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Cannabis Use, cultivation & production of Marijuana, Hashish, Ice-o-lator & Hemp.

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Old 30-01-2012, 03:36
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Hangover remedy: Ideas

Whaddup Drugs Forum,

Cannabinoid here with some new ideas on how to cure a weed hangover. Ever smoke too many of those heavy indicas that leave you feeling like complete shit the next morning? I have experimented with a few remedies to find which is the best to allow me to perform best that groggy day.

1. Caffiene- Yes, despite what people may think, drinking an energy drink will leave you feeling the best, for only a few hours that is. Today I felt like shit and downed a sugar free redbull. I felt great but then my tiredness hit me hard, sending me into an hour long nap. Felt great after the nap.

2. Vitamins. Take those supplements and give your body what it needs to function! B complex vitamins are also found in many energy drinks which can help you feel better overall.

3. Water. Down as much water as you can. and dont overdose from electrolyte posisining. Cleansing your body and restoring oxygen levels in your blood is crucial in feeling better.

4. Sleep. The enevitable. Eventually your body will crash so give it the rest it needs.

Please post your ideas below and any experiences with that horrible weed hangover. Peace ~

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