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Drug testing discussion What can you do against drug testing & more...

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Old 04-07-2012, 18:15
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Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

My dogs brother found out on Friday that he had a drugs test for a job he had applied to, being conducted at 08:45 on Monday morning. To celebrate the job offer, and as is customary for a dog on a Friday night, he went to the local pubs and clubs.
My dogs brother got really smashed, and as a result, found himself in the toilet with a Labrador he had met. The Labrador offered my dogs brother a large line of the devils dandruff (high quality), of which he gladly accepted. Around 5 minutes after he had taken said line, he realised what he had just done, and blew his nose. This came too late however as the high was already there. Being intoxicated, he continued to party until the club closed around 3am, and came home searching web forums on the subject of cocaine drugs testing.
Noting that the metabolites of cocaine are water soluble and can therefore be flushed from the body with water usage, my dogs brother drank 3 pints of water before falling asleep.
The next day, the panic really set in, coupled with a cokeover. This was devastating. Many thoughts crossed my dogs brothers head, including substitution. He researched this method and decided this was the way forward.
Over Saturday and Sunday, he consumed around 10 litres of water each day, just in case a suitable substitute could not be found.
Monday morning came, NO SUBSTITUTE.
My dogs brother would now like to quote another writers work on how to dilute urine on the day of the test:

"Step 1. 4-12 hours before the test take 4 aspirin (not Tylenol or Advil). This step may be repeated every 4-6 hours up until 4 hours before the test.
Step 2. 3-4 hours before your test, start by drinking 2, 8oz. glasses of water. Water can be substituted for with Cranberry or fruit juice, teas or even soft drinks. Then drink another 8oz. every 15 minutes for the next hour for a total of 6 glasses of water (48oz).
Step 3. In about 1 - 2 hours (depending on your system) you should be voiding ‘clear’ urine about every 15 - 20 minutes. Continue to drink 3-4 oz. more water to replace what you've voided every 20-30 minutes.
Step 4. 1-2 hours before the test, take vitamin B2 or B complex (about 10 times the daily recommended dosage). If the vitamins are time release, crush them before taking. You may also take vitamin B with each glass of water, 2 times the daily dosage, if you find it easier.

That's it. Within 30 - 45 minutes of taking your vitamins, if you took your vitamin B in 1 dose, your pee should turn from clear to "vitamin" yellow and remain so for the next 2-4 voids. Be sure you have voided diluted urine at least 3-4 times before you test."

My dogs brother followed these instructions, with the exception of step 1.
My dogs brother arrived at the testing area, which was within the company. An external lab was sourced in to conduct testing. I will now outline the process of the test, as dictated by my dogs brother, as he could not find much info on-line about what actually happens.
My dogs brother was asked to fill in some paperwork, stand up and take his dog jacket off, and empty his dog pockets. The technician kept an eye out for any bulges in clothing, with particular emphasis on the gooch area between his ass and dog balls. My dogs brother was relieved at this point that he had not tried to smuggle anything, because he would have most definitely been caught.
He was then led to a toilet, where the technician added blue die to the toilet, and instructed him not to flush or use the sink.
He pissed into the cup, using piss from mid-stream.
He then have this to the technician, who added some of the piss into a smaller cup, and added the drug testing strips. This tested for the 5 main drugs, including cocaine.
After about a 3 minute, tense wait, my dogs brother was informed that he had passed the drugs test.

This article confirms it is possible to pass a cocaine test, albeit with light usage, after 55 hours.
Old 06-07-2012, 12:58
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Re: Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

SWIM would like to advise that if someone reading this in the military and they use cocaine this is not accurate information, as SWIM knows firsthand. SWIM had followed the same procedure SWIY outlined in the post but from some random other source back in 2008ish maybe 2009 while SWIM was in the Marines. SWIM had done a fair amount of cocaine with a few people he knew. SWIM was unfortunate enough to be piss tested and even though his urine was completely clear much like water SWIM had popped on that piss test (SWIM was chugging just a very unpleasant amount of water leading up to this, believing that it might help as clear urine doesn't matter in the piss tests he had to take.) Although SWIM could swear they don't actually test for cocaine in your urine anyway, they test for the chemical your body makes as a result of doing cocaine.

Thirteenblox added 1 Minutes and 22 Seconds later...

SWIM should have also mentioned this was around 60 hours after he had done the last of the cocaine from when he had the urinalysis.

Thirteenblox added 9 Minutes and 18 Seconds later...

Geeze my Uncle's lawn gnome didn't realize he shouldn't use the terminology he was using until just now, he apologizes.

Last edited by Thirteenblox; 06-07-2012 at 12:58. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
Old 06-07-2012, 13:43
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Re: Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

I'm kind of confused if this is something that happened to you or if you are asking a hypothetical question, but in my experiences the process is nothing like what you are describing.

If you do coke friday night and you have a drug test monday morning, chances are very good that you will test positive.

If you consume massive amounts of fluid prior to the test, the lab will flag the sample as diluted and unable to be tested. this is because the lab tests for dilution by checking the specific gravity and creatine levels in the sample. unfortunately, just making your pee yellow doesn't fool them.

Once you have peed in the cup, you will be finished. The person takes your sealed bottles and sends them off to a lab. You go home and wait a couple days for a phone call from a person who will either tell you you must provide proof that the substance was in your system for a valid medical reason, or he will tell you your sample was invalid because it was diluted. In this specific case, it will be invalid.

Will you get a second chance to provide an undiluted sample? Maybe, but that is up to the prospective employer.

If you never get a phone call, that means you passed and you can start work as scheduled. If you did the coke friday night and drink normal amounts of water, and are lucky, then passing the test might happen.

On the bright side, if you fail the test and don't get the job, you will know for next time to avoid drugs until the drug test is finished. That is a valuable life lesson that many people (myself included) can only learn the hard way.

Good luck to you!
Old 03-08-2012, 03:49
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Re: Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

So if some guy finishes his coke around 11:00pm Friday night and then drug tests around 5:30 pm on Thursday the next week, will he pass? Is 6 days enough time to clean out? He hadn't used in 3 months prior to this event and it was just a few blasts.
Old 03-08-2012, 04:14
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Re: Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

Ratsabilly, most definitely you will pass. Cocaine clears the body at a very high speed compared to chemicals like THC which bind to your fat cells. To be on the safe side, drink plenty of water, hit the sauna (or some other way to sweat out the toxins), and exercise. You should be ok, but there is no sure answer as everyone's body is different. For example, if you're severely obese, or have an odd condition where your metabolism is slow as a snail, than this information may not apply.

duler700 added 3 Minutes and 13 Seconds later...

EDIT: I didn't mean to say you will definitely pass. I apologize for that. I meant to say you have a good chance of passing. Although, then again it depends on the drugtest. Some test for metabolites that stay longer in your system than that of actual cocaine.

Last edited by duler700; 03-08-2012 at 04:14. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
Old 03-08-2012, 04:29
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Re: Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

Thanks. This has eased the mind a bit.
Old 08-04-2013, 23:24
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Re: Confirmation of how to pass cocaine urine drug test

I just did a gram of coke last night and i gota drop tomorow is there any advice u guys can give me cause i dont wana go back to jail

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