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Old 22-06-2012, 08:54
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First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Hi everyone-
Well, my green parrot (MGP) has decided that tomorrow is the day to try the magic ice, and it will definitely happen tomorrow. MGP has a long history of drug use, addiction yet, also, full recovery (been sober for many years). Even though MGP was a coke addict and heavy booze user, apart from doing everything MGP could get my hands on at least once, MGP has never stopped functioning: work, life, etc. However, last week, after a lot of flirting with a bottle of prescribed pills, MGP began using low dosages of Oxycodone 30mg HCL - doesnīt get purer than that, I suppose. Back to topic:
Tomorrow is the day and MGP has told me itīs going to happen anyway so I will support as I can and would like to ask everyone here for information on how to make the experience better (as best as possible and make it run smoothly), what to avoid, a "no-way-doing-that-today", how to make the comedown better -or less stressful, agonizing and/or painful. What dosage do you recommend for a first time Meth high, someone with zero tolerance? Should MGP smoke or snort it? Anything MGP must try to remember while high (i.e, drink a lot of water, hydrate, eat, etc)? MGP will not mix any other drug, MGP does not want to spend two or three days and nights awake doing Meth. Far from it. The idea is experimenting/trying, see how it feels (and why itīs so popular with sex, but it must be a one-night experience... and thatīs it. MGP is sure it will be an experiment, no matter how good. MGP snorted and shot some *sweet* heroin in Berlin (also considered a first time hook) and never touched it again. So, in MGPīs mind, thatīs the way it will be. The idea is: live that experience well (yet not overdoing it) and walk away from what MGP knows is a very nasty drug. MGP has always had very strong will power and, knowing MGP, thatīs how itīs going to be.

MGP really needs your help. Tips and information are highly appreciated. How much should MGP use considering itīs a first time; best way for first timer to use; smoke or snort; how to make the comedown easier, what will make matters (the trip) worse and what can make it better... all this is crucial but please feel free to make any other comments and ask questions you find relevant.
Not sure if it makes any difference but MGP is 5ī2 and weighs 120lbs.
Thank you and be well!
Old 22-06-2012, 09:59
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Don't try it for the first time is my advice. Also my suggestion
Old 22-06-2012, 11:18
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Seems like your minds made up, so nothing anyone could say is going to change it... but please do be careful with this drug, I got addicted to it from the first time I ever tried it... and it ruined my life. I know you think that will never happen to you... but you must know that methamphetamine is the strongest drug.

Anyway, for a first time user, I reccomend about 0.1g (100mg, 1 point).
The bodys initial reaction to such a powerful stimulant can be dangerous... especially the first time. So start slow, take it easy.

When I first starting I was using a 1-3 points, now my tolerance is 1-2 grams. You don't want to do too much otherwise your tolernace will go up.

Because it will be your first time doing it, it's going to last a while, anywhere between 12-16 hours. My first high lasted 16 hours.

You get 70% of the drug from snorting, and 90% of the drug from smoking... so smoking it would probably be the more preferred route to take... do you have a pipe?

It's important to remain hydrated... your mouth will get really dry, so make sure you drink heaps of water.

Sense this will be your first time (and hopefully last!), it's going to be hard to take care of yourself.
It takes a long time to master the drug, and at first your so high, its hard to drink, shower, brush your teeth etc..

You will probably get lost in time, and before you know it the sun will be up and you've been tweaking on the floor all night. Make sure you take care of your hygiene, and keep yourself hydrated.

I highly doubt you will even be able to eat on meth... everything tastes like sand on meth and your jaws and teeth just don't seem to want to chew and swallow... It decreases your appetite more than any other substance. However drinking nourishing cold drinks (I personally drink vitamin water, lemonade, gatorade, etc) as you don't want your blood sugar levels too get too low.

And finally, the comedown.
It will probably be the worst comedown of your life (the first one always is).
I remember mine... I cried hysterically for 5 hours and could hardly move. But now, I don't even comedown anymore.

Your probably going to feel really depressed, and perhaps have suicidal thoughts. You may cry or feel feelings of guilt or sadness.

Best things for meth comedowns is downers-

Having a shower the next morning is a must... and makes such a difference to how you feel.
and to finish it off, a nice long sleep and when you get your appetite back (should return after sleeping) make sure you have a nice nourishing meal to replenish your body.

Be careful... its almost impossible to try meth just once. I've known over 50 people who said they were only going to do it once, but it always ends up being again and again.
I truly hope with all my heart that you're one of the lucky ones who don't get hooked.

Stay safe.

if you want to know anything else let me know!

and remember to tell us how it went!

Post Quality Evaluations:
Well thought out and honest.
It really is almost impossible to try meth once. Good, very true point. Make sure you understand this OP - are you ready for that?
Good use of personal experience, well said, and great advice
Old 22-06-2012, 12:25
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

I was introduced to meth a couple years ago, through injection. I wanted to re-dose during the comedown, but it wasn't an option as I didn't know where to get anymore (I was out of state). After finding it at home, I started eating it because I didn't like the burn of snorting it and didn't have the guts to try to shoot it up myself.

I started smoking it got two bags and smoked 90% of what I had, with the intent of eating 70% and smoking 30% (and didn't plan on buying the second bag, btw). Luckily I got tweaked out enough to break my pipe while trying to clean it and had a chance to really see how fast I was going through it (not a heavy user, looking more so at $ than dope).

I guess smoking in my mind is about recreation and I had begun to associate smoking meth with relaxing and letting go. While smoking meth, I'm like an infant fascinated with a set of shiny keys. I can't stop looking at it. I don't want to put it down. Even cleaning the pipe is fun. Now that I'm eating it again, I don't feel the compulsive need to re-dose, at least not nearly as intensely as while smoking.

Meth is addicting and while there is no method of taking it that is going to change that, I think the "I must have it RIGHT NOW" mentality is perpetuated by smoking. I have also noticed that while tweaking, if I start smoking weed I'll get fixated on that and the compulsion to re-dose is redirected to the Marijuana instead of meth.

I also try allow myself to totally recover from one binge before starting the next. I want to feel normal for at least a few days, preferably a week between bags but if you have commitments, that isn't always easy. This is the hardest part of meth, imo. The world still turns during the crash and sometimes you have to take your place in it.

I'm not saying you won't get addicted by eating it, but it will last longer.

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Information seems honest and well thought out.
Old 22-06-2012, 13:24
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Swim would like to contribute, It'll be almost the same as the post above, but he wants me to share what works best for him.

As a first dose, swim thinks 100mg should be really enough. Your parrot can always take more if he won't feel it. (But there are no doubts 100mg will get a first-timer really high)

Meth can really dehydrate one's body without noticing, so swim recommends to take few gulps of water every 20 minutes.

From his own experience swim would say that snorting is better for your parrot, because smoking makes swim want more. Everytime swim smokes meth he can't stop. He keeps saying to himself things like "this is the last hit for now," but he keeps smoking on (he really loves the taste). But that's just a subjective opinion. Anyway smoking will give your parrot stronger high and it'll take less time for the meth to take effect.

Swim can't really eat on meth, but he usually doesn't feel hungry when high. Your parrot should eat something before getting high, that should do the trick.

As the post above suggests, benzos are really good for the comedown. Swim usually takes one or two pills of xanax (1-2mg) and he never complained

Also the vitamins, that's a really good advice, stuff your parrot full of vitamins and as nevergoback said, the shower after is amazing

That should be all swim could think of now, but if he comes up with anything new I'll let you know.
Good luck and have a good time

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please don't use "SWIM" https://drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=197306
Old 22-06-2012, 13:31
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

I would like to reiterate to the poster. I'm sure you heard this all before, but you shouldn't try it for the first time. Your gonna regret it.
Old 22-06-2012, 19:00
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

slopTownPD: Thank you for your sincere and heartfelt advice. Apart from having tried so many kinds of drugs, taking acid for way longer than expected and recommended (I suppose thatīs being addicted), becoming a hardcore shoot-up coke addict and having a serious issue with booze, enough to be welcomed at any AA meeting, used freebase, mushrooms, the works but somehow MGP has always managed to be strong enough to quit when it was time. MP lost a lot of stuff along the way like stability, money and sometimes friends but MP lived the life MP wanted and gets up after a fall. For most, MP has always been functional and independent - moments of highs and (very) lows in life included. Right now, MP is doing about 15mg of pure Oxycodone (30mg HCL) twice a week or so (could be three, could be once) and all is good. Itīs mostly a matter of mindset and mental cravings, not physical. The fact is that MP has always wanted to try Meth but was waiting for the right moment. MP is especially interested in having sex on meth as people say it canīt be compared to any other drug or even sex on nirvana. I can feel how well you have stressed the importance of not taking it from miles away. Thank you. MP really appreciate your sincerity and concern.
nevergoback, DaPSO and lord_of_fate: Thank you so much for all that! Awesome advice and how-to tips. MP would rather do it like that, knowing how to minimize any physical harm (such as hydrating, eat something beforehand, etc). After the ride, MP will have to deal with a very strong drug and MPīs main focus will be exactly on not thinking about it and, as everyone says here, fighting urges to use again. So MP needs that first try to go safely. MP will especially follow thought with hydrating - having nourishing cold drinks around and vitamin water, lemonade, gatorade included. MP has plenty of Klonopin/Clonazepam 2mg that might come in handy. MP also has Oxycodone 30mg HCL, the downside is it gives MP a headache - and MP thinks having an Oxy headache during a Meth comedown will be a nightmare. MP takes vitamins every day because of MPīs strenuous workout but, in this case, MPīs not sure about what kind of vitamins would be best. MP will keep those hydrolytes flowing into MPīs system. MP will also have a healthy substantial yet not heavy dinner beforehand. MP told me the trip should begin around 9PM. MP wonīt be alone (will take it with a friend) and should hang out all night but, at some point, will have to go home. Thatīs the stepping back into the world dreaded moment. Your descriptions reminded MP of long trips of strong acid cut with amphetamine. MP says the trips were mostly great, fun, funny, collective-spirited but the hours of comedown was inhumane. So much teeth clenching, clinched hands, tensed up muscles... all that amphetamines stuff. MP always felt so much better after sleeping followed by showering and eating.
MP thinks that if all of you say that 0.1g (100mg/1 point) will give a strong 12-16 hour high then perhaps it would be better to take a 0.5g (half of 1 point). MP doesnīt get the "point" thing (well, itīs literal measurement but how to translate that into r/l usage) but MP thinks half of what you say will do the trick. MP doesnīt want something too intense and/or stay preferably be high (and comedown) in less than 16 hours. If 0.5 doenīt get MP high, then MP can always do 0.5 more. Finally, MP wonīt smoke it because MP doesnīt smoke and dislikes any sort of smoke in MPīs lungs. MP quit smoking tobacco (1-1 1/2 packs a day) after 20 years, cold turkey style. MP says it was the hardest quit of all, more than any drug and alcohol. No smoke for MP. However, MP can relate to what lord-of_fate says about the fascination of smoking and the rituals around it. Thatīs a smart and helpful remark. Thanks. MP thinks snorting will be best (and forget needles as MP has a dark attraction to the shooting ritual and the IV rush). I will come back to tell you what MP had to say. Hopefully MP will have a good experience and MP will get back to life as usual on Sunday. Many thanks and have a great weekend!
Old 22-06-2012, 19:59
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

well no set of advice will be completely accurate for two different people. Meth varies in effects greatly user to user, especially compared to say... coke, or E. So I'll give advice that I think is good general advice.

If your wanting to feel it's effects to the fullest, you should probably smoke it. Most people get a better high, and can save more than snorting it as well. If you've never smoked off foil though, and you don't have a meth pipe, snorting might be better. Snorting doesnt do much for me, but for most people it does. Foil is tricky and wasteful if you're not used to it.

the first few times I did it, I got a quarter grams, .25, or two and a half points. That would last me a day. For your initial dose, if snorting, maybe 1.5 inches long, little less than a CM wide. That should be a good moderate-strong dose for a first timer to set things off.. if you're smoking, it hits you fairly quick, so just take a couple good hits, see how you feel in 5 minutes, and go from there... After about 5 or 6 hits, just stop and wait a couple hours or so, because at a certain point, its not gonna get you higher, you're just wasting it. I mean, if you did 10 hits Im sure you can get higher than 5 hits, but ratio wise, every hit after about 5, will start doing less than it should.

Water is good, but you probably wont end up drinking any haha, waters hard to put down when your tweaking.

Your comedown is an absolute breeze as long as you follow these rules:

Time your comedown so that when you run out, you have a good 12+ hours to sleep. If your timing seems like it will be off, just stop 12 hours before you need to do anything. After a good rest, the hangover is almost non existent.

Also, once you run out, that's it, it's gone so don't waste your time searching for crumbs, or fighting with the fact you ran out. Just accept it and go to sleep. Trust me it can be very addicting even the first time. Dont let it rule you, and make you its slave. Dont let it make you its bitch haha, be in command of your high, dont lie to yourself, accept the way it makes you feel, accept when your coming down... Its just.. meth is such a mind-fuck of a drug, its so much easier in the end if you just avoid falling into those mind-games, you don't wanna fight with it. Stay in control.

Recognize and appreciate the effects. Most people expect to be blown off their rocker the first time, then they realize meth isnt going to do that, and they start feeling shitty, even though they got the high its supposed to give. I mean, on day 3 or 4 it messes u up haha, but the first day is usually pretty clear headed. It'll boost your creativity, and keep you interested in bascially anything for basically eternity. And it will make you happy, but dont expect a euphoric crazy rush like E or good coke. The sooner you learn and understand its effects, the sooner you can enjoy them. First time I did meth I felt really disappointed. But now, I absolutely love the high it gives me.

Some new users will keep smoking and smoking to get higher and higher. You need to make sure you recognize the effects. Meth is usually not as intense as people make it out to be before they try it, and it can be very hard to put the pipe down cause they chase after the high they built up in there head. But take a few good hits, and put the pipe down, and find something to occupy yourself and take your mind off it, and before you know it 3 hours went by in two seconds.

Its better to underheat your meth than overheat. At the same time, big hits are important to getting the full effects. A ton of tiny hits wont work as well as a few big ones. Heat it as little as possible while still getting a good sized hit.

Thats a few pointers for helping someone make sure their first high goes smoothly..

Now heres my advice to make sure the rest of your life goes smoothly lol:

When you run out, depending on your personality, the meths purity and potency, your probably going to really crave some more. Dont go out and get some the next day. Wait until you dont really crave it anymore at least. Cause you go out and get some the next day, and then 2 days later a lil more, and than at that point you've already started an addiction.

I know it sounds dumb.. but it can get you addicted the first time you use it. That's basically what happened to me. And I told myself before I did it, "I'll be able to stop if I want to"... But I learned something about myself, Im a sucker for meth. lol. Since that day, meth has been tightly woven around every though and faucet of my whole life. It's all i think about.

Just really be careful. You may tell yourself now that you can keep it under control.. thats the wrong way to go about it. Understand that it can easily get anyone addicted. Just don't let it, put forth conscious effort towards fighting it off.

cant stress that enough.

Also, I mentioned smoking is stronger for most people... But smoking it is also much more addicting. Snorting may be more mellow, but it's also more mellow in terms of addiction potential, and cravings... Its a less antsy high when snorted, usually.. for most people, with most types of meth. But it just doesnt get me happy enough so I smoke.

The difference between using foil and a pipe is very dramatic for someone whos never used foil. It's very difficult to get a big hit like you can with a pipe from foil, unless you get some practice in.

Thats all i can offer. Have fun! Be prepared to visit 10,000,000 websites of useless information.

Also - pot is good for near the end of ur trip. A few bowls near the end will just really feel nice. Sedates you pretty good... also makes for good audio hallucinations. Booze is also good, but might not be for you considering your past problems with it. Besides, booze is really hard to put down for most people on meth. It's hard to drink it fast enough to get drunk, lol unless you got hard alcohol.

And to experience meth, well the first day of being high, provides the cleanest part of your trip. Its phase one I call it lol.. the second day is a little more loopy.. then days 3 and 4 you start getting really spun out like a tweaker haha... most people dont like the ending days of a binge, I do personally, its when i feel most "out of it".... So you say you dont wanna be up for days, thats good, but just know theres an element to the entire experience you're missing out on... And it might be harder to go to sleep than you'll expect. For me, if I got meth in my pocket, I cannot bring myself to go to sleep till its gone. Rarely, very rarely do I nap while I have some shit left. And even then, usually its cause I nodded out unintentionally.

as Nevergoback said, it's nearly impossible to only try meth once. I can say right now, it's very likely this will not be the only time you do meth. Just make sure you put some time in between trips, or you'll be in trouble before you know it. It is very very addicting, unlike any other drug really... for a lot of people anyway. It's hard not to get addicted, it lasts so long, its so cheap. Dont let that draw you in, its cheap for a reason, because it's no fucking good, and terrible for your body. Wreaks havoc on your circulatory system.. fluttering heart... sore kidneys from walking up stairs, sharp pains in my ribs.. these arent even short term effects, i get this when Im not high now too.. i feel like an old man haha I just turned 23.

That's all I can say> I dont think I can get the point off how addicting it really is across any stronger.

It's all up to you now - Good luck! Hate to see you get caught.

Have fun though! don't forget about that part, it is very fun haha. Godspeed

look forward to hearing how it went, so make sure to come back and tell us!

p.s. you said you dont like smoking things.. just so you know the smoke from meth, isnt even technically smoke its a vapour, and no matter how big of a hit you take, you wont feel any burning, or any pain/discomfort at all. The taste is kind of nice too.. but yeah, like I said, meth smoke is like breathing in oxygen, as far as how it feels anyway. Snorting burns bad (doesnt bother most veteran drug users, like I know you are considering you shot coke) but tastes like dick too... the drips are gross.. I mean, for a veteran drug user, again, you probably dont give a shit about that... but I will say, smoking is much more pleasant than snorting meth.


Post Quality Evaluations:
quality info and an enjoyable read
Excellent advice set here, thanks for taking the time to share
Good, solid, no nonsense advice.
Very honest, no BS, unbiased, relatable advice!
Beautifully written. Poster has a knack with words.
Excellent, good advice and serves as a reminder on some points for the more experienced

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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Here's my advice:

-Start with a small amount (0.2 should be enough)
-Eat a well-balanced meal before you do any. You won't have any desire to eat once you're high.
-Limit your intake. Do not give into the urge to continously use.
-Drink lots of fluids (water/Gatorade/etc). CNS stimulants will dehydrate you.
-Don't over exert yourself. Amphetamines greatly increase heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory function.
-Be prepared to be awake for quite a while after using (4-12 hours after use depending on dose and quality)
-Give yourself an a decent amount of time to sleep afterward.
-Don't make chasing the high an obsession. Use in moderation and don't binge.

As far as the comedown goes, it's just a totally exhausted feeling. I find that a few sleep aids, beer, benzos, or weed will relax your body enough to get some sleep.
Old 23-06-2012, 04:19
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

My advice is only for the experience itself i guess..... knowing what i know about meth and its addictive qualities, I would suggest it to no one. However i can only make my own decisions. That being said, the biggest attraction for me is the sex as well. I noticed that was one of your GP's main reasons for wanting to try the drug to begin with. I like sex, and for me, the experience of it while on meth is borderline artistry. You not only have sex, but with the right person you can "create" it. I look at each individual partner I've had as an instrument that can be played in the orchestra that you've joined into. Each body has a "note" that can be played to add to that orchestra and when played correctly the body will hum, or "sing". And when it does, its like the soloist that takes center stage at a great opera, the climax of your favorite movie, or the guitar solo in your favorite song. Its amazing, as long as you can take the time to get there. Explore. Create. There arent any parts of the body that can't be made to feel sexy with the right touch and the proper environment. Theres hundreds of ways to set something up, music, lighting etc. Experiment what works for you.

My music suggestion if you're really looking for a truly shattering experience, is the album "Dummy" by Portishead. Lose yourself in it while you explore your partner and see what can happen. But like I said, only you can find what best works for you.

Best of luck to you on your first. Be very careful, please. I hate to see people that lose themselves in an experience, and have it consume their lives. But done properly, theres nothing that can match it.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

smoke and maintain, it is your choice

simple as that.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Porn. Don't forget porn. You will need it. A mag or two, a few vids, and you'll be all set. Just trust me on this one. I know how it sounds, but just trust me. You'll thank me for it later.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

OK, so hereīs MGP with this thing in its head: sex on meth. MGP is a very sexual being and has been putting this experience off for such a long time. I mean, MGPīs heard itīs better than sex on any other drug. MGP was told itīs better than sex in a state of enlightenment. But then, in an act of support to MP (a brief moment of wisdom), I came here to help MP, posted MPīs questions and got amazing feedback. MP is really grateful for that. Among other stuff, what MGP got was "donīt try it", "I got addicted to it from the first time I tried it", "its almost impossible to try meth just once", "this is the last hit for now," but he keeps smoking on", "Your gonna regret it", "meth is such a mind-fuck of a drug", "It's hard not to get addicted", "I would suggest it to no one", "it's just a totally exhausted feeling" (MP told me thatīs a familiar feeling). Thatīs stuff SWIY actually stated.

What MP heard was such a short list of pros and pleasure and such a long list of cons and bad feelings during the high and after, MP thinks the comparison is brutally unbalanced. Yet, MGP thinks it just adds to the mystery: whatīs so good about it? *dazzled is MP*

So, MP re-considered and sort of put it off, for now. MP is craving something it never had! Thatīs what MP calls the an addictīs mind. It just needs to be soothed. The fact is MP knows itīll love the sex part but MP has done plenty of acid and speed to know what amphetamines does when MP is high and, worse, when the high hits comedown and eventually crash. MP says itīs long and hardcore - something MP doesnīt look forward to or want to experience again. And thereīs a general consensus that anything, positive and negative, experienced with other drugs should be multiplied by 3 when referring to ice. MP thinkīs thatīs such a fine line between control and addiction. MP once met someone at a train station who had been a shoot-up meth addict for 12 years. That person said he used for 4 years. The remaining 8 was all about addiction and trying, unsuccessfully, to quit. MP told me that the stranger had lost everything, including a precious voice that was once shared on stage. That stranger told MP that he still used every now and then and even if it doesnīt rule his life anymore, he never got out of the circle of people that use or got rid of the thought that, if he wanted, he could have access to meth and use anytime. Just in case. MP told me it illustrated an addictīs mindset: how one can get mentally addicted to something, forever. Seems meth has that effect on people.

However, my research was very positive and, now, MP is so educated about meth, knows a lot (more) about it, the good and the bad (even if MP heard very little good things).
gingerbreadman: MP loved your post, specially the meth soundtrack part. "My music suggestion if you're really looking for a truly shattering experience, is the album "Dummy" by Portishead.". MP laughed. But MP was pleased to see how SWIY "got it". MP said that was exactly it was thinking of and would enjoy living. If it ever uses meth, MP will try your exploration. MP took your musical suggestion and listened to the album last night high on Oxy. MP enjoyed it (as it has always loved that album).

MP is very sincerely grateful to all of you who were so concerned and helpful. Good information and personal accounts is crucial for better knowledge. So, nevergoback, what you said about "nothing anyone could say is going to change it" isnīt quite true. What MP learned from every post, including yours, made a difference and, yes, changed MPīs mind. One less on meth.

MP was somewhere between mad and frustrated (for missing out on something it has been wanting to experience for some time) and cool and strong (for knowing it had, rationally, made the right choice not allowing the craving of `chasing the meth highī rule). MP hopes it will manage to stay away from it. MP will stick to Oxy for now.

Be well and stay safe.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

DON'T TRY IT! you will someday wish you never have. It may not hit you til its too late but eventually you will regret it.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

SWIM has only been getting amped for barely 2 months, but honestly, it's NOTHING what people make it out to be. In the bad way i mean.

SWIM didn't know he was gonna do it that night. SWIM's friend's said to try, and LOVED IT. SWIM was expecting super nasty, and psycho. But to SWIM it's literally just the purest expression of energy and it AMAZING.

If SWIY is handling it or another person is doing it for SWIY, then let them do it a few times, in order to get the technique and idea right.

With a pipe, keep the flame a at the tip and some people suggest inhaling hard, or inhaling slow. NOrmally, suck slow so they can check to see how much your inhaling, but SWIY seems quite seasoned with other drugs, so suck hard. They'll probably explain to you the method of "10-2" which refers to the positions of the time of the clock. When smoking, and it's fully liquified, you want to twist the pipe and imagine a clock behind the pipe. Imagine spinning it back and forth at the 10 o clock and then 2 o clock positions. this will even the product out and ensure you liquified it all. Do not forget to stop twisting. NOW, some people argue that you know when to stop inhaling when you can't anymore or personal preference. I can inhale A SHIT load, so they had to tell me when to stop. They say not to hold it cause it fucks up your lungs, but for SWIM, at LEAST 2 seconds. No less. Always have a damp napkin or cloth at hand to wipe the bottom that was lit to cool it off and help re-crystallize the product.

For foil, it depends on the person, size of it wise. For SWIM, 8 inches length and about 3 width. Probably 3-1/2. put the product fairly close to one end. Keep the flame at a tip too, because foil conducts heat like crazy. You'll burn the product and/or the foil. Burning the product is obviously a waste, and foil will give a HORRIBLE taste, not to mention burning the foil is bad for your lungs, something about it FUCKS up your lungs. Have a pen that's been taken a part so you just have the shell or the casing (The part you grip). you'll pretty much want it directly over the product, because there's nothing to direct the smoke so it'll go everywhere. Suck HARD. It's pretty much nasty all the time so good luck with that.

Other tips, SWIM says, HAVE SOME FUK'n FUN! Have something to occupy your time or if there are friends, then socializing will be CRAZY fun. FOr SWIM, dancing is the best thing. SWIU have subs and speakers all around the room and just blast some AFrojack, Sak Noel, and shit like that. DAncing is crazy fun to do, but make sure to take breaks for water and calm down. The heart at this point is going crazy cause of the product so dancing will just exacerbate it and could cause you to go into tachycardia i think it's called, and you could go into a heart attack, but doubtful. Just be safe.


RoxasUchiha added 6 Minutes and 18 Seconds later...

ALSO, p.s, smoking gives you HORRIBLE cotton mouth, if you don't drink something or chew gum to help salivate, you could EASILY get multiple canker sores in your mouth from lack of hydration and rubbing up against your gums and teeth. Your tongue is extremely susceptible. Take caution.

While amped, it will be EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible to drink something, but FORCE yourself. TRUST ME.

Also, do not recommend snorting. It's soooooooooooo painful. MUCH MORE than coke. Have a razor or a card (SWIU always use a bent hot-topic card in order to cut it up very fine.) Other wise it'll hurt like a bitch..

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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

My finger puppet Hubert Cumberdale says:

Can't help you with a good starter dose but I can answer a few of the other questions based on my experiences. The experience generally goes one of two ways: An extreme desire to be highly social and talkative, also maybe intense desire to clean perhaps even be artistic and draw or do crafts/projects and for some an overwhelming urge to be sexual for hours. Or the second which is to immense yourself into something say maybe an internet search or researching atopic which before you know it will be hours later an you'll ask yourself where did time go. I find when the second type of high happens for me I have no desire to socialize and my sex drive is nearly nonexistent. My mind will be consumed with whatever that thing is I'm just so preoccupied with. These two different highs seen to be dependent on just different batches of meth IMO.

I would suggest avoiding any people during the high that you wouldn't want to know every deep thought or secret you have. People tend to have "verbal diareha" on meth that they can't control.Don't eat until you want to come down and sleep. I find even taking one bite of food while peaking can instantly diminish the high. It will be hard to get yourself to agree to eat at all though. Avoid heat especially from a shower. It can also kill your high and start the comedown . Save the shower for right before you are going to crawl into bed. It will feel a hundred times better then too. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH STAY AWAY FROM MIRRORS, TWEASORS, ITEMS LIKE QTIPS AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T PICK, SQUEEZE OR SCRATCH ANYTHING NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BRAIN IS CONVINCING YOU IT IS! The next thing you know hours will be gone, skin missing, blood oozing, and some sort of injury that will take Weeks to heal up.

For the comedown as another said you have to just ACCEPT it. Every ounce of you is going to scream let's go longer! I highly recommend if you can get Ambien 10Mg to take 2 of those. It really forces the sleep to happen when you just can't bring yourself to go there. Make sure regardless of what you may or may not do to get to sleep , that you prepare for the possibility of up to 24 hours of being knocked out. Don't be fooled by your body if you happen to wake up after only about 3 hours of sleep and you think your rested cause of a little burst energy you feel. Usually it's your body trying to get you back into the let's get more! Mentality. Force yourself back to sleep for I'd say at least a full 12 hours.

Smoke for a more relaxed energized high, snort for the zoom zoom want to Vroom high. Try to smoke first wait an hour snort a line. You'll then decide what your preference between the two is and usually stick to it. I recommend lines though.

If you do get the sex charged high please take all kinds of protection. The sex high will have you experimenting with all kinds of crazy sex and will lower your typical feelings of things like caring about possibly contracting a ddisease

That's all I can think of for now. Forgive all the bad spelling and grammar the auto correct on my tablet hates me.
Vroom from snorting.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Wow, I now get where meth's reputation comes from. My first dose was 30mg, swallowed, and that was a bit too much. Not sure what effect some people are after, but hell, 100 or 200mg? You won't feel smart and on top of the world then, you'll be a raving lunatic, unable to stop speaking and need gallons of beer to come down a bit. It's the first thing I do when I wake up, mirror beside my bed. Started in '99, but my daily dose is still between 30 and 50 mg.
With the doses mentioned here, you're gonna seriously overload your dopamine receptors and deplete your vesicles. Chances are you permanently damage part of your neurons. Prescription instant release tablets usually come in 5 or 10 mg only. And we're not talking about a medicine like DXM where you're after a fun side-effect that only occurs in large doses.
Guess I didn't realise till now why/how most meth users took it. Maybe because I don't have any meth friends or connections, the stuff is virtually unknown in my country. I always felt the dangers of meth were exagerated, but now...

Look at how meth works: Nerve impulses are transmitted between neurons by a release of dopamine from vesicles into the synaptic cleft. The neuron sending the signal releases them, they float to the other side and bind to the neuroreceptors there (they "activate" them). When more receptors are activated, it becomes more likely that the receiving cell will "fire" (transmit impuls further, contract a muscle or whatever).
Now, even without a nerve signal, there will be some free dopamine floating around, and some receptors will be activated. What meth does is increase this amount of free dopamine by releasing it from the vesicles in which it is stored. More receptors will be activated, so it will take less aditional dopamine to fire. It takes less effort. Like your car suddenly has power steering.
The meth inhibits reuptake so the dopamine stays in the synaptic cleft longer, till it gets broken down by MAO or COMT enzymes, or eventually put back into the vesicles. But what meth cannot do is produce dopamine! Those vesicles get depleted, so when the effects wear off, you're left with less dopamine available, and instead of less effort, it takes more effort to pass those impulses from one neuron to another.
That's why tolerance builds up so rapidly; at low doses the large vesicles start releasing, at high doses the small ones do as well, and your body makes new dopamine, but at too slow a rate to keep up, so eventually there's not much left to release, even when taking much larger doses.
This is the difference with drugs like opioids, those act directly, by binding to the receptors. Which would be the equivalent of taking straight dopamine instead of meth. But that's not possible because dopamine cannot cross the brain-blood barrier.
Other effects from releasing too much dopamine are neurotoxicity and downregulation. The first is damage or neuron death, the second is a decrease in receptors, making the neuron less sensitive to the dopamine.

Don't know if this info is useful, I find it helps me to resist the urge of taking "just one more". I know that the dopamine I save today will be there tomorrow. And i'll need less meth for the same effect. The first time I stayed awake for five days (behind my pc), I used 230mg in total. had I started the first day with 100mg or more, it might have taken one or two grams to do the same.

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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

This remember me of the first time I smoked cigarettes, everybody tell me not to buy that pack -- I went ahead and did it anyway, Now i'm addicted.

Stay safe and be careful with methamphetamine.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

AFOAF's fool proof way to have an enjoyable experience is as follows

#1 Timing ; it lasts a LONG time, so if possible start earlier in the day as to not fuck with your sleep schedule.

#2 Stay LOADED with nutrients, eat a big healthy meal before partaking, and give it an hour to start digesting before you send your metabolism into overdrive. If possible eat fresh fruits or veggies during the high. Vitamins aren't a bad idea either.

#3 Water, Water, Water!

#4 Hygiene; if MGP is smoking, he should brush his teeth very well after every session. Meth is a very caustic chemical, and will erode enamel and gum tissue with ease.

#5 Dosage; Start small, you might not think you are that high until an hour after ingesting, and you realized you've been cleaning your house non stop.

And last but not least, take a couple weeks off of the drug after a binge. Meth FLOODS your brain with dopamine, and your body needs time to recooperate.

Stay safe and preferably away from the public.
Dont forget to have fun too
#4 hyge
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Swim has been wanting to try meth for a while now but has always refused as he can barely maintain an adderall addiction... If you believe that you have epic willpower than go ahead. If not, don't risk it.

Post Quality Evaluations:
Please do not use SWIM https://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=197306
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Awesome to see how much there is to be said about meth. research_ is enjoying learning from other peopleīs experiences, their thoughts and feelings. But sheīs still not sure her green parrot will not try meth. Itīs a decision not to be taken lightly but it seems there are ways to use ice for a first time , and for one time only, that donīt imply an AOA (addiction on arrival) experience. research_ still has the sex on meth on her mind... lol
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Elfen lied I usually take 800-1000mg in a night (note to anyone reading this - dont do what i do haha, just have an extremely high tolerance due to long term addiction) - didn't realise 30-50mg could even get you high?

I thought that a general first dose was 100mg for a first timer

I would also like to add, reasearch_ I really hope you don't try this drug...
It's the devils creation.
It's the one drug that people don't forgive, unfortunately.
Every time someone asks me 'what drugs have you done?' before I even have a chance to answer, they're like "oh no dont tell me youve done meth!'

It just has such a bad name... and everything you see on tv and in those documentaries and pictures and commercials... its not just used to scare people off. It's all true. I know from personal experience.

It's so powerful... it has the power to completely destroy the very foundations of your exsistence.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

MAybe tommarow already came to you.
And im probably to late on this.

But u make sure you have sum vitamin C before mething.
I usuAlly (sometimes) take a vitamin C tablet. 1000 mg.

Drink LOTS of water while spun.
If u keep pissing alot- it means drink more water. Lol. No reAlly drink lots of water.

Eat sum fruit if u go too long without craving food.
Food u canot stand at the moment, i know hun, but u must force yourself and ur stomach.
Better yet, blender the fuckin fruit and have a shake. And have maybe a granola or something.

Enjoy the ride <3
Come again
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

I must say that the climax on meth is out of this world, but the after-effects of being spun have never been good to me. In the 5 or 6 odd times I've tried it, I've never felt good afterwards. I think it's been about 2 months since the last time I've gotten ahold of it, 6 months before that...but I'm much more into hallucinogens and opiates. So one can resist it's grasp if you have the mindset for it. That's the only "Pro" I can give you. It's not a death sentence if you don't let it grab you. I went through withdrawals and/or withdrawal symptoms after my first session. I told myself and told myself that I would rather be sick for a week than to succumb to something like this.
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Re: First time doing Meth, tomorrow - Advice and Suggestions

Um ok I dont wanna be the person that says don't do it! But yeah it is quite an experience. When my friends ferret did it for the first time he had a blast and never felt so good in his life. He became self confident, and even had a few guys come up to him to ask to buy a drink or dance. That was flattering ^_^. He did lose track of time though and before he knew it, it was 11Am the next day. What! Keep in mind he was in Vegas. Anyways my friends ferret says that you should eat something healthy before you get spun. Something like a bowl of oatmeal and fruit, or a salad, anything that has a lot of vitamins and nutrients. He says this because the first time he spun he didnt eat for almost 2 days without even noticing it, this is a no no, and takes a toll on your body and appearance. Other then that, he says dont be nervous or anything, you will feel almost enlightened after you try it, and I recommend going out with some friends and having fun, because no drug is fun to do alone. Take it slow, be safe, and have fun. A cigarette will help you come down if your having a hard time, as well as a xanny or ativan.

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