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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

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Old 18-02-2012, 00:59
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Can you use Vit. C to dissolve crack for injection?

I've been told by various people that Vit C (ascorbic acid) won't dissolve crack, that you have to use citric acid. But I'm outta citric...
Are they right about the Vit C? Reading around, I've seen some threads mention it working, while others just recommend citric or vinegar.
I know very little about cooking up, my friend usually does it for me.
Old 20-02-2012, 16:21
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Re: Can you use Vit. C to dissolve crack for injection?

Yes, Mam. Vit C (ascorbic acid) is actually the best acid to use of any if you have the choice. Make sure you get either the little packets from your needle exchange or pure vit C powder from a health store; don't crush up tablets or add anything flavored etc...
You have to use roughly twice the amount as citric, but it works great and is even a lot more mild on the veins (no stinging) than citric acid. Vinegar is unsanitary and is strong and may cause vein damage if too much is used. Citric it's easy to go overboard with, but vit C is just nice.

Good luck and hope you enjoy it!

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