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Old 07-03-2013, 01:20
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Can the physical nature of ones job, have an imact on the effects of adderall?

I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever noticed a difference in the strength of amphetamimes, on days where you would be doing something strenuous as apposed to days when your physical activity is limited. I install hvac systems for a living and its a very strenuous job. I take 90mg every morning, that is most often the lowest dose i need to be effective. I am told by multiple people that this is too much. I notice on the weekends that its abit stronger than during the work week. I have also noticed that tempature and humidity seem to play a roll in my ability to feel the effects. The hotter and more humid, the less effects felt. Not to mention dehydration issues. I cant stay hydrated properly in the summertime, even without adderal. Unfortunaly i live in the south east. Could my high tolerance be in relation to the physicality of my job. You hear people all the time talking about studying or cleaning or surfing the web and video games, while on adderall. You dont hear them doing landscaping or shoveling snow. Any insight on this?
Old 07-03-2013, 01:39
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Re: Can the physical nature of ones job, have an imact on the effects of adderall?

Stay hydrated, take a balanced multivitamin, avoid more than small amounts of caffeine and eat a good diet.

Other than that, it is common for meth hcl and amphetamine salts to have varying effects based on context of situation and dosage.

Just continue to experiment with lower doses because a happy medium is exponentially more effective than too little or too much.

I'm experienced with methamphetamine.

Long-term tolerance can easily develop. I would seriously recommend against strenuous physical activity on large doses (50+ mg) of any amphetamine derivative. There's a reason why people don't use amphetamine much outside desk jobs. Stay safe.
Old 07-03-2013, 03:19
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Re: Can the physical nature of ones job, have an imact on the effects of adderall?

I suggest a whey protein shake an hour before or an hour or 2 after dosing. I believe for the medicine to be most effective it needs to "feed" off some kind of nutrients and vitamins. Nonetheless, dehydration plays a huge factor as well, I drink about 2-3 Liters a day but it varies for everyone.

Anyway, I had this weight lifting and cardiovascular physical ed. class every morning as my first class of the day. Of course I would ingest my adderall dose before school everyday to maintain a schedule. I found that when I dosed and participated in the class, I would get burned out sooner. This was due to elastic acid build up in the muscles. Basically the muscles being worked to the point where you are not getting enough water to keep the blood flowing appropriately and the muscles begin to tighten up. But you'll need more than water to support your body through harsher contracting and stretching. Which is where protein comes in.

The protein will essentially give you the support and stamina needed to endure lengthy periods of hard work. Also they will allow the muscles to recover much faster and efficient than the body doing it alone. Furthermore the medicine will have a vast amount of proteins to work off of. Amino acids being the biggest one. Check out Whey Protein Amplified 60, has a excellent mix of enzyme blends, amino acids such as leucine, lysine, glutamine, arginine, and many other outstanding nutrients. I'm reading it write off the container lol, they are a huge part of my diet but yea I definitely recommend plus they don't taste bad and there's many good flavors like Strawberryyyy.

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