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DXM Dextromethorphan

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Old 04-03-2013, 07:24
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7 years in the dextroverse

Hey guys, this is my first post here. I thought Id give you all a little bit of my story

When I was 14 My friend invited me over to his house. when I got there he said he had some pills called "triple c's" that make you trip. Thus begun my journey down a long and hard road of dxm addiction. it started with me and 2 friends tripping in his basement on the weekends. we really liked it and it became the thing we did. every weekend the 3 of us would go to walgreens, cvs, krogers, or anywhere else to steal some pills. finally after a fe months my friends greew tired of it, but i didnt. I began smoking weed with my close friend whom in this tale I will call Chase. We were together 24/7 throughout sophmore year of highschool. smoking, drinking, taking pills, whatever. but more and more every night I found myself with the urge to dex again and I began using it alone on a daily basis. Finally I got chase into it with me, and we just lived life driving around robotripping and stoned all day, but finally one day junior year chases parents sent him away to a wilderness treatment program. I lost it and went on a 2 week long robotussin binge. after that my use spiraled out of control. I got sent to the hospital multiple times overdosing on upwards of 40 triple c's. One time my heart rate actually reached 300bpm and doctors were shocked i was alive. My heart then stopped, but then started itself up again. I guess I just have a strong will to live. After that I went to rehab, in and out multiple times. I finaly cleaned up after spemding a few months in a treatmeent center in utah. when I turned 18 I signed myself out and lived on the streets begging for change, eventually I got the bishop of the mormon church t buy me a bus ticket back home. once i got home i moved back in with my parents. my use was limited for a while but it slowly started to grow. I got into molly, acid, coke, weed, whatever you can imagine. But that didnt last long I finally cleaned up. No more coke, No more "molly" bathsalt bullshit. But the one drug I cannot turn my back to, is dxm. Still to this day I trip on an extremely frequent baasis. It isnt affecting my life as bad as it used to but it still plays a big role. Im on about 1000 mg as we speak. Reality is hard to desipher at times. but I manage. Lifes been looking upp for me lately really. I go to shows alot and get paid to give light shows at raves and Im starting to work as a dj also. the dxm has effected my ability to form connections with people but i think im starting to work through it, I am starting to enjoy my life now And i really hope in the future I can conqoure this addiction.

Post Quality Reviews:
Good story! Brutal honesty.
Great intresting story,that Is easily relatebable from any dex-head.
Old 05-03-2013, 04:11
bluestar bluestar is offline
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bluestar probably knows what they are talking about.bluestar probably knows what they are talking about.bluestar probably knows what they are talking about.bluestar probably knows what they are talking about.
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Re: 7 years in the dextroverse

What plateau would you was most appealing (or did it change as time went on)? If you had any advice for people struggling with an early case of DXM addiction, what would it be?

Cheers, thanks for your insight!
Old 07-03-2013, 03:01
mikey mike mikey mike is offline
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Join Date: 30-06-2010
Male from United States
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mikey mike is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: 7 years in the dextroverse

if i trip during the day I usually shoot for 2nd platue so I can still function. At night I always aim for upper third or even 4th platue doses. I love getting lost in the dextroverse. I even often find myself trapped in sigma towards the end of my binges. As for advise for new dxm users, Just dont do it multiple days in a row. Ive found that it builds up in my system so on the 4th day or so the side effects willl be trrible. unable to urinate, shaking constantly, etc. Keep to once a week and it will make it much easier to avoid addiction
Old 13-03-2013, 04:56
DXMBunny DXMBunny is offline
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Re: 7 years in the dextroverse

hey its been awhile since this character has posted on here... but he has posted many big stories of his escapades into the dextroverse in the past (feel free to search for his stories)... he has been a dexhead for 9yrs going on 10yrs... his longest break having been 3 months one time... while most are 2 weeks to almost a month about once ever 3 months... so as you can see many experiences under his belt... most trips would be considered high 2nd plateau to mid 3rd plateau... if you read his past posts you will notice he has not been able to have 4th plateau trips and for years now has not been able to have 1st and low 2nd amounts affect him, they must be in a certain range, but still all are always positive. thanks for sharing and if you have any questions feels free to ask.
Old 15-03-2013, 01:17
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Re: 7 years in the dextroverse

DXM addiction... I would presume that it is all psychological. Though one of my friends says that he got stomach pains after quitting doing it every day. I'm surprised you did ccc's for a long time, considering they are terrible for you. Do something with only dxm in it, as millions of people will tell you, but it can't be stressed enough, especially to a person who took 40... Well I guess everything is addictive,I'm addicted to cheese its and chocolate milk. I've done dxm in the past plenty of times but I never found myself doing it every day.

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