWIM finds it's way less potent, ended up snorting about 3 times her normal amount and only got un-sick, not even high. Today she had to do it about every hour, finally rinsed her nose with warm water and got really high, unsure if there was buildup that finally got absorbed or what, but she finds that rinsing with warm water before is extremely helpful.
Old 14-04-2012, 07:25
Sargent Leper Sargent Leper is offline
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Re: Snorting with a stuffy nose

Snorting with a stuffy nose will defiantly not get you higher. The second thing you said was true. You will probably waste a lot when it doesn't enter your nasal cavity and drips back out. (At least tip your head back after snorting)
I hate to suggest this but have you thought of going back and forth, snorting - smoking. I don't know how you feel about smoking it. I know some people are weird about that. They think its really wrong. Like how IV users are villafyed somewhat by snort or smokers. But when I started back in the day I did both till I eventually smoked it for a few years. I then graduated to the needle. All these different ways have pros and cons. Snorting is nice cause you can do it rather quick in a bathroom with little smell. But I remember not liking the brown shit dripping from my nose at inopportune times i.e. Work, girlfriends (who didn't want me to use) etc. Smoking is hard in public places cause of the smell. But aside from ones tolerance building quickly there was never an entry problem.
My biggest problem with tootin' up the ol' nose came after about 3 years of everyday coke going up my poor nose. After a while I started to get sores at the bottom of my nostrils. I was a waiter in a restaurant so this was not good. Looking like shit and being paranoid about it at thesame time was no good. My only solution.. Why, the needle of corse! This was great at first. I didn't have to use as much to get way higher than I was before. I started speed-ballin' at that time. My confidence came back with a vengeance. I could look at people in the face again. For a while my co-workers thought I had quit drugs on account of my loss of paranoia that people were looking at my sores. I no longer worried about those damn white powder stragglers that could pop up out of your nose at the worst times: "OK Mrs. Johnson here is your chicken parmasain, I hope you enjoy that" mean while she's looking at you like you killed her puppy. Totally clueless until you walk by the bar mirror and see the river of white streaming from your nose. No excuse, no excuse.
Once I started shooting coke though I thought I had the system beat. My girlfriend no longer heard my stuffed up nose, I was golden. This lasted about a month.
Once my tolerance reached the level where I was back spending 80-100$ a day shooting coke, things went downhill. I would sleep probably 3 hours a night. I had a dealer that would make his first stop at my house at 7am everyday and somehow I was able to get a 2 & 2 free every morning.
Anyway I'm getting carried away, sorry.
So sleep depravation, not eating I was bad. I always say I could have shot dope foe years and kepty job. Once shooting coke and speed-balls started, I lost it. I'm talking like hallucinating, anger problems, compleTe paranoia. I thought all my friends at work were out to get me. I would hear them whispering outside the bathroom door everytime I was in there fixing up.
Any way hopefully you can just stop everything all together. I don't know how old you are but it does get old, very old after a while. As cheesy as this sounds, life is awesome and way more rewarding and exciting than any of the 17 Years I was running around like a zombie.
Good luck and take care of that nose.
PS beware of that spray shit that supposedly clears your nostrils, it's really bad. My nose has some slight permanent damage as a result of using that stuff to try and keep the freeway open

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