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Old 12-04-2012, 18:35
lloydsLSD lloydsLSD is offline
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Methadone Withdrawal Questions

If someone is drinking alcohol to help get them through methadone withdrawals, is that person still going to be getting rid of the methadone from their system whilst getting rid of the alcohol too? Or will they have to process the alcohol before their body can continue to get shot of the methadone?

I ask because someone told me that drinking alcohol will just prolong the time that a person has to endure withdrawal symptoms from stopping methadone.

I know many people swear by cannabis when going cold turkey off methadone, so can I assume that alcohol would be similar to cannabis in that the body would be able to process the cannabis/alcohol at the same time as the methadone?

What about if someone went, say, 3 days with no methadone and then used a bag of gear, there would be no withdrawals from just one bag of gear and would that help by allowing one or a couple more days of being free from methadone withdrawals?

And should there be a 'withdrawal' prefix?
Old 04-05-2012, 23:37
Caitlin23 Caitlin23 is offline
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Re: Methadone Withdrawal Questions

I couldn't see how alcohol could possibly slow down the process, aside from the fact that alcohol slows down the whole body in general. But I dont think that's the major concern here, I would be afraid that drinking alcohol would intensify those stomach pains and nausea. Weed, on the other hand, may help. Valium may too. But if you're going to get off of one thing why go ahead and get addicted to the other??
Old 05-05-2012, 01:22
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Re: Methadone Withdrawal Questions

Originally Posted by lloydsLSD View Post

What about if someone went, say, 3 days with no methadone and then used a bag of gear, there would be no withdrawals from just one bag of gear and would that help by allowing one or a couple more days of being free from methadone withdrawals?
That would almost definitely cause withdrawals.'Just one bag' doesnt cause withdrawals in a non opiate user but if you are withdrawing from any opiate and take a bag its not gonna help you get clean its gonna put you back to where you were to start with.Even once you get through the withdrawals one bag can still be enough to set you back again.Long term opiate use messes with your brain chemistry so it wont be the way it was when you first used it.

Are you withdrawing from methadone because you want to get clean or because you been kicked off your script??If you are doing it because you want to be clean then I dont think drinking alcohol will help much.IME drinking makes you more likely to relapse due to lowered inhibitions[fuck it one bag wont hurt] after a drink or taking heroin to cure a hangover which will be a million times worse if your coming off methadone.

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