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Old 07-12-2012, 22:01
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How do you smoke oxycodone

I have been addicted to oxy before, but i quit 2 years ago and have been clean, but now i started up agan and want to know how to do it aside from poping them? Can you smoke them, but i will never inject..... i fucking hate needles.
Old 07-12-2012, 22:39
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Re: How do you smoke oxycodone

A quick search of this topic will lead you to your answer, but since im replying anyway, ill tell you what i know. Disclaimer: i have never smoked oxy before!

First off - are you sure you want to start up again? you know how addictive oxy can be and surely know that you probably cant do "just a little, now and then". Id say quit now, while you still can, but thats not really up to me.

Oxycodone can be vaporized and inhaled. Pills containing it tend to have a ton of binder/filler material that does not vaporize very well. A simple CWE + drying step, can give you much purer oxycodone, but this is very difficult to do with oxyneo.

Flame to oxy will destroy it - it is smoked by indirect heating AKA vaporizing AKA chasing the dragon, etc. Put said product on tinfoil or in a broken lightbulb and heat from below.

That being said - the consensus is that it doesnt seem like its very effective. Hits you faster than oral or sniffing them, but not stronger and presumably with less duration.

Snorting oxy is a common route of administration but there is much debate about how effective it is. Oral oxy is very efficient as it is, especially if you have instant release pills. OxyNeo is a whole diff story that i wont get into - use the search!

Overall it seems like oral use is probably the best. Sniffing them will hit you faster but not stronger and wont last as long. Depending on what pills you have it may fill your nose up with binders before you reach your desired dose. If you have 5mg pills for example, you will need to snort lots of them probably and the binders in the pills will clog up your nose quickly. Crushed up orally is my favorite RoA
Old 07-12-2012, 23:25
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Re: How do you smoke oxycodone

You left out a very GREAT way here dude. A CWE(If you got percs) and plugging. You get insane bioavailibility(Close to IV without the nasty needle.) And you get the cold amazing rush of snorting. And trust me,as weird as it sounds,it's very effective. But remember to stay safe. And if their is any chance you will get addicted. DON'T DO IT! All the pain and agony is not worth the several hours of pleasure. In compassion to the several months of pain.

"Who is an addict? Most of us don't have to think twice about this question.WE KNOW!"
Be safe dude. Peace.

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Absolutely right - i completely forgot about plugging! It probably is your best bang-for-buck without involving sketchy needles!
Old 15-12-2012, 04:18
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Re: How do you smoke oxycodone

I just crush up the pill slide it on some foil use a straw and hit it with the lighter.

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