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Ecstasy & MDMA Ecstasy (XTC) pills and pure MDMA

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Old 07-12-2013, 03:41
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The guide to IV mdma(molly)

Hello friends and fellow recreational experimenters. This is a guide to help you decide if you're truly ready for the magical experience that IV mdma creates. I do not encourage this ROA nor do I endorse it, but there seems to be limited info on the matter, and I feel information is key to a successful and most of all safe time.

Now, I know what you must be thinking, why mainline mdma when you have so many more options that not only allows the substance to work properly and efficiently, but is also damn fun and relatively safe when used in moderation and with the respect mdma deserves. I'm not here to tell you that you should try this at all, because you shouldn't, and I'm in no way glorifying IVing of any substance by any means. I want you to receive the knowledge so if you do decide to take the plunge, you're not completely ill advised on what could happen, what will happen, and how to prevent such outcomes. IVing anything has many dangers and mdma is no exception, hell, it's more dangerous than most things. So please, do not jump headfirst into this without knowing damn well that you may damn well possibly lose a limb or even die. Not only do you need to prepare your body but also your mind, this shit isn't a joke and sure as hell isn't for the inexperienced. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU. You need to have a close friend watching over you because the rush is so overwhelming you could easily hurt yourself doing something stupid. Please, please, please have a trusted friend with you if you decide to do this. You'll need them for comfort and honestly, it's really nice to have someone to talk to when you do this. I don't want anything bad to happen to any of you whenever something as simple as a trip sitter would and could have prevented.

That being said, I'll explain my personal ritual as well as my experiences and side effects brought on by IV mdma.

Firstly, this is not a fucking pill. This is tested mdma crystals. Acquired through a trusted source each and every time. Never have I not tested it, and each time it comes back as it should. The crystals vary in size color, and strength with each new batch. Secondly I never go passed .05 of a gram for the very first blast, and honestly, you shouldn't go over .025 especially if this is your first time. No matter how much experience you have with mdma can prepare you for this. IVers have a little heads up since they understand the rush, but even you guys will not be prepared for this. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to the molly rush. I can't even explain the feeling you get. I've IVed crystal meth, high quality cocaine, heroin, an assortment of opiate pills(hydromorphone,oxymorphone,oxycodone, ect), amphetamines such as Ritalin, Focalin(lovely stuff), Adderall, and Dexedrine. As well as other various substances I'm none too proud of. I'm not bragging about that, it's fucking depressing actually. I'm just stating that I am not a newbie when it comes to the IV ROA.

FOLLOW ALL HARM REDUCTION TECHNIQUES AND PRACTICES FOR INJECTING. Just read up on IVing if you're not familiar with it, but if you aren't familiar with injecting you should not attempt this at all. You don't know what you're getting yourself into, and you're putting yourself in harms way for absolutely nothing.

Now for preparation for the substance to be IVed is not entirely difficult if you're used to the ritual. I usually have my amounts weighed and ready for the process, varies from .1-.3 of a gram. DO NOT USE THAT AMOUNT FOR YOUR FIRST TIME! I've done this quite a few times already and I believe I know my threshold, and I do not even attempt to go passed that. Anyway, the weighed product is still solid crystals so I personally crush my crystals within a piece of paper into a fine powder. From there, I dump the powder into my spoon carefully until everything is gone from the paper. Load my 1 mL insulin syringe with 70 units of water and empty that onto the spoon. I use more water than most just because diluting the solution doesn't weaken it, and it seems to make it easier on the veins, since mdma is not fucking good for them at all. After stirring and smashing with my plunger(I have a separate plunger that I use, I pulled one out of a pin and used it ever since) you'll begin to see it dissolving. From here you have a choice, continue crushing and stirring until completely dissolved, or quit early and save leftovers for later(still very potent). I do the latter so I accumulate a nice final shot, but again, all in personal preference. When solution is at desired potency, throw in filter, and suck it up. I use cotton but if you have something better like a micron or wheel filter by all means use that. Now you have your mdma ready for injection.

Make sure you have steady hands and a fat vein, as you do not want to miss. Burns like a sonuvabitch and leaves one hell of a rash. I haven't had any serious complications from missed shots but that doesn't mean they won't happen. When you are in the vein, register the blood, and push down on the plunger very slowly. If the rush starts getting overwhelming and trust me it will, pull out immediately. You should have enough time to finish the shot before the effects come on, though. Now you're in for one hell of a time. The room may feel distant, you'll feel your head lighten up and vision go white. You may need to sit down or even lay down if it becomes too much. This feeling won't end quickly either, the rush stays with you for about 10 minutes and is very, very intense. You may be confused, you may be scared, but you WILL be ok. Just try to relax and soak in the feeling that cannot be explained, as it is a joyful yet hectic feeling. A warm body rush with a speedy side effect. Some can handle themselves quite well, others cannot even walk. I personally walk up and down my white hallway because it feels as if I'm levitating from end to end. It's a scary feeling at first, it truly is, but when you realize you're going to be ok, it actually dawns on you of how fucking exciting and emotional the feeling is. I know my first time scared the ever living shit out of me and I didn't know what was going on or what was going to happen. I was foolish for attempting it alone, and foolish for even trying it. I don't want anyone else to feel that way, I want you to be as prepared as possible before the thought of IV molly crosses your mind.

Now this isn't an ROA you'll want to continue with mdma except for special occasions. It truly wastes the drug as it doesn't make you feel the way eating or snorting mdma does. It is not for partying at all, it's for rushing. That's all IV mdma is worth, the rush. I'll eat my doses if I plan on going out and having a fun time, as it is used for, but I'll inject if I have no where to go and just feel like relaxing for the night. Again, I am not supporting this ROA nor am I encouraging it, I'm just giving you my personal pointers on how to do it safely and efficiently. I don't want you to waste your product, or hurt yourself. I'll help you if you have any questions about it, any at all. Please don't blindly and foolishly think you're ready for this, because I promise you, you are not. IVing anything you're not familiar with is fucking stupid, IVing mdma without proper preparations is just as stupid.

Be safe, be clean, respect the drug and respect your body.

Again, any questions you may have, I'll gladly answer with my personal experience and knowledge.
Don't be afraid to ask, as not asking is just asking for trouble.

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This really should be posted as a Trip Report rather than an Instruction Guide. Lots of "Harm Reduction" flag waiving, followed immediately with glorification of real danger. Telling readers that "you WILL be ok" is irresponsible.
I believe you deserve recognition for some valid HR points here
Old 23-01-2014, 14:34
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

What about a mix of crystal meth and MDMA? Good combo, bad combo? Pitfalls? What dosage (I'm a 0.25-0.3gm meth IV user)? Does one cancel out the other like slamming when high on ecstasy pills? Is it too much (too many contradicting/opposing feelings) for the brain to feel all at once?

Thanks. And thanks for the "it will be ok" - I wish someone had told me that after I was mistakenly given 0.2gm of ketamine to inject! Not my personal idea of a good time!!
Old 27-01-2014, 21:02
Mcfeeli Mcfeeli is offline
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

Sorry for the late reply Bj, but to jump right on it directly.. Hell no I would never combine mdma and crystal meth within the same syringe/spoon. Sure, they seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly when you're under the influence of one or the other, it is certainly fun to dabble and ingest the longtime sidekick, that being said the rush overshadowing both of those substances are powerful enough to break down every last ounce of your conscious mind and responsive body when you stick that needle in your vein. I'd never risk the chance of transforming my body and mind into a hot mess of vegetable stew, be it for only 10 minutes or brain damage that'd effect every day life for the years to come, it's simply not worth it.

I love rolling so fucking much that I continuously have to remind myself to cool my love spewing jets, and then there's good ol' crystal, it's a helluva little tool/energy boost to keep the good vibes flowing freely, but I almost always tend to start the night off with a beautifully eye opening shot of my first .2 g's of molly, before I begin to slip back into this world, I'll eat the remaining .3-.5 which is good enough for about 5 or so hours of complete and pure blissfulness, I choose to stray from jumping on the crystal coaster til' I'm roughly 3 hours in as mdma's magic mood lift keeps me quite content and the overstimulation caused by introducing a blast .2 of crystal without allowing myself a chance to simmer down from the molly enticing brain waves, well it's enough to straight cut off my mdma experience mid roll, and I'll become increasingly anxious, while my mind isn't thinking about how amazing this moment would/could have been, instead it's jumping from one ridiculous idea to the next without a proper thought process filter.

I'd much prefer cutting up both crystals(mdma and meth shards) and blow them to maintain my comfortable demeanor, rather than getting way over hyped and risk the chance of wasting the drugs as well as destroying my perfectly good night. This may not apply to everyone, it's just how I know I get when combining a meth injection to a mdma roll that's been nothing but lovely to me. I love to gobble up some ecstasy pills that contain meth, as it brings out the best of both worlds. Injecting meth on a molly roll, be it .1 or .3, just comes in like an ensuing apocalypse of human fucking nature. It's just not as cleverly disguised, or even quite as charming as G's up or blue naked ladies(any other meth/mdma ecstasy tabs), they tend to deliver both substances without skipping that intense sense of intergalactic exploration that mdma can't fulfill by it's lonesome.. Man, I miss those damn pills now.

I apologize for going into such depth over a question that's been pretty much explained in the first paragraph alone, I'm just giving you my experiences when it comes to injecting other substances during a particularly high dose mdma roll. It just ruins the pure nature of the experience for me at least until I peaked my heart out. A nice blast of heroin is welcomed for the inevitable mdma comedown/afterglow. I even had a single heroin/mdma/speed ecstasy tab before, and it delivered a brand spanking new take on what ecstasy is "supposed" to feel like. It creates an atmosphere all to it's own. Body is warm and dope happy, while you've just had "the best time of your life"(again!) and it's currently running your emotions. That's actually my preferred combo after a raving good time. That or a 50 mcg fent patch. I prefer numbing my body opposed to stacking one emotional wreck on top another, mdma makes you vulnerable to friends and such, yet callused to the groups of assholes that roam this great planet, just trying to destroy our damn buzz, it seems. Add in crystal meth to that scenario, and you're a walking, talkin, and presumably dancing, train wreck. Meth makes me entirely too confrontational, head strong, and sometimes just downright vain as fuck, I don't want to be any of those during any mdma roll at all. No filter connecting your thoughts to the words you speak is going to be trouble silently waiting for the worst time to strike, and boom, you unintentionally say something so god damn stupid and ignorant, you'd kick your own if possible. Cue second guessing your actions for the rest of the night. Mdma is one of the only chemicals that'll set you free of everything that binds you down, and meth would cause small but noticeable ripples and tear into "You time" and instead of enjoying yourself, you'll just repeatedly poke holes into your own outlook.

Now to the overall main point to my excessive mdma rambles, I would not recommend injecting mdma with meth within the same syringe, both are ridiculously overwhelming, and you'd most likely wish you chose one or the other, rather than them both at one almost guarantying yourself some sort of trouble. I enjoy bumps/tokes of meth while on mdma, just enough to kick my ass back into the groove, but meth shots just eat up my mdma roll and spit it out along with the a reminder of how I singlehandedly ruined damn near perfect night. I prefer opiates/other body buzz creating substance when I combine mdma with another drug. I just prefer to stay away from any kind of stimulant, other than coke, coke is good anytime! Haha, just be fucking careful Bj, again I don't advise nor do I encourage that idea, but every one is unique, as well as entitled to responsibly experiment the way they see fit. I wouldn't know the joys of IV mdma if I would have followed everyone else's warnings, so I'm not telling you to do it, but I'm not saying don't do it just because I disagree, either. Just start small, maybe .05g's mdma and .1 of meth. Even if you believe .1 g's of meth won't work accordingly, just think of how truly disorienting and crazy intense the mdma rush is. This isn't something to take lightly, I can assure you on that. Again, my bad for the post being all over the place, IV crystal always makes me want to create stories without comprehending or caring what the whole point was to start with. Good luck on your ventures, make sure to shed some light whether you chose to scrape the idea, or go ahead with it. Either way, be cautious and respect the drug. It demands it completely when IVing.

Keep your head on straight, pal.

Post Quality Reviews:
good info! very informative
Old 12-03-2014, 05:00
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

McFeeli thank you do much for posting this most valuable info! I just got a hold of some Molly crystals for the first time and a couple friends know I'm a needle addict so.... my buddy set me up with a nice first shot and WOW!!! What a rush! Thought I was doing a speedball at first, then came the the vision getting hazy, and then my stomach knotted up, puke! And i only puke off of uppers( coke n meth) weird. Wow its giving me flashbacks just thinking about it. Then I decided to mix a 8mg dilaudid with my next shot, that was great! I love opiates, mainly good easy coast heroin, they are definitely my DOC. But again thank you for putting this info up, it will be put to good use. Be safe and have fun.

Post Quality Reviews:
You end your first post with "Be safe" when your entire post is filled with unsafe behavior.
Old 15-03-2014, 22:37
Mcfeeli Mcfeeli is offline
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

Well I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly for you, Spike. This is definitely not something I think people should try without the right research. Now I'm not advocating mdma injections with opiates, hell an mdma injection is scary enough the first time and I am happy to know you didn't try that combo the first time. I made this thread to help those of us who experiment with needles and for those of us who enjoy learning through experience. There was very limited information on the practice and I thought I'd try to provide a good blueprint. It may not be perfect but comments like yours makes me feel as though I did the right thing, because there's always going to be people trying it and now they have some insight on the preparations as well as the risk vs. award of pure mdma IVed.

Funny enough I just did an mdma shot a few hours ago, my first in many months. I truly believe it is a worth while experience for people who know and enjoy IV rushes. It's unexplainable it seems, but as it may be a good rush it is best to eat it. I like doing a shot of mdma then parachuting the crystals to extend the euphoric bliss mdma is. Don't overdo it, pal. It's no fun shooting a bunch mdma for a night cooped up in your house opposed to doing a solid shot and eating to go have a wonderful experience. Mdma injections degrade rapidly when it comes to the feeling, the first .1 gram injection felt like will be better than what the fifth .3 gram shot would feel like, so don't waste your product and limit yourself to 2-3 injections.

Do make sure to use it responsibly, and have fun! I appreciate your post, though. Any positive feedback truly makes me feel all giddy with excitement, haha. Enjoy yourself and be safe!
Old 13-07-2014, 13:10
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

thHi first off much respect for making this harm prevention thread especially where injecting is involved! I have made a few on other forums my self.

I thought I'd add my 2 cents even though this thread is quite old I feel it would be beneficial for any one else stumbles across the thread.

A bit of back ground first I have injected 17 different drugs IM and IV, this is certainly not something I am proud of what so ever I ended up with a needle fixation... not the one.

I first IV'd MDMA about 3 months ago, but had recently stopped taking my Prozac, if any one doesn't know much about Prozac it is a SSRI antidepressant (Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitors) and when stop taking it, it has a half life of up to 16 days!!! That means it can take a month to be out of your system. The SSRI quality's of Prozac almost completely block certain drugs especially psychedelics like mushrooms and 25i-nbome to name a couple.

Also we all know MDMA and Ecstasy largely work on our serotonin levels in our brains thus it is almost ineffective a waste and dangerous as it can cause serotonin syndrome (not good)

After my first pointless attempt I obviously didn't bother for a long time (yesterday actually) I acquired some extremely pure dutch MDMA along with 10g of speed paste. I must have done about 5 pins of the base and decided to IV a small amount and maaan was I shocked at the power of the effects!

Considering I have pinned 99% pure D isomer Crystal meth, Fentanyl analogs and 'Death Raw' uncut #4 heroin (no shit!!) the mandy kicked my ass. I barely got the pin out of my vein before I got a instant gurn a absolutely crazy rush to the point I had to sit down because my vision went extremely bright and blurry it was mad,

Then today I put a few very small rocks of mandy in a baggie and pulverized it then added it to the spoon with a fairly large IV dose of speed, some of the effects were unexpected my motor skills just turned to instability like a cross between drunk and on ketamine. With the speed it was a bit uncomfortable for about 15 mins then the initial kick in the balls wore off and it was enjoyable.

I certainly wouldn't want to do meth with it especially prepped in the spoon with the mandy I'd say its a pretty dangerous combo as was me doing speed with it! I was rushing so hard I wasn't worried something bad was going to happen but my heart rate was uncontrollable to the point where I had symptoms of a panic attack even though I wasn't panicking at all!

My advice to any one wanting to IV MDMA is make sure you have a clean batch and do a test shot of HALF the dose (common practice with Heroin) I've injected all sorts of mental shit but surprisingly this caught me completely off guard.

I think the general rule when you start injecting is to treat the process its self with respect and of course the drug you are injecting. intravenous ROA is the only way to get 100% bio availability out of a drug and hits within seconds there really is only a small margin for error!!


Old 13-07-2014, 16:39
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elperuano needs to UTFSE some more before posting.
Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

OP talks about harm reduction and then talks about injecting all kinds of drugs. Meth heroine speed n x???? If by harm reduction you mean scaring the crap out of someone to not do something as dangerous as that cocktail then hell yes.
Old 19-07-2014, 08:54
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

SWIM is a IV Molly user. If you've never done it..DONT.
SWIM says its the best feeling he has ever had. It ruined my "roll" and unfortunately I'm now a IV addict. SWIM says mixing coke and molly is very nice. Question do you heat your solution before filtering? Have you tryd IVing Alpha-PHP ? THAT SHITS CRAZY. I thought molly had a rush SWIM says don't go more then a 50mg dose. You'll be very surprised. Question? real MDMA or Methylone

Post Quality Reviews:
Please do not use SWIM https://drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=197306
Old 22-07-2014, 15:19
ThuggaP ThuggaP is offline
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

I wouldn't recommend anyone do it. I've been doing it since october when i got off dope & it's been my drug of choice ever since. i possibly have brain damage, and there's been so many times people i know have gotten what they thought was molly and was actually crystal meth.def have to be careful when shooting molly, it looks the same at crystal meth. how you can tell the difference, is meth disolves in water pretty fast. molly does not. pay close attention to how it breaks up.meth breaks down a lot quicker and its a lot more powdery where molly is hard to break and when it does its in crystals.

Post Quality Reviews:
dangerous advice, you can not ID drugs like that
Old 22-07-2014, 16:42
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

Originally Posted by ThuggaP View Post
how you can tell the difference, is meth disolves in water pretty fast. molly does not.
This is not a good way to ID drugs.
There are dozens of research chemicals that come in crystal form that look identical to MDMA (molly)
You need to start using testing kits to eliminate some of the more dangerous research chemicals, especially if you are injecting them.
Old 24-07-2014, 10:40
bluehandz bluehandz is offline
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Re: The guide to IV mdma(molly)

A trusted source is definitely needed. As repatar always tests his product but knows the chem who makes it. Reptar has been doing this roa and chemical for a while it gets to a point where its not even worth it. Its terrrrible for your veins to begin with. Reptars veins are rendered useless and no one wants to walk around in 90° heat with long sleeves on because of track marks. I'll fair warn you right now if your not prepared for it it will take over your life VERY QUICKLY. Reptar didn't have a drug problem in the past he could go weeks without using but as soon as reptar IV'd methylone his life was over. Reptar regrets it.. I hope people reading this double thinks doing a shot of it. To be honest reptar hasn't experienced anything like it and is surprised he survived 6 overdoses. Let that be a lesson to you 5 months 6 over doses and barly any veins left.

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