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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

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Old 09-08-2012, 23:42
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Problems while shooting cocaine....


Im not sure if I should use SWIM in this forum, but for security reasons and uncertainesss I will in this thread. Swims procedure to shoot cocaine is the following:

After shot is prepared and ready to be used;

SWIM ties a torniquet around his arm and waits for his veins to show up. He cleans the crook of his arm with some cotton swabs and 70% alcohol (think the type of alcohol used to clean ur hands), he then inserts the needle into the very visible big vein on the crook of his arm. While still tied up SWIN sucks some blood in. If blood enters the syringe, SWIM will then tie himself off. After tieing himself off SWIM sucks some more blood, again. If he succeeds to do so, he then pushes the whole shot in, but then in the end after the entire solution is already supposibly in SWIMS veins, SWIM tries to suck some blood in so that he can then push it back in to his veins so that the blood which spills out of ur arm when you remove the needle is not full of cocaine. But when he tries to suck the blood at the end he fails. Only air comes in and this makes SWIM very mad. He has succeeded to shoot many drugs including cocaine, but this situation tends to happen quite frequently with SWIM. SWIM is not sure if this means he missed the shot and is uncertain of the reasons to why this happens.

SWIM would also like to ask if when shooting cocaine the blood which spills after the removal of the syringe is significantly larger then when shooting other drugs. He has noticed that sometimes he gets quite bloody...

Going back to SWIMS method of injecting, would it be a good idea to register once in the middle of the shot? As he might have lost the vein while pressing the liquid in.... SWIM wonders if this could be a possible explanation;

When he ties off, his veins go down and the needle ends up exiting it, as its no longer as close to SWIMS skins surface as it was when SWIM was tied on.

Sorry for my poor english....

Help is very appreciated!

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