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Old 24-07-2013, 16:47
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To Potentiate Oxycodone

My friend has read that Meclizine can help potentiate the effects of Oxycodone. Is Meclizine taken at the same time as the dose of Oxycodone of a period of time before? Thanks.
Old 30-07-2013, 02:03
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Re: To Potentiate Oxycodone

Meclizine will potentiate it but not as well as others. Tagamet and Cyclizine are much better potentiators.

To potentiate it, take the meclizine 30 - 45 minutes before your dose to give it time to matabolize and start working. You might also want to take an antacid like tums soon before you dose. Oxycodone and many other substances absorb better in more basic solutions.

Lots of other substances can be used as well. Meclizine will just add to the sedation so be careful of falling asleep.

Some other substances that may be better:

DXM - helps keep tolerance low and potentiate it
Diphenhydramine - like meclizine, will add to the sedation
Tagemet - Processed through the same enzyme, which will prolong the high of the opiate
Cyclizine - Adds more euphoria
Tonic water - quinine is a good potentiator as well, not as good as quinidine, but unless you can convince your doctor you have malaria, your probably not going to get it.
Grapefruit Juice - make sure its white and not from concentrate. Like tagemet, it prolongs the high.

Be sure to take these substances before you dose.
Old 30-07-2013, 04:53
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Re: To Potentiate Oxycodone

There are many, many threads on this topic so in the future, please try using the search engine before posting. I understand that you were asking about meclizine specifically, but there is enough information in other threads to basically answer your question. In terms of opiate potentiation, first-generation antihistamines are the only antihistamines that really do much, and even then IME they barely add anything to the actual high, just cut down on itching. For your reading pleasure, here are a number of threads on opiate potentiation:

Possible Grapefruit Juice Potentiator for Greater Tramadol Experience

Opiate/Opioid Potentiating Guide

Potentiating Morphine

Grapefruit Juice/CYP2D6: clarifying a common misconception

Codeine, dihydrocodeine, and grapefruit juice

Anyway, that should be a good start.

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