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Old 29-04-2012, 10:29
lovage lovage is offline
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35 y/o Female from United States
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lovage is an unknown quantity at this point
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Almost got detoxed...

Ahhhh, SWIM is kicking herself in the ass. After a really unpleasant cold turkey benzo withdrawal SWIM had the great idea to just kick heroin too. It had been so long since she detoxed she totally forgot how bad it is. So for two days she puked, shit, tore at her flesh, and cried, yes even cried. Then tonight she could not take it anymore and got some tar, and like magic one shot and 15 minutes later she feels great, she even is eating a burrito. 2 days wasted, she is pretty disappointed in herself right now.
Old 29-04-2012, 11:59
Joe29 Joe29 is offline
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Re: Almost got detoxed...

Keep at it lovage, you can do it.
Swim is on a day 4 cold turkey, and I never thought I could do this without something like meth or some benzos too help. But im almost there day 5 is approaching.
Swim was hooked once again for 2 years on H, and was sick as a dog, I still am but not as bad.
You gotta just keep trying, best of luck joe.

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Old 29-04-2012, 22:24
chocolatecake chocolatecake is offline
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28 y/o Male from Netherlands
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chocolatecake needs to UTFSE some more before posting.
Re: Almost got detoxed...

i heard that xanax is used to go through h withdrawals.
but in urn case i would not recommend it since you u had a habit.
maybe get ecstasy crush it into a powder and snort a line when it gets unbearable.
i am talking out of my ass but i would think about this if i was u.

chocolatecake added 4 Minutes and 11 Seconds later...

also check the neonblur thread.

Last edited by chocolatecake; 29-04-2012 at 22:24. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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