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Downers and sleeping pills Anxiety Meds, Sleeping Pills and Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

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Old 23-11-2006, 08:57
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Intravenous Ambien/Zolpidem (don't do it, just discussion!)

SWIM found something on another forum about intravenous use of zolpidem (Ambien) and found that he was immediately fascinated by the idea. Due to the rules here he can't post a link to the thread on the other forum. However, here's a small portion of several posts on the thread:

"Stilnox (Zolpidem) is seen on the black market. The nurse from RuptureS (an association) says that it is commonly abused, sometimes intravenously. When the user shoots it, the Zolpidem gives effects similar to Cocaine. When it is taken intravenously, the Zolpidem seems to give a rush like Coke when the user injects it. When they run out of Cocaine, the Cokeheads who inject many times a day inject Zolpidem instead... [...] etc..."
I Iv'ed zolpidem the other night, after reading about problems with the microcrystalline cellulose in the tablets. I'm kind of retarded, and decided to stop dopesickness in defiance to all logic. ALthough I triple cotton filtered, I still won't hold any knowledge as to the effetivness of cotton to filter microcrystalline cellulose

Yes, I know it's stupid, I won't reccomend it for that reason.

However, The rush was impressive at 10mgs. I would compare to 10 mg's of midazolam, with, as jason reported, diminshed hypnotic affect. Duration seemed equal to oral ingestion, with the bypass of having to have an empty stomach for bioavailability to be high.

Overall it felt almost exactly like iv'ed midazolam, with less memory loss, although my experience with such has been limited to a few dormicum 15's.
SWIM thought this topic interesting and worthy of discussion, particularly given the fact that Zolpidem is *very short acting* and nearly all psychoactive drugs in that category have abuse potential.

Note that IV'ing pills is very dangerous unless one knows a certain technique to remove all pill binders, fillers, etc. and end up with only the pure drug remaining. Unless you have the proper lab gear and know how, don't do it. Don't even think about doing it.

That said -- if anyone's tried it, please pipe up with (A) how you isolated the zolpidem from Ambien tablets, and (B) what you found in terms of effects.
Old 30-12-2015, 22:27
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Re: Intravenous Ambien/Zolpidem (don't do it, just discussion!)

Yes. Agreed. Dumb but fun. At least for the Junky's sake there is some pleasurable rush to this.. Relative to just shooting anything with some remote recreational value but with no upside to intravenous use other than fulfilling/satisfying ones needle fixation (I.e., buprenorphine, alprazolam, other substances common on "the street")...

But HONESTLY Junkies be Fucking ware... IV pill use WILL catch you sooner or later if indulged in frequently without a micron filter. Two abscesses can attest to that during my recent three month using-run. So if you DO this regularly.. DO NOT be a dumb fuck! If you start to develop a sore, bulge, bump, etc at an injection site get to the ER or urgecare IMMEDIATELY! Don't let it it go.. Although not always the case, A lot of these serious health effects of such addict-bodily-abuse can be mitigated with early healthcare intervention.

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