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Old 07-08-2012, 02:48
Backspacez Backspacez is offline
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Heroin Addiction - How Long Did It Take You?

Hi, I made a search about this but I couldn't find any threads, it's kind of hard to search a long search query because people word their words differently.

I have never taken heroin in my life and quite frankly, I hope I never do. It seems like an okay drug but the consequences probably outrule the high.

This thread is about how long it takes for people to get addicted to heroin. Everyone is different but I'd like to get an idea and maybe do a small study for myself. The main reason for this is because it annoys me when people say "one time shooting heroin and your addicted" which isn't true for any drug. I'd also like to write a paper on this to educate others.

So, if you were ever addicted, how long/how many times did you have to take heroin in order to get physically addicted and suffer withdrawals if you didn't get a fix. I'd also like to know how you quit, if you have yet.

Thank you for your help everyone. Again, I'm sorry if this thread has been made before because it probably has but it's hard to search for large queries and expect results. I made a few searches and found no significant threads.

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Interesting thread.
Old 07-08-2012, 15:06
Hardstepa Hardstepa is offline
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Re: Heroin Addiction - How Long Did It Take You?

I used heroin for almost 3 years beore I got properly addicted.I was smoking it regularly but would always take breaks now nd again.Usually I would smoke at least 2/3 times a week but sometimes it would be 7/8 days in a row after which I would stop for a few weeks.It did get hold of me eventually but I would say the main reason I became properly addicted was because at the time the heroin scene in my area started to get really big,the gear was cheaper and better and a lot of friends of mine became addicts.In my early days of using heroin it usually meant I would go out to score then go back to my own house and use myself or with only one other friend who used but when it became more common it was much more common to get offered it while at other peoples houses or while out and about youdidnt have to go and seek it out.I still have good memories of my first couple of years on heroin but after the stuff I went through to get off it I know I cant go back to it.After about 4 yrs daily heroin use and 4yrs methadone im now clean and hope to stay that way.
Old 07-08-2012, 17:28
Backspacez Backspacez is offline
Join Date: 25-07-2012
34 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 5
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Re: Heroin Addiction - How Long Did It Take You?

Congratulations, Hardstepa. Very surprising.
Old 09-08-2012, 14:30
aegis88 aegis88 is offline
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Re: Heroin Addiction - How Long Did It Take You?

It's kinda hard to say cause you don't know you have a habit till you rattle for the first time (obviously) which doesn't happen until you either run out of money or can't score, but these problems are less common when you first get on it, most people have ways of getting money for the first few years. I think the first time I got withdrawals was like 2 months in, but I probably had a habit way before that. I'd been smoking it everyday from the first day I tried it so only found out I had a habit when I couldn't get any gear. It really doesn't take long though.
Old 10-08-2012, 03:15
corie129 corie129 is offline
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Re: Heroin Addiction - How Long Did It Take You?

Well after 3 months of snorting (everyday use) I began to get minor withdrawal effects if I didn't get a fix. Then I started shooting and within a week of shooting (which was about 4 months into my habit, using everyday) I started to get real bad withdrawal effects if I didn't get a fix. The same situation for my friend. So from my experience and from the people I've talked to, the true withdrawals start when a person switchs from there ROA to shooting. But this is NOT true for everyone. If someone were to be shootig from the beggining I think it would happen A LOT faster. I've never had experience smoking H so I couldn't tell you about that. And like I said this is just mine and my friends experience, I know everyone is different. Good luck with you research!
Old 11-08-2012, 03:14
Troussman Troussman is offline
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Re: Heroin Addiction - How Long Did It Take You?

This is a good topic. It was august a couple years ago when i tried heroin for the first time. I snorted it and the feeling i got was more enjoyable to me then any other drug or prescription opiate i had tried before. I immediately knew that i wanted to do it again. At first I would get a few bags a week but not a daily habit because i would stop & take a few days break if i got real busy with responsibilities. About 3 weeks to a month after I first tried it, did i end up with a daily habit. However at that point i was still mostly snorting the dope and sometimes smoking it. I would notice some symptoms of withdrawals if i went over a day without it.

injecting it was a whole different ballgame for me. After i was taught how to shoot up i continued to inject dope everyday, multiple times a day for the next month till i overdosed. Not once did i miss a morning, afternoon, or night shot from the point in time when i learned how to IV till i overdosed and got institutionalized. When i relapsed during my addiction it was like i never left the drugs, i just took off from where i left off last time, full speed back to the habit.

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