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Old 26-02-2013, 23:00
DoctorPuffer DoctorPuffer is offline
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Your very first time shooting meth

I'm new to this site, so I thought an ice-breaker was in order. I'd like to hear about your very first time shooting meth... In the meantime, here's mine:

I had smoked meth for about a year, then moved to a new town where, to put it nicely, meth is unpopular. So i picked up coke once in a while so I could have my stimulant fun. One thing led to another, and I started slamming coke. Finally, a meth dealer came over to a friends house and I promptly scored a half gram.

There was an older user at the party who instructed me on how to mix up my dose, I took two points and added 20 units of water. I was pleasantly surprised to find the solution came out to almost 40 units in my rig. As I inserted the needle into my vein, the old-timer advised me "wait for the cough... that's when you know you've got a good one". I registered and quickly depressed the plunger, untied and waited.

Almost 20 seconds went by, and I was about to complain when the rush started in the pit of my stomach and went all the way up to my head. My vision started... rippling is the best way to describe it. Everything rippled and danced while I sat down suddenly right on the floor. Nobody else at the house was inclined to try it my way, but that suited me just fine. After the rush was over, I picked up my guitar and headed downtown to play an open mic feeling like the world was my oyster.
Old 27-02-2013, 00:15
Nicnac Nicnac is offline
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Re: Your very first time shooting meth

I used to smoke it many years ago and quit after drug psychosis. Never really had the desire to get back into it really. Then I met my boyfriend. I soon found out he was struggling with drug addiction and shooting meth was what he preferred. I was under the impression at the beginning he rarely used and didn't want to. Pretty sure that was just a front though lol

I found out he used one night and my heart just hurt for him (although looking back I'm pretty sure he was using much more frequently but I never found out) I had told him if he does it again I want to do it with him thinking this would stray him away from it. He knew I was addicted to Beth in the past and he knew I had never injected any drugs. This went well until one night when he was incredibly drunk, broke and wanted some. He asked to borrow a little but of money. I told him only if he took me with him and let me try. He was hesitant but eventually went for it.

We went to his guys house to get it and he also injects there before he leaves. I was surprised. His dealer was super nice, looked great, nice cozy apartment. Nothing like I in visioned from a meth addicted dealer. I watched as he prepared everything carefully. I was concerned because I only didn't give him much money. How could such a small amount of money get enough for both if us to get high? Had he forgotten about our deal? I reminded him and right then see him loading up 2 syringes with the concoction.

He took me in the bathroom and wrapped his belt around my arm. My veins suck so I had to keep pumping my hand to get one to surface. It's go time. As soon as he pulled the needle out I start coughing while he shushes me so the others in the apartment don't hear I guess. Then the rush. I immediately told his dealer I get it now. It all made sense. I felt amazing. And I quickly realized the stigma associated with injecting were all just that. I pushed all my previous opinions out of my head. I realized how stupid it was to judge people for using the same exact drugs but in a different way.

It's only been a few months but I'm proud to report I rarely use (every other week maybe) and haven't spiraled into a deep addiction. That's more than I can say for 3 months after the first time I smoke it!
Old 27-02-2013, 04:53
Kilomech Kilomech is offline
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Re: Your very first time shooting meth

The first time? That was last June. My brother helped me do it. He's a diabetic so he had an abundance of clean insulin needles. I didn't do much, less than .02 grams. I didn't get a rush my first time but I recall being wide awake for about 12 hours before I felt the need to do any more. That wasn't bad, considering I was at the end of a 3-day binge at the time.

To be honest, I had never even heard of the rush or "the cough" until my fourth time injecting it, when I actually experienced this. If only it was like that every time.
Old 27-02-2013, 05:30
SB1981 SB1981 is offline
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Re: Your very first time shooting meth

My very first time I didn't feel much since it was too small of a dose. My second time is when I slightly increased the amount and I felt the rush for my first time. I got the cough and my head felt like fireworks were going off as my vision went. My jaw was twitching uncontrollably and then I was taken as I was slurring my words as I was trying to tell my hubby I was okay. Then I was incoherent as I laid down and said OMG OMG.....it is amazing. Now with every shot I get a hardcore rush that just makes me shake as I type this thinking of it.
Old 01-03-2013, 01:58
Juiceboss Juiceboss is offline
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Re: Your very first time shooting meth

I actually just did for my first time and I must say I'm a bit underwhelmed. I'm not sure of the quality of anything but I started off with an extremely small dose after hearing how powerful it is. I felt a slight rush and little euphoria but nothing I haven't felt before with other uppers. So I pretty much finished what I had which was maybe a .25g and I feel good but nothing great. I've tweaked harder from Adderall.

You have to make sure you are registered good with a vein because missing with this stuff is nothing to play with. Also push slowly so you can tell if you feel any burning and resistance. If you do, pull back right away. If it's your first time play it safe and start with a really small dose just to see how you react. You do not want to overdo on your first go because there's really no going back unless you are stocked with benzos or something similar.

I did miss a tiny bit on one shot and immediately pulled back and proceeded to wash the site with soap and I'm putting Neosporin on it.

Be safe
Old 01-03-2013, 22:05
DoctorPuffer DoctorPuffer is offline
Join Date: 08-02-2013
30 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 8
DoctorPuffer should urgently read the rules & received reputation comments.
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Re: Your very first time shooting meth

A quarter gram? That seems to be an awful lot, especialy if you've never done it before. A quarter gram blows me away, and I don't think I've ever done more than that in one go. Maybe your gear is bunk?
Old 02-03-2013, 22:01
SB1981 SB1981 is offline
Join Date: 31-10-2011
35 y/o Female from USA - Nevada
Posts: 1,107
SB1981 is learning how to become a psychonaut.
Re: Your very first time shooting meth

No one is underwhelmed when they've done enough and gotten the rush of life. There is nothing like it and I must admit it's better than an orgasm. It's like an orgasm in your head that travels throughout your body. This, to me, is what makes injecting far better than other ROA's. I am not trying to glamorize IV use, however this is my opinion. I never knew just how fuckng amazing and powerful something could feel. So my hubby tells me I look posessed when I rush hard. I would love to see how others react when they feel the spin. I love a hard rush that's so pleasurable you look crazy. I end up crossing my eyes and rolling my head back and forth. I also moan, hiss, and jolt around as it coarses throuout my body. Last night I had one that lasted a few minutes and hit me oh so hard. That's what I love. As I pull out the hot needle, I just buzz with excitement as I wait for a few seonds for it to hit me like a brick.
Old 15-03-2013, 09:59
prettyscience prettyscience is offline
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Re: Your very first time shooting meth

So these forums offered a lot of guidance, considering a friend wanted to try it for the first time tonight but didnt know anyone who had done it and wanted to make sure she was being safe. Like any intelligent person trying a new drug for the first time, she requested my company so someone would ber there if she needed help in a worst case scenario.

My friend followed advice on here about the amount to do the first time, what to exepect, how to be safe... and it went quite well..

I only did meth once in high school and I snorted it. It just felt like Adderall, made me anxious, and the cown down make me feel psychotic. But after stints in rehab I heard people describing the feeling of IVing it to be very different. My friend says they are right, she almost can't believe it's a stimulant because other than ahead rush, she feels very calm and relaxed. Almost like there is a thick cloud of positive energy buzzing around her, (as she explained i to me.)

I was never eager to try it because I knew I hated snorting meth so much that I would never like it and wouuldn't get hooked. However, now that I have learned what a different experience it is to shoot, I am much more curious now.

My only concern is that actually hitting herself seemed to hurt her a lot. She said just pushing in hurt so bad that she thought she was missing but I guess it just feels like that because it doesn't appear that she missed at all. Is this normal? He did a little less than 2 mg but she didn't start coughing or anything. She said it was more of a creeping high that came on slowly until her face felt fuzzy and she wanted to lie down and relax.

I am worried that if it is that enjoyable, how easy is to get hooked rally bad? I really don't want that to happen to her. At what frequency of her doing it should I start to be concerend about her drug use and talk to her about backing off. One week? Two? When true consequences sttart to appear because of her using?

How hard is it to quit meth? I know the come down can be worse than other stimulants, and even though there is no physical dependancy, the mental dependancy can make it harder to quick because you can't even manage to grab hold of a conviction to do it.. What is the best advice to give someone to keep them from making the slip from recreational/occasional user to full blown meth head with an ominious unpromising future ahead?

Anyone with experience and wisdom about this slippery slope my friend just took the first step downward on, I would appreciate a PM with your advice.

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