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Old 06-02-2013, 07:11
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Passing a Drug Test with adderall in your system

So, yesterday (2/5/13), i took an adderall (25mg instead of 50mg) and about 15 minutes later, I found out I have a drug test on thursday (2/7/13). I ran to the bathroom to try and throw it up, but it didn't work..
It kicked in fully about 3:30pm.

My drug test is Thursday at 8:30 in the morning.

What do I need to do to pass this test?
I am willing to try anything.
Old 06-02-2013, 07:48
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Re: Passing a Drug Test with adderall in your system

Adderall, or amphetamine (which is really what it is) is very water soluble. This means that, unlike THC which attached to the fat in one's body, it instead attaches itself to the water. Lucky for you, this means that the substance can be washed out if one drinks plenty and plenty of water days or sometimes even hours before the test. I'm not sure how much is gonna be enough. It all depends on how much of adderall one had been doing in the prior weeks. But start chugging water as soon as possible. Your intention here is not to just dilute your piss sample, but to mainly wash it out of your system so it's not in your piss at all. So start gulping down as much water as you can ASAP. And on the day of the test, taking some vitamin B will add some yellow to your piss, which will almost surely be clear by then. Good luck.
Old 06-02-2013, 11:43
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Re: Passing a Drug Test with adderall in your system

Best thing to do is drink plenty of fluids and obviously not to take any more adderall. It should be out of your system by then cause it has a short half life and like mentioned is water soluble unlike THC so it only stays a couple days unless taking constantly.
Old 31-05-2013, 17:52
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Re: Passing a Drug Test with adderall in your system

About 40 people were talking about how they did this; and they were pissing for probation, gov't jobs, etc. And it was working for all of them....

Ok, so first of all, this trick ONLY works for Crystal Meth. If you've been smoking pot this trick
will ONLY clean out the meth and NOT the pot! I had a friend who tried and who pissed clean for meth
but dirty for pot. As for any other drug I have no idea so just assume that it only works for meth.
You'll need 2 and 1/2 hours before you have to test in order for this to work. I've personally
continued to get high up to a few hours BEFORE starting the baking soda process so as far as I know
you can continue to get high for pretty close to the time that you have to take the drug test. Of
course what worked for me may not necessarily work for everyone... but whatever... it worked for
me... EVERY time.
This may make you nauseous. It works, but it's NOT PLEASANT! And by the time you're done, you will
be - excuse me for being gross here - you'll basically be peeing out of your asshole. And I don't
mean that you'll literally be urinating out of your asshole, but you'll have liquid coming out of
both holes... yes it's that gross. (But it WORKS!!!)
After you complete the baking soda process, as far as I know, you'll only have about 1.5 or 2 hour
window in which to take your drug test and piss clean. After a couple hours, whatever it is that the
baking soda does wears off and you'll pee dirty again.
The Process
So all you'll need is a box of baking soda, a spoon and water. You'll fill up a glass - just a
typical glass - bigger than coffee cup but smaller than a pint glass - with water. Then add TWO
teaspoons (I used a regular spoon and not a measuring spoon) of baking soda. They don't have to be
heaping teaspoons, I always used perfectly leveled off teaspoons. Stir it and drink it down. It will
taste really gross, but just suck it up. Then wait a half hour and repeat. Total, you will have to
drink a total of 6 GLASSES of baking soda water. You will probably not feel so great... but it
If you want to make sure....
I had my doubts and was scared to death the first time I tried it but it WORKED!!! If you have
doubts or are still uneasy or paranoid, I suggest you go to a grocery store or drug store and go to
the pharmacy section, (I usually went to Walgreen's or CVS) and they have drug tests you can buy. In
Arizona the one to test yourself at home for meth is about $20.

STANSES added 37 Minutes and 28 Seconds later...

Ok, so first of all, this trick ONLY works for Crystal Meth. If you've been smoking pot this trick
just copy and paste "this trick ONLY works for Crystal Meth" in Google and it will take you to the link
check it out... ni'gga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Last edited by STANSES; 31-05-2013 at 17:52. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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