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Old 21-09-2012, 00:24
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Loperamide + Cimetidine = Nice Withdrawal!

I am just going to make this a clean and simple post of my PERSONAL experiences today.
I have read around town about how you can get through WDs very easily using Loperamide, and also a few people who actually got high off it. For the doubters, I was also worried about not being able to have a BM if I were to take very much of this, but I was not and am not going to take it very often, or for very long.
I had already used it in smaller doses (still more than 'recommended' but not a LOT) to get through going off a fairly long hydrocodone habit (I was prescribed for chronic pain, but was forced to quit because my new Dr. thinks narcotics/opiates are *eeeeevil*!) and was very happy with how well it reduced my symptoms.
Today after going along with my Dr. on trying out all these ridiculous anti-depressants and other completely useless meds for pain relief, he had agreed to put me on hydro for now at my last visit, if this other med didn't work, and it has been a week with zero pain relief on this new med. I have spent 4 months or so wasting my time and being in severe pain while trying all these out, and now he tells me to keep taking this new med and to see a new neurologist to find out what he thinks, so NO pain meds for me! Needless to say, I was/am pissed at the guy, and so I decided to try and give this a shot, getting 'high' on Loperamide.
I started out taking one 200mg cimetidine acid-reflux pill, and because I was still pretty undecided on taking that many Lopes, I waited about 2 hours, then popped another cimetidine, and also one of the promethizine I had left over, then about half an hour later, I went ahead and took 50mg of the Loperamide.
I was actually pretty sure it hadn't worked, because I was surfing the net and keeping my mind busy for a good 2 hours, but then suddenly I realized it felt like I had just gotten the kick-in from a good dose of morphine! I actually don't like morphine much, or any of the opiates that make me feel 'heavy' and 'melty' (as I have heard it described) because I prefer energy! But I tell you what, if you just want a good high and can't get anything real, this sure did it for me! And I've heard people say they took 100mg of it, but I only took half that and I am still feelin' good. I know even when I take morphine, it doesn't last but maybe 15 mins for the initial 'heavy' high.
I am considering going to buy more of these, but I do want to be careful and make sure I can keep going before I take more, as I tend to get constipated on opiates anyway.
Be safe, and good luck!

failed_panda added 11 Minutes and 35 Seconds later...

I need to add to ANYONE WHO SAYS IT DOESN'T CROSS THE BBB: taking the cimetidine is what makes the opiate cross the BBB, without taking the Cim FIRST (recommend about 1 hr. before the Lope) you will not get high. Some also say drinking grapefruit juice helps that BBB thing, but I didn't have any, nor can I stand the taste of it.

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Old 21-09-2012, 05:10
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Re: Loperamide + Cimetidine = Nice Withdrawal!

There are several drugs that increase the rate that Loperamide will cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). Cimetidine, other antacids, and grapefruit juice are not any of them! What you are speaking of strictly effect the rate of metabolism.

A small amount of Loperamide will cross the BBB on its own. How ever, there are several drugs that actually increase the rate at which Loperamide crosses the BBB. Some are very dangerous, as Loperamide is insanely potent in the brain.

For safety reason I will only name one, and it is Quinine. Commonly found in tonic water which contains negligible doses. You can find high dose Quinine in the U.S. at your average "vitamin" shop and online. Just ask Google!

High doses of Quinine (~100 mg) + Loperamide (4-8 mg for mild-moderate withdrawal) is very effective in treating withdrawals.

100% agree that Loperamide is very effective at treating opiate withdrawal symptoms, but be very careful in trying to get to much of it to cross the BBB. Loperamide is close to the potency of Fentanyl in the brain.

All so, Loperamide can cause constipation to the point of bowel impaction, so one should take a dose and wait for bowel movements before re-dosing.

Be educated and safe!!!

Post Quality Reviews:
Good distinction between the rate (or amount of) a drug passing through the BBB and metabolism.
Old 24-09-2012, 13:59
failed_panda failed_panda is offline
Join Date: 25-06-2012
32 y/o Female from United States
Posts: 36
failed_panda needs to post very carefully to avoid a ban by negative reputation.
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Re: Loperamide + Cimetidine = Nice Withdrawal!

Ok, so I decided to try adding tonic water to this mix, as I have read a lot about drinking that to help the Lope get into the brain. I tried this the other day, and I did not get nearly as high as I had when I made this post. However, I tried skipping a day or two, and am now trying again, hoping it will work better. I am also going to try taking a bit more than 50mg Lope this time. Maybe like 70-80, because before I started experimenting with Lope, I was trying to get hydros wherever I could, usually taking 20-40mg a time with that, about 3 times a day. Of course, I have a naturally HIGH tolerance, I was put on morphine as my FIRST pain control at age 12, so I kinda think that's why my tolerance is so high, but whatever, doctors seem to just think I'm an addict no matter how it happened. Until my Dr. decides to get his head out of his ass and actually prescribe me some pain control, I am stuck with the Lope.
And that brings me to the fact that Lope DOES IN FACT HELP MY CHRONIC PAIN GREATLY. I am sure you can argue that it doesn't, it's only a placebo, or it's just the high making me feel better... Well, in my opinion, medical marijuana, which I was on for 6 months, is no different. I get stoned on pot, and I forget my pain, is basically it. At least with Lope, I am functional and have more energy!
Old 02-02-2014, 14:39
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Re: Loperamide + Cimetidine = Nice Withdrawal!

I know this is an old thread, but if anyone would be so kind, how on earth could anyone find 100mgs of Quinine? I'm assuming the previous poster meant 100mcg? Other than Hyland's homeopathic formula, another leg cramp formula on Amazon and tonic water, I don't see anything that offers quinine in significant doses and have read the FDA essentially laid a smack down on it's inclusion in these formulas. Any supplements out there I could search for?

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