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Old 18-07-2013, 07:08
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IF you miss what are some home remedies to help it?

A Turtle of mine missed his vein and the injection site is swollen and so is his hand, he is also complaining about it being hot. It also has a red mark around the site. Does he need to go to the Dr.? Can someone give him some sort of remedy to help him.
Old 18-07-2013, 07:47
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Re: IF you miss what are some home remedies to help it?

Hi there, this is one of those times where you need to go to the ER.

Heat is an indication of infection, (might be too early to tell yet.) and pain also indicates infection. I suggest antibiotics and no more injections.

Let us know how it turns out for you, its too risky, you could lose the arm from a miss like that.

Stay safe

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Good harm reduction advice
Old 18-07-2013, 07:59
SB1981 SB1981 is offline
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Re: IF you miss what are some home remedies to help it?

Hand veins are too damn small to inject in. Why not use your arms? Those veins take so much since they're thick and strong. I wouldn't be able to slam my dose in my hands at all.

Did you administer the whole dose? If so, didn't you feel the warning signs of missing such as burning? I hope you'll be okay.
Old 04-03-2014, 02:42
smitty703 smitty703 is offline
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Re: IF you miss what are some home remedies to help it?

Preparation h will help with the swelling and redness
Old 05-03-2014, 05:16
PhillyPrincess PhillyPrincess is offline
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Re: IF you miss what are some home remedies to help it?

This is more of a "me too" post rather than a comment to the original, but hopefully it will generate some replies. Question is the same--treatment of a small miss (as soon as I felt the burn, I pulled back a bit to re-flag and nothing, so I stopped altogether) but unlike the original post, this was about 10 minutes ago, so no signs of infection or anything that would get me to the ER. (And should any of those symptoms occur, I'll be in the ER so fast I won't have time to post here!) Anyway, at the site there is a bump, pain/burning. I've always heard ammonia helps but that just seems very 'wive's tale' to me although if memory serves, it's an alkali so maybe. I've read both hot and cold compress so not sure which would be better--IMO cold would reduce swelling while warm would speed up absorption. Anyone?
Old 05-03-2014, 07:20
Mcfeeli Mcfeeli is offline
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Re: IF you miss what are some home remedies to help it?

See, the thing that's helped me out with misses be crystal or crack cocaine, is... I leave the area around the missed shot alone. I don't fuck with it by poking it, pushing on it, smacking it, and all sorts of other stuff I've done in the past. And then I clear my head, try to think logically and not allow myself to become too concerned, at least for the day it happens. I cover it up, and carry on.

Truly so helpful, rely on your body to fight that shit and expect to be cleared up when you wake up. Don't get too confident though, and leave it unattended for too long. But I know when I miss I feel compelled to just fuck with the sore area, I'll touch it every 2 minutes, I'll constantly stare at it(while touching it) and it just irritates it more. Long sleeve shirts help, out of sight out of mind, right?

I always make sure to clean my meth shots with alcohol wipes when I finish my hit, be it a miss or a success. It really helps me relax, but I do admit I don't do it with any other substances. Meth is the gnarliest shit I've put in my veins, mdma and crack be damned. Meth is the only thing that really spooks me nowadays. I've had so many coke misses it's familiar and doesn't scare me in the least, every single meth miss I have I'll pace around saying , "What did you do!? What ..did.. you.. do!?", and I expect to go to the hospital each time.

Luckily no hospital visits yet, plenty of misses though I assure you, but not one has warranted a visit after checking on it after actually getting some sleep and leaving it alone. If it still looks bad I've used Neosporin and it seemed to help, I refuse to use a hot compress or an ice pack(unless it's golf ball sized), am I saying you should do that? No! Do what you think is right, evaluate the situation, know your body, and take proper action as you see fit. I swear though, if some people wouldn't fuck with their miss spots they wouldn't geek from the appearance itself(which they're more than likely altering), nor would they even need to go for professional help right away.

Again, you know your own body, do what is right for the time, just keep calm and do not lose your head. Meth + an overly worried mind on 0 hours of sleep = very volatile combination. You'll trick yourself into thinking you aren't ok, long sleeved shirt really help to get it out of your view just do not forget about it(they hurt so I doubt you would).

This isn't always right advice though, anyone who injects needs to know when to throw in the towel and get help. Guaranteed nothing going through your mind is worth an amputated limb. You can never be too cautious, if you're scared about a particular hit, you should really seek help, otherwise prepare to let your body's immune system take the fight on and show that meth who's the boss(hopefully!). For me, it's 10 points awards to yours truly and his wonderful army of red/white blood cells, crystsal though, won once which is more times than you should risk because that's all it could take. Crystal only got that single point cuz it scared me to the bone and blew a vein, so not entirely that bad. After sleeping your fun off, you should be clear headed enough to self evaluate whether you need professional help or if it's healing, it's very easy to tell which one too.

Do not second guess your choice if you decided the hospital was the best option, just go. If you decide to wait it out, draw an outline along the infected area, if after another day of continuous swelling/redness spreading, go to a doctor. I've had 2 days in where I questioned my health, by the third I saw noticeable improvement.

Hopefully you guys just don't miss, but that's easier said than done. Good luck on your remedies, maybe mine'll help someone.

Last edited by Mcfeeli; 05-03-2014 at 07:36.

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