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Old 26-07-2012, 04:41
rchristoph rchristoph is offline
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Injecting Pill Gel

I was wondering the dangers of Injecting the Pill gel/wax/binder. The short term and long term effects and anyway to reverse this?

rchristoph added 3 Minutes and 10 Seconds later...

let me add that I just injected some MS contin a few times over the last couple days and I really think I fucked up this particular time. Im feel a bit strange I just want to know how long until it Would kill swim. And if it doesnt kill swim today could it down the road. And if so is there a way to clean out the veins and ateries of the wax. Wouldn't the kidneys filter and catch the wax from the blood?

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Old 02-09-2012, 12:07
Keiyentai Keiyentai is offline
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Re: Injecting Pill Gel

The wax/gel is there specifically so people DON'T SHOOT IT UP :| that's the deterrent. DON'T DO IT. No telling what kind of damage it can do.
Old 18-09-2012, 23:40
AGV10 AGV10 is offline
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Re: Injecting Pill Gel

I would like to emphasize what Keiyentai has said: the binders which hold pill matrix's together along with their coatings are bad bad news.

They can lead to both acute (short term) as well as chronic (long term) local tissue and vascular damage. The words blocked/collapsed veins and ulcer & abscess comes to mind - and some mighty bad ones as well - below is a picture of the damage caused by injecting unfiltered/or poorly filtered crushed up morphine sulphate. Fortunately the major nerves are all on the other side of the hand but that is none-the-less pretty serious local trauma which is going to leave
a very obvious mark for the rest of the patients life.

I have seen pictures of abscesses with the volume of a 2litre Coke bottle - in a females' groin - the result of injecting poorly filtered Oxy over a period of about 6months
into her popliteal vein (the vein behind the knee). One would think the thrombosis and/or abscess would form there i.e. at the point of injection behind her knee. It didn't - it accumulated over time in the femoral vein. She had an office job and spent most fo her day in an upright seated position. She came within days of loosing her leg from the hip down. The med write-up described a volume in excess of 2litres puss/necrosed local tissue in and round her thrombosed femoral vein that was removed in surgery. If the moderator is okay with it I'll post up a couple pic's of the above case - before & after surgery.

Filter filter filter - is the word here: good quality wheel filters are the way to go - yes you loose some active ingredient, but by god I'd rather have that happen than have to deal with this down the road.: there is plenty advise on the forum regards filtering crushed tabs.

Post Quality Reviews:
An excellent response that expanded on the other post in this thread, with some good suggestions on safety and harm reduction, plus a rather graphic warning of what might go wrong. Nice job.
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