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DXM Dextromethorphan

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Old 20-04-2013, 18:11
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Quick question about dxm.

say if someones done a 600mg dose of dxm And there second time 300mg dose,would a 300mg dose be noticeable to friends around or is it more controllable?
Old 20-04-2013, 18:35
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babalooj probably knows what they are talking about.babalooj probably knows what they are talking about.babalooj probably knows what they are talking about.babalooj probably knows what they are talking about.babalooj probably knows what they are talking about.
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Re: Quick question about dxm.

It really depends on you
But probably not, as 300 milligrams would still leave you uncoordinated with huge pupils
Old 20-04-2013, 21:42
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Re: Quick question about dxm.

Yes you would feel it. Redosing while you're tripping changes the feel of the trip because it clogs the 2D6 enzyme in your liver. When you take the first dose, you're liver converts a lot of the DXM into DXO. The DXO is responsible for the Ketamine- like qualities of the trip--effects of DXO are things like the melting into the chair feeling, and the motor skill impairment, ie. the robowalk. When you redose, it clogs that 2D6 enzyme by which DXM is processed, resulting in a much higher blood level of DXM, instead of being about equal with the DXO like the first dose. High blood levels of DXM change the whole character of the trip. After redosing, you'll notice that the trip becomes more acid- like. The trouble walking and other motor impairments disappear, and the trip gets more visual. It makes it so that even though you're tripping harder, you're more functional. It would not be so obvious to others that you are on drugs. Redosing is convenient if you have to go out in public, because you're more capable of functioning normally, even though you're really.messed up psychologically.

There is one drawback to redosing--It will make you more delusional. People might not notice you're tripping at this point, but only if you keep you're mouth shut. You'll tend to have more introspective thought processes coupled with grandiose delusions, so you're likely to start babbling to others about bizarre things. A very common delusion of DXM I've had as well as many people I've tripped with, is that everything in the history of the Universe happened because of you, and everything in history has happened the way it did so that YOU could be brought into existence specifically to carry out a divine task, usually to save the world. I've seen many people, myself included, who quickly developed a Messiah complex after taking a big redose.

I just thought I'd tell you all of this so that you're prepared.

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Very interesting, and useful addition to the thread from personal experience.

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