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Opiate addiction Support for coping with Opiate addiction and Opiate addiction treatment.

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Old 03-01-2014, 08:27
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Short Acting Opiates To Get Off Methadone? Success?

Hello all!

A while back my pet cricket jumped off 30 mgs cold turkey of methadone after 4 years of daily use. He lasted 10 days and couldn't take it anymore, and starting using again. After numerous attempts of trying to get off methadone and failing miserably because of the length of horrific painful withdrawal, my pet cricket is thinking about using a short acting opiate (I will use SAO from now on) to get off methadone. He wonders if it is even possible?

I should mention that this idea appeals to him because a very long time ago, my pet cricket went cold turkey off 150-200mgs of hydrocodone after 2 years of daily use, and his acute withdrawals were hell (nothing like methadone though), and only lasted 5 days. After 2 weeks, he was totally normal.

Using a SAO to get off methadone seems appealing and logical to him, plus it would be waaaaaay quicker than tapering down the methadone say, 1mg per week. The good news is that my pet cricket has been able to drop down from 30 mgs to 15mgs. HOWEVER, it literally took 6-7 weeks or so to do it, and he felt like absolute shit the whole time. He is now at a daily comfortable dose of 15 mgs of methadone per day- taken once in the early morning and it holds him for exactly 24 hours. But he cannot, for the life of him, go under 15mgs. He's tried to taper and cold turkey. It's just too painful!! Even at 1mg per week!!!

Has anyone that you may or may not know ever successfully gotten off methadone using this method? If so, what was the methadone dosage, how long taking it, and what SAO did they use? Also, knowing what the taper schedule was with the SAO (IN DETAIL) would be very helpful!

Now, my pet cricket already knows the risks of taking a SAO (saying fuck it and getting high etc), but he is totally committed- HE DOES NOT WANT TO GET HIGH, HE WANTS OFF!! But just to make sure, he will have someone else from a different dimension that he doesn't know dose him at the appropriate time(s) and then taper him down. He simply wants to feel normal - not high. He wants to start with the lowest possible dose of SAO that will make him feel comfortable, including being able to sleep! He realizes that he will likely have to dose more than once per day, but he has no idea how long any particular SAO would last, or how many times he would have to dose. I should mention also that my pet cricket has no access, nor can he afford subs. He does have unlimited access to hydrocodone (10/325 and 5/325), codeine (tylenol 3's) to taper off the methadone with. Also Tramadol, but he worries about possible ssri effects?

My pet cricket knows it may sound a bit strange to some using an opiate to get off another opiate, but for those who have tried to get off methadone (tapering or cold turkey) this may make perfect sense! He knows there is no such thing as a free lunch, and does expect some withdrawal- he just doesn't want to go through weeks and weeks of hell only to end up at 10mgs, and then trying to stabilize on that (2-3 weeks) and then go through another 5-6 weeks of painful tapering only to end up at 5mgs etc, and he certainly does not want to EVER cold turkey methadone (regardless of dose) again. It's a nightmare!

Any and all ideas, suggestions, and information about using a short acting opiate to get off methadone would be very helpful at this point. Please be upfront, critical and honest as my pet cricket wants off of methadone, once and for all!!!

Old 03-01-2014, 10:53
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Re: Short Acting Opiates To Get Off Methadone? Success?

Hi there,
It's OK to say that it is you on this part of the forum. Sometimes it gets hard to wrap one's head over giving a cricket drug advice. SWIM use to be used here but it has been dropped. The best thing is to just use your username.

IMHO, going on the kind of drugs that got you on Methadone, to get off seems rather futile. Many people have gotten of Methadone without using opiates. Plus it is rather risky to go back on even for awhile. Your brain has 'euphoric recall'. No matter how long you've been off, it remember as though it were yesterday, once the drug gets in your system. Plus our addict brain is very good at using situations in life, to lead us back to that hell once again....not sure if that is going on with you, but I get a feeling it might be so......but if you get real honest with yourself and your motives, the true answer will come.

Just my take on it..

All the best !! Keep us posted.
Old 03-01-2014, 17:38
Kidroxy Kidroxy is offline
Join Date: 16-05-2012
37 y/o Male from United States
Posts: 21
Kidroxy is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: Short Acting Opiates To Get Off Methadone? Success?

I really appreciate your input Nefret!

In regards to my Pet Cricket -just to be safe, I may or may not be a pathological liar that may or may not be telling the truth when I type on these forums.

I was a very heavy oxycodone (30mg blues/roxy whatever you want to call them and the reason I started taking methadone is so I didn't feel withdraw from the oxy. My supply of oxycodone ran out years ago, and ever since, I have been using methadone to prevent withdrawals from the methadone which I originally took prevent withdraws form the oxycodone!

I had no clue what I was doing at the time, and knew nothing about methadone except that it would take away the pain of withdrawing from the oxy. Hell, in the beginning I would take up to, and sometimes over 600 mgs of oxycodone for maybe 2-3 days straight, and when I would run out, I would take 30-40mg's of methadone and it would actually hold me for two days, maybe even 3...just enough time to raise up enough money to buy more oxycodone. I have NEVER experienced peak acute stage of withdrawing from oxycodone. From what I hear, it's one hell of a ride, but it's a MUCH SHORTER ride than with Methadone. I have also heard that methadone withdrawals are not as intense as oxycodone- but I don't honestly know if that's true. I do know that once I started to feel the oxycodone withdrawals, I would literally do whatever it took to stop it..and man o man, they would come on scary fast, which is totally unlike methadone! The good news is that I actually have someone who is willing to dose me once we figure things out. Even with all the determination in the world, it's still better to have someone else dose me. This person does not live with me, and so they will need to come over to my home and dose me. They are very willing to help with whatever it takes to get me off the dones and coming over to my place 3 times a day or whatever is not an issue with this person.. I should mention that I WILL NOT use oxycodone to get off methadone. I was thinking something a bit weaker? like hydrocodone or even codeine. Someone even mentioned I should try Tramadol, but after doing some research, there is the ssri factor involved with that and so I don't want to complicate things.

Anyhow, according to a conversion chart that I found online, 15mgs of methadone is equivalent to approx. 40mgs of hydrocodone. Does that sound right? It kinda does I guess- but 40mgs of hydro in no way would hold e for 24 hours! So, if hydrocodone will last lets say 8 hours, then that would be 120 mg's of hydrocodone per day to match the 15mgs of methadone. NOT 40mgs! I would have to take 12 10/325 vicodin pills per day (AND 3900 mg's of acetaminophen so I may end up doing cwe)...and I don't now how reliable that is regarding exact doses. All very confusing to me! Maybe I just need to chill and take it easy...Stop stressing over this. But how can I? ...Since everyone is different, once I am in acute withdrawal, I will likely start by taking a low amount of hydro and see where that gets me, and how long it will last. Maybe start by taking just one 10/325 and see how it affects me when I am kicking dones. I was told by someone that I was lucky to be only taking 15mgs of methadone vs say 100mg's or more, because at those levels the hydro wouldn't do a thing for me regardless of how much hydro I took!

I really want to do this. I need to do this. I am fucking miserable taking methadone and I feel trapped. I am totally determined to get off methadone, and start a new life, but I am so fucking terrified of withdrawing from methadone it's crazy... Call me weak- whatever, I don't care. Cold turkey from 15mgs of methadone for me is pure hell, and worse. Someone at 100mgs would probably laugh their asses off at me- but I am here to tell you that going CT of 15mgs truly does hurt like a bitch. I cannot, and do not have the time for 3+ weeks of being sooooo sick like that...and it's more than just full blown head to toe pain. Its zaps of electricity that feel like I am being shocked, no sleep, can't lay still, restless legs and arms, pounding heart beat, anxiety, cold/hot flashes, shitting, sensory overload, fire and needles skin, throwing up, crazy thoughts...I could go on and on. I honestly have no idea how people do it- especially from those high doses! It's such an evil drug in my case. Sure, people take it to get pain relief, cancer patients etc and it works, but that's not why I take it. I take methadone so I don't feel the withdrawals from methadone I take methadone to feel NORMAL I've been through so much trying to get off this shit, and after trying everything to get off, taking short acting opiates seems to be the only thing left to try...and I am terrorfied about it not working!

With that said, tomorrow is the big day. I will go cold turkey off methadone and Monday morning I will take X amount of hydro (most likely- I could take codeine instead, but it's only T-3's and lots of tylenol in them) and see what happens. OR SHOULD I NOT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY TO TAKE THE HYDRO? One person said I should overlap the two- something about receptors always staying full so I don't feel any pain... Take the methadone and hydrocodone together, and then drop off the methadone and I won't feel it because I have hydro already in my system? I do still have some methadone in case nothing works, but we have decided to flush it down the toilet if things do work . I just need to figure out a taper schedule, but maybe I can't until I know what my optimal dose will be- How long will I possibly need to take the hydro, and how much should I drop each day...My brains is totally tweaked out trying to figure it all out, (plus I am scared out of my mind about going off methadone cold turkey- but having some extra will help my anxiety) So, if anyone has ANY ideas/knowledge/first hand experience NO MATTER HOW LITTLE about this, please let me know. The person who will be dosing me is also on a quest for knowledge about all of this on his own without telling me-He is not an addict and takes nothing.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors I am just freaking out a bit atm. I will keep posting!! Thanks!

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