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Drug combinations About mixing drugs.

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Old 23-04-2012, 03:49
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ketamine or Special k

SWIM looking special k combination used in malaysia raves, anyone know this combination?

i find this combinations.
Codeine + ketamine
Coke + Ketamine
Old 26-04-2012, 06:29
kumar420 kumar420 is offline
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Re: ketamine or Special k

codeine and ket is a dangerous combo due to potential for respiratory depression- since both are CNS depressants there is a fair chance of SWIY's breathing stopping
only try this combo is you are absolutely certain you can handle it, and have tried both drugs individually, and most of all START LOW WITH THE DOSAGES
Coke and K i'm not so sure about, seems like the ket would override the cocaine headspace or vice versa
kitty flipping is a good combo (SWIM has done this at a rave in KL) and it was fun, just make sure to stay hydrated and keep the k-doses low enough so that you don't k-hole (mdma+ketamine) and be sure you dont drink TOO MUCH water (probably a max of 500mL an hour at the very most- X has a history of causing people to overhydrate)
EDIT: and for god's sake dont mix alcohol and ketamine/alcohol and ecstasy, its really tempting the fates- personally SWIM finds that alcohol ruins the synergistic effects of most combined drugs anyway (alcohol+ketamine+ecstasy did some damage to SWIM's kidneys, he only pees like 2-3 times a day now- be careful!!)
most of all have fun
Old 24-11-2012, 21:54
OccularFantasm OccularFantasm is offline
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Re: ketamine or Special k

While most anesthetics cause CNS and respiratory depression, ketamine is not one of them. It actually causes an increase in mean arterial pressure and does not require a ventilator [contrast with propfol]. It will re-sensitize other receptor sites however, including the mu-opioid receptor site. This results in the same amount of codeine producing a greater effect, and thus if this combination is to be done less codeine should be used than normal.
That said opiates cause respiratory depression on their own so it is still technically dangerous.

Ketamine and cocaine would create a spike in blood pressure, but otherwise would probably be fine. Exert caution if high blood pressure is already a problem.
Old 24-11-2012, 23:33
reef88 reef88 is offline
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Re: ketamine or Special k

Ketamine is only good when mixed with either weed or LSD. If you mix Ketamine with coke you'll get a weird high which I don't enjoy, I'd rather do coke and save the Ketamine for when I run out. Ketamine and MDMA is a bad combo too because Ketamine pretty much kills the effects (or overpowers) the effects of MDMA, so save your Ketamine for when you come down from the MDMA and do little key bumps, it'll feel like you're "reviving" the MDMA high.

Ketamine and Alcohol is a very bad combination, specially if drinking heavily. I've done it but I only do one key bump so I don't get too high on Ketamine. This combination can give you away easily if you're getting high but don't want others to know, like when you're at a party where people just drink, and you do K on the side without anyone knowing, if you do a key bump more than you should, it'll all go to hell.

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