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Old 15-04-2012, 03:49
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Difficulty injecting so-called "immediate" release morphine sulfate

My friend's cousin's dog-walker found some 30mg morphine sulfate pills. They are round, white, relatively large: about 8mm (5/16") in diameter, scored on one side and imprinted with 54/262 on the other (according to Drugs.com's Pill Identifier they are manufactured by Roxane Laboratories).

Although they are allegedly "immediate release," she says that when trying to prepare them for injecting they gel almost entirely: after adding 1ml water to a finely-crushed pill, she is able to extract only about 1/5 that amount, which she assures me does not contain nearly 30mg morphine, or even half that.

I'd appreciate any information I can pass to her on how to counter the gelling of these pills.


(Note: She does use micron filters and follows clean injecting practices; this question is regarding the initial filtration through cotton.)
Old 28-04-2012, 23:22
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Re: Difficulty injecting so-called "immediate" release morphine sulfate

- Are they being heated at all? If so, that is the problem. If not, I will let you know how I do mine, and I don't seem to have any clumping/water-retaining issues unless I were to heat it. Maybe that will help? I've got the same ones, only 15 mgs instead of 30, but they are 15mg IRT from Roxane (they say 54/733) so I'm pretty sure they only difference is the amount of morphine, and that everything else should be the same.

- I crush it up in my pill grinder, then put 1cc of water in with it, and stir it well. I take a piece of cotton filter slightly larger than one I would use to do an oxy 30, about the size of a green pea. I roll it up tight, and sorta squish the filter right before I drop it into the solution. When it lands, it should expand slightly because you squished it, and in doing so it will start to suck up the solution and stay unclogged as you draw it all up. I can easily do 2 at a time, and it will draw all the liquid and morphine up, and only leaves behind a VERY slightly damp powder, and draws all the good stuff up. I have tried doing a second wash and find that most of the morphine, almost all, is drawn up in the first wash. And if I put 1cc into the dry powder (a full 100-unite insulin syringe), I would say I get almost all of it back, at least 90-95 units out of the full 100 that the syringe holds, and it definitely has the morphine in it.

- The ONLY exception to this is if one tries to heat the solution. Doing that makes it harder to extract, the wet powder will start to clump/gel (kinda), and will take far longer to draw into the filter. Also, it will be harder to draw the last of the morphine-containing moisture out of the clumped up powder. Basically if it gets heated, it kinda gels up and is much harder to extract, and will be bound to leave more morphine behind in the goop. Sorta like how you described only being able to draw back a small portion, and having most of the water/morphine-in-suspension get left behind in the clumped wet powder. I don't know if you add heat or not, but it sounds like what happens to mine if I were to accidentally heat it up (like I would need to do to a certain amount with certain pills, depending on what kind.... just not this kind).

- So, pre-powder like you are doing (or you could let it sit in the cold water for a minute or two), stir, and draw it up through a filter, all without heating. If it gets heated, it changes it and makes it much harder, and even though you didn't say you heated it, what you describe it as being like seems like what I have seen from one that got heated.

- I don't know if that's the issue or not, but I seem to be able to extract and use these ones IV pretty easily. They are as easy as extracting a Qualitest brand Oxycodone, and don't seem to clump up and cause problems unless I add heat (which I don't do, but I've done it before and so I know how it acts).

- If you are not adding heat, it could be that you are using smaller needles than I am (so that there is more powder to water ratio), or maybe are taking a larger dose and so the amount of powder is greater than the amount of water, or too close to being equal, and maybe your powder doesn't get enough moisture to actually turn it into a real solution, and it is sorta too sludgy to draw up well in the first place? If that is the case, you would have to add more water for how much powder you are using, potentially having to turn it into two shots instead of one. I can't think of another reason besides either misplaced heating, or not enough water to begin with, that would cause it to act like that. I do have a lot more experience with oxycodone than with these, so there could be something I don't know about, but I have a lot of experience IVing the oxies, and these seem really similar and easy so long as you don't heat them up at all.

- Hope you can get it figured out, because it is easy to do once you have the code cracked, and will bring on a good nod. Not as euphoric as oxies for me, and doesn't kill pain quite as good either, but is still plenty strong and the rush is really nice and completely different than the oxy rush. Good luck!
Old 30-09-2013, 17:01
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Re: Difficulty injecting so-called "immediate" release morphine sulfate

i tired this yesterday just like u said there was a bunch of the white power left i used no heat on it i may try it again but maybe use a bit more water and let it set in the water for awhile thanks for the advice
Old 01-10-2013, 16:33
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Re: Difficulty injecting so-called "immediate" release morphine sulfate

With the IR Morphine pills, there will definitely be powder left over afterwards. If you feel like you're wasting, taste the powder after you draw up. It should be almost tasteless. That way you know you got most of it in your pin. I used to think the IR pills were a lot easier to prep but I'm so used to prepping the Extended Release, I've honed it to perfection and relative ease.
Old 12-10-2013, 22:30
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Re: Difficulty injecting so-called "immediate" release morphine sulfate

As far as I recall morphine binds to cold water more readily than to hot water. This however doesn't mean that you need or should go with a cold water cooking method as it isn't very sterile. There is another way to go about it

Morphine sulphate in your pills almost certainly comes with fillers like starch and talc. If you put crushed pill in a cooker - and heat the water - the contents will clump together and morphine will be difficult to extract (as others mentioned). What you need to do is - use 2 cookers.

Finely grind and crush your powder so that it becomes amorphous with no clumps. If the pill comes with coating - first carefully remove it with razor blade.
Pour cold water over powder in first cooker. Mix it around and let it sit 4-5 minutes. Then use a micron filter (or similar very fine filter to filter out the water. Use a separate syringe with needle to pull it through, a 3 CC one works best. For 30 mg of pure morphine you need a half CC of water but, you may need more, because the fillers absorb much of the water required to dissolve morphine.

If the solution isn't clear, - filter a couple of times until clear. Taste the solution. Should be bitter.

Now pour the solution into the 2nd cooker and bring it to a boil. Use a separate syringe and a separate fine filter to suck it up once it cooled. You should have most of the 30 mg dissolve.

The powder left in the 1st cooker, - give it another wash and filter. If the filtered solution still tastes a little bitter - not all of morphine dissolved the first time. This means you probably need 1 cc of water or more to completely absorb morphine in the mix.

Unless the end result in the syringe is clear, - do not inject it. It's dangerous and will damage your veins. Instead read some other posts about rectal self-administration of morphine or simply pour the syringe in a tea and drink it. Pills are inherently more dangerous to inject, so please be extra cautious, clean and sterilize you ware and use a new syringe for injection every time.

I must add that the above method should work on nearly all (if not all) solid pharmaceutical formulations (pills/capsules) of morphine sulphate with or without time-release technology. Just to make sure I am giving a good harm-reduction advice (and out of curiosity), I looked up a large number of solid morphine sulphate formulations and their non medicinal ingredients. All of them (according to FDA) have either extremely low or no toxicity (less than table salt) or, are not readily water soluble like talc, hence they should either be completely filtered by a fine filter or harmlessly pass into bloodstream with water.
One common exception is Lauryl Sulphate, which is a common detergent in shampoo/soap and beauty products and has a known effect of dehydrating skin. However it's present in pills in such tiny amounts that, it is likely that more of it is absorbed into your body when you wash your hair. So as long as you filter to clear and are sterile about cooking, technically you should be fine.

Have fun and stay safe.

Last edited by Moribund; 15-10-2013 at 14:24. Reason: looked up additional info
Old 02-11-2013, 18:56
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Re: Difficulty injecting so-called "immediate" release morphine sulfate

I never shot morphine before, So I´ve got a doubt. A 30mg pill gives only one syringe? One shot?

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