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Old 25-01-2012, 18:30
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White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

SWIM recently obtained white heroin powder that is supposedly 70% pure. SWIM has been using these past couple of days (SWIM insulffates the Heroin powder) and feels that this Heroin makes him extremely nauseas and gives him a headache (can you believe that? Heroin giving you a friggin headache??). Today, SWIM obtained brown heroin powder that is supposedly not as good quality, but provides him with a nicer, cleaner, no nausea, high. What's your opinion? Do you guys find that brown heroin tends to be better than white? Why is the white heroin giving SWIM nausea while the brown doesn't tend to do that?

Thanks for the help!
Old 26-01-2012, 17:03
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

Well, if you are doing that for the first times, nausea is normal. Brown or white, it's always impossible to tell wich is stronger since they both reach the streets heavily cut (but white is the normal color of heroin, so, if uncut, that's the purer version).
Old 27-01-2012, 14:17
Ol'Timer Ol'Timer is offline
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

Although white is traditionally thought of has #4 (HCL) and brown #3 (base) there are sometimes batches of cream/grey/brown #4 or even very pale #3.

You really cannot inter too much simply from the colour.
Old 27-01-2012, 15:54
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

Agreed with the above.

Proper brown heroin (sometimes referred to as H3) is heroin base as mentioned and as such requires an acid in order for it to dissolve in water, because of this my fiend thinks that it is a waste to snort it since it won't be readily absorbed by the mucus membranes. White heroin ("H4") is already in the hydrochloride salt form which means it requires no acid to dissolve in water (the refining process involves adding hydrochloric acid hence the name heroin hydrochloride) and will easily be absorbed by the mucus membranes.

Brown heroin base (H3) is better smoked than snorted and while white heroin (H4) can also be smoked, it doesn't "run" on tin foil nearly as well as brown and by all accounts (my fiend has very little experience with proper white heroin, only used it once and it was smoked and injected) snorting white heroin 4 is very effective. My fiends guess is that snorting H4 is better than smoking.

I don't know for sure if brown heroin isn't absorbed when snorted, it is purely my guess based on what my fiend has told me. He thinks it would be better to smoke brown than snort it and thinks that snorting it is a waste.

Ol'Timer is correct in saying that you can't really say for sure if it is definitely proper brown just by the colour, the only way to know for sure would to see if it dissolves in water without an acid (ie without citric acid or ascorbic acid aka Vitamin C). High quality white heroin hydrochloride should dissolve on contact with water or with, at the very least, a small amount of heat. Brown will not dissolve AT ALL in water alone, it will just mix in to a cloudy brownish colour (see Citric/Heroin Reaction to see what it looks like).

As for the headaches well, that is odd. My fiends guess would be that the headache could be caused by an adulterant, in fact that is almost certainly the case because heroin should NOT be causing a headache.

The nausea, as already mentioned is completely normal but since it was mentioned that the brown doesn't cause nausea while the white stuff does then this leads me to suspect it is again the cut (adulterant) in this white stuff that is causing both the headache and severe nausea.

Last edited by Solinari; 27-01-2012 at 16:04.
Old 27-01-2012, 17:55
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

I love good quality brown cos I like smoking it. I like the taste, the ritual, making a tooter etc. Snorting it lacks the ritual for me so I wouldn't prefer it
Old 28-01-2012, 12:43
Ol'Timer Ol'Timer is offline
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

I believe the colour of the finished product is down to an added process of 'bleaching' the heroin, rather than being a biproduct of the production step that renders the heroin water soluble.
Making heroin water soluble (#4/HCL) does not cause it to become white. This is why non-white #4 is sometimes available. Whereas cream/brown/grey coloured heroin is sometimes capable of dissolving without citric/ascorbic acid.

This is my own opinion and could be wrong but I started to ponder this point after reading about the arrival of white morphine (in the 1830s - I think?). Many were suspicious of accepting it as they were accustomed to morphine being brown.
The new stock was white simply because chemists had added an extra step to the process of production. Chemically bleaching the colour out to achieve the end product of pure white powder.

Opium and the People: Opiate Use and Policy in 19th and Early 20th Century Britain
Virginia Berridge.
Old 29-01-2012, 12:19
chopmow chopmow is offline
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

interesting read...

The Quality of Opium
The fact that all opium is not created equally complicates the assessment of opium economics. The nature of the opium itself varies since the alkaloids of opiu, occur in different proportions according to soil, climate, rainfall, and the strain of poppy. These alkaloids may be divided into two categories: phenanthrene alkaloids (morphine, codeine, thebaine) and benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (narcotine, papaverine, narceine). Only thie former include the strong analgesics that are controlled internationally (United Nations, 1967: 43). Since the natural product varies widely and the production of morphine and heroin employs a batch process capable of much variation , heroin samples inevitably differ.
Heroin is made after morphine is first produced. The latex of the poppy is scraped off incised unripe poppy capsules and then treated with lime and water to produce morphine in solution. To this, ammonium chloride is added, causing the precipitation of a morphine base. The morphine base is then processed into diacetyl morphine, which, according to the four-level classification of heroin, is called No.1 heroin. Following the neutralization of this mixture with sodium carbonate, crude heroin base (No. 2 heroin) precipitates. This is then purified to produce heroin hydrochloride (No. 3 heroin). Following the addition of ether, No. 4 heroin results. No. 3 heroin, as made in Southeast Asia, is brownish white, hard and granular. Twenty-five percent of all heroin is heroin hydrochloride. Many chemists in Burma add approximately 40 percent caffeine to this form. No. 4 is a nearly odorless, fine white powder and is over 90 percent heroin. It is used mainly by injection. Opium alkaloids can also be extracted from poppy straw, but it appears that this is not done in Burma.

When opium is refined into heroin, much of opium's medical value is lost, Although morphine (deacetylmorphine) remains in heroin, other opium alkaloids such as codeine (a cough suppressant), papaverine (a muscle relaxant), and narceine (an atispasmodic) are lost.
Dilutants and adulterants are often added to No. 3 heroin, which was first prepared as a smoking heroin. Dilutants, which do not have pharmacological activity, increase the bulk and, in turn, the seller's profit. A common dilutant in Southeast Asia is sugar. Conversely, adulterants are substances with pharmacological activity. Some, such as quinine, conceal the lack of heroin hydrochloride. Others, such as barbital and caffeine, are added to make the heroin more suitable for smoking. Another substance found in small quantities in heroin is strychnine, the physiological results of which are uncertain. Most No. 3 heroin is brown, but one particular kind, "red chicken," is dyed red and includes barbiral. Sometimes, adulterants and dilutants can cause serious side effects.
Because of such variations, it is difficult to determine the amount of opium used to produce a given amount of heroin. Although great variations occur among samples from various areas and different years, a rule of thumb is that 10 kilograms of opium yield 1 kilogram of heroin.
A sample of crude opium from the Shan States was tested in 1959 and found to contain an average of 11 percent morphine and 2.8 percent thebaine (Falck and Nordal, 1963: 2). Compared to opium produced elsewhere, this is rather high. Indian opium, by contrast, has only 7.4 percent morphine. Opium in Europe has higher concentrations; morphine content in samples from Yugoslavia have been measured as high as 14.7 percent and from France as high as 20 percent.
Furthermore, once the opium is processed into morphine (although the morphine content is a fixed biogenetic and chemical quality), moisture content affects estimates. The moisture content of opium, which can range from 25 to 46 percent, is an important variable. The previously listed figures, however, are for dried (anhydrous) opium (United Nations, 1967: 12, 32-33). Not all production calculation has been done in terms of dried opium, which is part of the reason why opium estimates vary so astonishingly.

Old 29-01-2012, 16:10
Ol'Timer Ol'Timer is offline
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Re: White Heroin vs. Brown Heroin?

Chopmow quote "This is then purified to create Heroin hydrochloride (No 3 Heroin)".
Heroin Hydrochloride is water soluble No 4 heroin.
That is the difference between #3 and #4. Whether it has been rendered into a hydrocloride 'salt' to become water soluble.

I have also read that BROWN #3 (Heroin base) is brown due to the amount of raw opium still present and the lack of a manufacturing step that bleaches out the colour to ensure a uniform colour (white).

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