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Old 28-01-2006, 18:54
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Propylhexedrine Experiences

First, a word from our sponsor - Please post your marmoset's experiences with propylhexedrine here.

Questions & discussion on basics (law, studies, toxicology & pharmacology etc) should be posted in Propylhexedrine Basics, Part 2...

Questions on extraction should be posted in Propylhexedrine Chemistry & Extraction


And now, back to our scheduled programme...

================================================== ================================================

Ok SWIM decided to eat the cotton rod. 250mg propylhexedrine.
Not an empty stomache. Earlier in the day SWIM had a sub and soup, coffee and some cigarettes.
SWIM ate the cotton, then about 30 mins later smoked a bowl. After an hour SWIM could feel the effects. Very excited, talkative, happy. SWIM started calling all his friends looking for something to do when all of a sudden a VERY intense pain started in the back of SWIMs head. It was a very strange pain. It felt like all the veins and arteries in the back of my head were going to explode. Waves of greater intensity would go over throughout my head. This pain was so bad it brought me to tears.
SWIM took a couple Motrin, went home and took 10mg of Valium to calm down and try to just get through the pain. After a while it started going away, but there was a pain in my stomache starting to come. It started to feel like there was a lot of painful acid in SWIMs stomache and SWIM soon threw up a good portion of watery lavender/menthol which tasted horrible.
SWIM took another 5mg of Valium and after a bit things started feeling better. SWIM felt good enough to go back out again and smoked a bowl. Soon enough all the pain went away and SWIM felt AMAZING.
This is the part that was well worth it. SWIM felt full of energy, but not jittery at all. In fact, very relaxed, comfortable energy. Amazing, complex thoughts were running through SWIMs head, thinking about things felt amazing. SWIM felt like this for a few hours and didn't get to bed untill real late, but fell asleep fine.
I don't know if the valium/propyl combo was what made the high amazing, but either way SWIM really really wants to do this again. SWIM is considering going through all that pain again for that amazing feeling, which says a lot.
What could have caused this much pain? Could it have been the menthol or lavender? Would an extraction be better to try?
All in all, propylhexedrine, for SWIM was very euphoric, and made every sense feel so good ( except for the hellish pain). SWIM needs more info on this, and needs to know how to avoid this pain again, because this was a very fun night.

Post Quality Reviews:
I am glad to see you carry on experiences and experiments with this and promote it as a worthy substance recreationally. Great job!

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Old 25-06-2006, 21:18
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SWIm is trying this today. He got one 250mg dose and cut the cotton into 4 pices, he tried eating them alone, but the taste and texture didnt allow him to swallow the cotton. So he put them into some gel caps and downed them with a glass of water. SWIM has an empty stomach otherwise. He wil update as the day unfolds.

T + 1 hour- The effects are coming on strong. The euphoria is great. he is experiencing waves of warm tingling from his body out to his fingertips and feet. He is noticing the stimulant effect slightly but not as pronounced as with adderall or methamphetamines, but more similar to that of a decent dose of MDMA. SWIM likes very much so far!! will update as the effects become more evident. The burps were pretty gross but they went away within 30 mins.

T + 1.5 hours- Still getting the waves of warm tingling, SWIM feels perfectly comfortable right now in every aspect. Im not sure if its the propyl or the fact that it has been raining most of the day and its just now getting sunny, but his sense of sight seems a bit enhanced and light is very attractive to him. The euphoria is good, im hoping it gets a little more intense, but im not complaining at all. No sign of stomach cramps or a headache.

T + 2hours- Effects have leveled off, SWIM is not feeling any better than before, but still great! He feels very warm, but his hair is sticking on end like hes cold. THe hair on his face is sticking up which is very weird feeling, he can feel the area of his face that has facial hair, he can feel the distinct line along where facial hair ends. SWIM has noticed his voice is softer too, and more like he is trying ot comfort an upset toddler or something. To SWIM this more resembles MDMA than anything, as thats how his voice goes when he is rolling, and the body high is similar, SWIM is enjoying rubbing parts of his body. Kind of weird similarity but hes definately not complaining. He is smoking a cigarette and listening to some old Foo Fighters, which is much better than the new stuff in SWIms opinion, and is feeling on top of the world right now. Great find Nahbus! SWIM Thanks you for bringing this to his attention.

T + 3 hours- SWIM is coming down now, but its not like a crash, he seems to be easing off of it in a comfortable relaxing manner. Great experience.

T + 8 hours- All effects are gone, even though the euphoria was gone at 3 hours, SWIm still felt the after effects for another 5 hours. They were pleasant though so no complaints what so ever.

SWIM would like to try this again soon, but with 500mg now that he has a feeling for the effects. This has proven to be a wonderful substance. Does anyone have any ideas on the tolerance issue? SWIM is thinking if he waits about a week there shouldnt be any tolerance problems.

Post Quality Reviews:
Nice report!
Nice Trip Report
good discription of effects

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Old 30-06-2006, 19:41
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Swim decided to try this out today. He managed to stuff the cotton rod into two empty capsules ala ihrt tek (heh) and swallowed them with a glass of OJ.

10:15 am - Injested.

10:45 am - Bored, sat down to play a videogame and wait for the effects.

11:20 am - Still can't get anywhere on Lengendary mode, and no noticable effects yet. Just the mildly displeasing burps.

11:50 am - Swim has just noticed he's been rubbing his face and other areas for awhile, there is some slight random tingling and a nice burst of energy. He feels very light and energetic and is going to do some chores he's been putting off for awhile now.

12:30 pm - No real "WOW" effects, just a very severe lack of fatigue, which swim is using to his advantage. Also still feel really light. Going to do some yard chores now. Swims yard will be the best on the block if this stuff lasts longer! haha

1:10 pm - Still some good noticable effects, no fatigue, feeling light. Though very vaugly feeling a come down approaching.

1:30 pm - Starting to come down, got alot of work done though! Swim could see himself doing this again, and again, and again.. uh oh. haha. Swim didn't get the euphoria others did at all. As previously mentioned, he only got two things out of this drug: absolute lack of exhaustion, and a feeling of being really lightweight (can see why ihrt would compare to mdma). Tingles only lasted for the first hour or so. Swim asks what the dangers are in swallowing cotton rods semi-frequently, because the burps, while they lasted a good 3 hours, definitely didn't warrant an extraction for him. Just eat some tictacs like swim does religiously and there isn't much of a drawback to this legal OTC!
Old 06-07-2006, 22:33
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swim took 250mg at 4:03 and 250mg at 4:40 its not 5:30 and swim feels lil to none... definately not comparable to dextroamphetamine...atleast so far
Old 06-07-2006, 22:51
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SWIM says that it took him an hour to feel the effects on an empty stomach. Dont give up yet it should hit you any minute!
Old 06-07-2006, 23:02
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swim ate earlier, its about 6pm now, swim felt waves, at around 5 he got a lil wave of euphoria and now hes getting a slight wave... but swim prob had too full of a stomach thats why he took 500mg he feels energy but lil to no euphoria, comparable to 10mg of dextroamphetamine
Old 06-07-2006, 23:09
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Hmm thats interesting because SWIM felt way more euphoria than energy. I guess we need some more reports to come to a conclusion about why SWIMs get such different experiences.

Does SWIJ use amphetamines regularly? it was said earlier that propylhexadrine has a cross tolerance with amphetamines. SWIM hasnt used any form of amphetamines in over 2 years maybe thats why he got more euphoria?
Old 06-07-2006, 23:15
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that could be it, swim does adderall/dextro maybe every 2 weeks or so for 1 or 2 binge nights... but swim is starting to get a wave of euphoria now, he is doing so much talkin to his friends on aim he feels very content and pleasant... swim is smiling...

it is now 6:30 and the euphoria is wonderful, but for the price of 2 benzedrex inhalers swim coulda got about 100mg of adderall, so swim is kinda dissapointed (idk if swim can say that or if that is too much of revealing prices, tell swim and he will change it asap) swim is overwhelmed with love for everything, swim just drank some coffee, since swim feels the high would be better if it was slightely more speed. Swim did so much homework, 5 page outline and a 1 page current event report!! sick! good stuff but still disapointed, he feels the feeling is still growing and will update this post when he feels

it is now 8 and the euphoria is goin strong as ever, swim thinks his slow onset is due to his munchie binge earlier at taco bell... cant hell swim's self. Swim drank some coffee and it made the effects even better. swim will keep yall updated. btw swim hasnt had any burps that he read about.

8:50 starting to come down but its very smooth not bad

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Old 13-08-2006, 03:00
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6:35 SWIM injested cotton in 3 pieces.

7:00 SWIMs eyes feel a little dry, head starting to feel light

7:05 SWIMs stomach grumbling

7:20 SWIMs mind is clear like 10mg dexedrine. A sense of focus on SWIMs activities

7:30 Feelings of wasted $6 go threw SWIMs mind...

7:50 SWIM is a little sweaty, feels tingly, feels floaty. every burp is potporri fresh he says.

8:05 SWIM is finding it hard not to clinch his teeth. Test of blood pressure and pulse show elevated numbers. SWIM has a benzo ready if needed.

8:20 SWIM feels really good but plood pressure is worrying him 144/99 pulse 124. 1mg Lorazepam taken.

9:00 SWIM feels like he took 30-40mg D-amphetamine. Jaw feels tight and SWIM has a large store of focused energy. 153/115 pulse 122 2mg Lorazepam taken.

9:20 SWIM has dropped his blood pressure levels. SWIM says he is euphoric for sure! SWIM talks on the phone about anything.

10:00-11:00 SWIM Feels just like 40 mg of dexedrine - buzzy and euphoric, focused and up for anything with a smile.

11:10 SWIM has a lingering headache, probably from clinched teeth 160mg of acetaminophen taken. 136/107 pulse 124

11:30 SWIM is loosing the euphoria slowly now but SWIM isn't expecting any sleep tonight.

SWIMs conclusion is thumbs up! Just watch what your taking beforehand and have some benzos ready. SWIM doesn't see a repeat of this anytime in the futue when a presciption for 60 generic 10mg Dexedrine is only $xx.xx and SWIM is not really a fan of this thing anymore.

Post Quality Reviews:
Good trip report, with the blood pressure and pulse

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Old 28-08-2006, 23:50
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SWIM picked up one of these today. He first used it as a nasal decongestant, to clear his nose from the effects of the cola he had over the weekend .

SWIM ate a half of the cotton, as is his habit of underdosing anything on the first try. If it provides a bit of an energy lift (which would be damn nice after a weekend like the last one), the other half is sealed in a bag ready to go. He will report on FX.

P.S. picked up on this bit of info from Wikipedia:

When Benzedrine became a controlled substance, it was replaced by a less potent stimulant drug, Propylhexedrine (also known as Hexahydromethamphetamine).
And people say this stuff isn't an amphetamine? Apparently it is, just not on the level of dl-amphetamine.

P.S. lavender & menthol are actually a pleasant combination, scent wise .

It occurs that the reason for the varying times it needs to take effect (from almost immediately to a couple hours) has to do with the cotton and how long it takes for the active ingredient to be extracted in the stomach/intestines. In SWIMs opinion if this is taken on an empty stomach, plenty of fluids should be taken with it because it's a vasoconstrictor and could diminish blood flow in the stomach... perhaps causing the severe ill effects the OP mentioned. Large doses could be risky in this regard and probably should be taken with a full meal + fluids. Intestinal gangrene would not be fun.

T+45 min... SWIM was about to eat something, but it sounded disgusting so he put it away. Didn't click as to why at first, but finally did . Stimulating effects are beginning to be felt... mild sweating and increase of energy.

T+50 min... Increased mental clarity noted.

T+65 min... Euphoria (mild to moderate), in waves rather than steady. SWIM took the rest of the cotton.

T+90 min... A few irregular heartbeats noted, SWIM took a klonopin. Feels like a full fledged stimulant high. Bowels are unpleasantly stimulated tho.

T+100 min... Took an emergency water enema (don't be shocked, SWIM does this weekly to help keep the pipes clear). Bowels feel much better. Mild cotton mouth noted.

T+130 min... SWIM tests for pro-sexual effects (under 18, close your eyes NOW ). Are they like coke? Answer: Desire IS increased (not as much as coke tho), but if coke diminishes performance by 40% (actually for SWIM it doesn't diminish it much at all), propylhexedrine diminishes it by 90%. Overcoming flaccid state is nearly impossible, but orgasm can be attained with serious determination (nice full-body tingling effects noted during), and the intense ability to focus created by Propyl does allow for success. Don't take this stuff on a night out with a close female friend tho, it's not worth it. Also, plan to do something else other than look at pr0n... SWIM tells me it's great on coke, not so hot on Propyl.

T+137 min... SWIM is thinking of hitting the store for another one of these, the effects are really on the milder side in his opinion. Not that another would necessarily boost them that much, but it may be worth the effort anyway. If it takes two for a really decent high, it's getting into the expensive territory but still cheaper than cola unless one is getting a very small amount. No more intense euphoria, but full body tingling that's very pleasant... SWIM loves it. But he's an incorrigible druggie .

Eating cotton bought OTC to get high may seem weird and "desperate" but in SWIM's opinion it's no stranger than sniffing something that literally has lord knows what in it beside the main ingredient, that has passed through dozens of shady hands and thousands of miles of territory. If anything, the damn cotton thing is saner and makes more sense. Pharmaceutical grade and clean.

T+205 min... SWIM attempted an alcohol extraction of 1/2 piece of cotton from Benzedrex inhaler. Shredded the cotton a bit and put it into a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Soaked/stirred awhile, the poured the alcohol onto a plate and evaporated. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be anything on the plate.. nothing. SWIM doesn't get it, maybe someone else has an explanation. Probably the only conclusion is that for whatever reason, alcohol will not dissolve/solute propylhexidine when it's imbedded in cotton along with menthol and lavender. May try the Hcl/H2O method eventually, if he remains interested and wants to do it again without the cotton issue.

T+4 hrs 15 min... SWIM boosted with another 1/2 piece of cotton. That's all he plans to do for this particular experience. Still feeling that pleasant tingling, and extra enjoyment of just about everything he does, but the amount of euphoria overall has been disappointing. Even kratom beats it in that department.

SWIM tells me this stuff is like speed lite, in a similar manner to kratom being opiates lite. He feels it needs a bit of advertising, considering all those threads asking for legal highs (and the corresponding bad suggestions), so I'm gonna put a small suggestive remark in my .sig for him.

T+4 hrs 50 min... SWIM reports repeated full body tingles. This seems to be one of the primary effects of this drug, so if you like tingling then go for it, otherwise in SWIMs opinion it gets clobbered easily by just about any street stimulant. SWIM has decided he will not be doing this often, it's just not that good. Would possibly be more fun in combination with something else, alone it has trouble standing on its feet.

T+5 Hours... SWIM's appetite seems to be returning, he just ate something. Aside from the extra 1/2 for a little added fun, I guess that's it. Overall, SWIM expresses disappointment as he was expecting something along the line of an amphetamine and Propylhexedrine never quite delivered. The fact it can be bought OTC at the drugstore does boost its case a bit though.

Originally Posted by bcStoner420
How would SWIY rate the strength of this drug compaired to Amphetamine on a scale of 1-10 (10 being Amphetamine). Please try to be realistic and not exaggerate.
According to what SWIM told me -- around 5 probably, taking everything into account. 4 for intensity + euphoria. It's somewhat fun and certainly better than megadosing on caffeine, but street stims have nothing to worry about from this substance. SWIM is curious to try an extraction and then another route of administration (aside from injecting, which he doesn't do).

SWIM did one final Propyl tonight/this morning. It's interesting, but it feels like the stuff could be addictive and compulsive if used regularly, despite it not being the world's greatest high. SWIM picks up on that sort of vibe almost instantly.

It is definitely a bit expensive though to be using regularly, although SWIM told me it's certainly cheaper than coke (for the cost of a gram of that, one could buy around eight Benzedrex inhalers and almost certainly spend a lot longer time high. Note, I left out specific prices for a reason, as they aren't allowed on the forum... so nobody ask.

P.S. the ability of this drug to increase sexual desire while simultaneously *destroying* performance is very frustrating. It's also interesting (and nearly unbelievable) in that on this substance SWIM achieved orgasm twice while totally flaccid, in about 5x the normal amount of time. Too much information, perhaps, but it's relevant to the sexual effects of this substance.

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swim decided to give this stuff a go, since propylhexedrine is legal (and easily available) and he was curious. at about 9:30am, swim ate one cotton stick from a benzedrex inhaler. unfortunately, he had no scissors to cut the cotton and had to tear it in two pretty sizeable pieces rather than cut it into many small ones. swim began noticing the effects slightly at about 10:30am. he managed to complete 4 pages of somewhat difficult physics homework between classes (from 11am to 1pm), which was his main objective. at around 1pm, swim started to get a headache around the top-right side of his head. swim has had migraines before, and this headache came close to matching that pain. unfortunately, swim had a test in his 1pm class, so he could not skip. by about 1:30pm, the headache reached a peak and swim became very nauseous. he had to leave the room and throw up. after throwing up, his stomach felt better (obviously), and his headache reduced itself to a tolerable dull throb. swim barely managed to, but he finished the test (the headache and nausea were distracting him for the first 30 minutes of it). it is now about 3:10pm where swim lives, and he still feels the propylhexadrine. he also still has a minor headache. swim says he thinks the effects are sort of like mild cocaine in many ways (sweating, dry mouth, slightly "bugged out" eyes, and increased heart rate are some other notable symptoms he has had so far). he also said he would like to try this stuff again, but not if the headache (or vomitting) is an every-time symptom for him. he will probably test this substance again in the coming days, because he does not feel like re-dosing today and possibly wasting money for no significant effect. he enjoyed the positive effects of the drug, but the headache is a big deterrent for him. oh yes, and this stuff tastes/smells really awful to swim (and he was burping the flavor all day). he would not want to use it as directed simply because it smells so bad. perhaps he will invest in the necessary ingredients to do an extraction...

EDIT #1: swim just threw up again. so, at t+4:00 and t+6:00 he threw up. he could feel a large chunk of the cotton but couldn't get it all the way up his throat. mentholated lavendar is fucking nasty both on its way up and on its way down. it seems like the last half of this stuff kind of sucked for swim. his headache has still not gone away, and he has had waves of nausea. swim thinks he will give this stuff one more try when he has some weed or benzos around to dull some of the nausea and headache. he will also probably avoid dosing so early in the day, so he can go to sleep when he is done. do any swiy's out there have some method of avoiding the adverse side effects that swim has had? is it based on something somatic or might it just be caused by the lavendar and menthol??

EDIT #2: swim feels pretty crappy still. headache and nausea persist. body feels a bit fatigued as well. surely propylhexadrine cannot have 6+ hours of negative aftereffects every time. the negative effects have outweighed the positive at this point. swim thinks if he smells that lavendar stench again, he would vomit on reflex alone. just thinking about it makes him want to throw up right now. any future experiments with this substance will involve an extraction. swim thinks the additives and cotton are the likely culprits for his nausea and vomitting. the headache could have been dealt with pretty quickly if swim didn't have to worry about tossing his cookies every 30 minutes.

FINAL EDIT: swim has determined that his body probably doesn't like this stuff. he only managed 3 hours of sleep last night (5am to 8am), and he still has a mild headache, nausea, fatigue, and random sweating (after 24 hours!!). swim enjoyed the high, but he says it just isn't worth it for all the negatives he had. swim was wondering if any other lab rats suffer from occassional migraine headaches. swim gets one or two a year, but maybe that is a reason why he has this headache still (despite taking pain reliever every 4 hours since he stopped vomitting). it almost feels like an alcohol hangover, but swim hasn't had any in three days...

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Re: Propylhexedrine Basics

SWIM tried this a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to post his experience.

First a little background on SWIM. He doesn't have a lot of experience with stimulants. He's used amphetamine (adderral) maybe 10 times at doses of 20-30mg. He has found this pleasant but not anything he cares that much about. He has also tried cocaine twice but did not really enjoy the effects at all.

SWIM made a couple of bad decisions with this experience. First, he took a new substance when he had to go to work later that day. The cotton was cut in to small pieces and placed in gel caps and swallowed at about 11am. About an hour later an alert which gradually grew in to a fairly intense euphoria, much more than he has experienced with adderall. The stimulation was also pretty intense and overall the effects were much more than he had expected. Several tasks he had been meaning to do were completed in good spirits.

At 3pm, still feeling pretty good, SWIM arrived at work. He was definitely altered but was able to act normal enough that no noticed. At this point he began to have a strange effect. It seemed as if his head would suddenly pass through a cloud and everything would become muffled for periods of about a minute or so. This included mental activity and hearing primarily, and to a lesser degree vision and physical sensation. This would happen every 10 or 15 minutes and did hurt his job performance a bit, and while it was a bit troubling SWIM was still feeling fairly happy and did not worry about it too much.

At 5pm SWIM began to come down, and had a cup of coffee, which seems to have been another mistake.

At about 6pm, SWIM began to crash rather hard, which was probably to be expected, but given SWIMs limited stimulant experience, was not. The crash was accompanied by what seemed to be pretty unsteady heartbeat. So this was when SWIM made his third mistake. He had another benzedrex inhaler in his car which he retrieved, cracked open, and then consumed half of the cotton tube. Eventually he came back up a bit, but never really experienced any more euphoria. This was in line with his intentions, which were to make the last 5 hours of work bearable rather than to really get a stimulant effect. It did do this although a bit of nausea manifested and the lavender burps became borderline unbearable. Also at this point SWIM would experience moments of faintness when getting up and at a few other random points.

At 11 SWIM was finally able to go home and was feeling generally drained and empty. He tried to drink a few beers to take the edge off but the nausea he was experiencing would not let him drink more than one so that had a negligible effect. Finally, sleep was attempted, but not possible. SWIM laid awake in bed until approximately 6:30am when about 2 hours of sleep were finally attained. The next day he felt emotionally shaky and generally unwell, and had a rather painful headache. All of this could be attributed to lack of sleep although the headache persisted in to the next day as well.

In conclusion SWIM feels that this was a very fun drug but that 250mg was probably too much for him personally, too much to be really useful for any sort of work, and at that dose it seemed as though it might be a little bit toxic. Those lavender flavored burps have squashed any desire to try again although he is considering doing an extraction and repeating the experiment at perhaps 175mg sometime in the future.
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SWIM's lilac belch: Propylhexedrine Experience

propylhexedrine, from benzerex inhaler
SWIM-26 year old male, 180 lbs.
dose-250 mg, (one cotton), followed by another cotton after 3 hours, all oral
duration-9+ hours

(+0:00)- broke apart first benzedrex inhaler. cut cotton into 5 pieces and swallowed them. taste extremely bitter, chemicals...like chewing asprin. continued with morning routine, minus caffeine.

(+0:10)- had first of many deep lavendar belches. taste truly odd, but not altogether disagreeable. as the day would progress the gaseos emissions would become irritating. SWIM wondered if other would be able to smell them...reminded him of an occasion when a burp produced a strong lobster/seafood taste several days after a clam bake. hmmm...what will SWIM's feces smell like?

(+0:40)- SWIM still feels no effects. without his usual caffeine, he actually feels a bit fatigued and cranky. debating is done: eat another cotton, drink coffee, or wait? waits...

(+1:00)- the light body tingles arrive along with enhanced focus and facination with music as he slaves away on the computer. SWIM is pretty psyched. the effects can most closely be compared with really clean crystal methamphetamine, but not as agressive yet. SWIM would say it could be compared to adderall or dexedrine, but this seems more powerful, even at this early stage. he always thought adderall was pretty much pharmaceutical methamphetamine, so he does some research:

now he is confused a little. must know more SWIM's research goes on and on at an increasingly frantic pace for 20 minutes before he realizes he is not learning anything...then remembers he took a drug. he could probably research the chemistry of snot with as much interest. decides to focus momentum on something more productive.

(+1:45)- effects quite apparent. slight euphoria sets in. eyes super focused and breathing a bit shallow.

(+2:30)- plateau is reached. experience is very pleasant, minus the occasional scented burp. SWIM canot believe he hasn't done this before. jaw begins to uncontrollably shift around along with excessive smoking of cigarettes.

fascination with whatever is in mental focus brings back memories of initial stimulant use. attention does not jump around at all though. SWIM is on task and is getting shit done, (or so it seems).

(+3:15)- SWIM snaps "awake" to realize he has been listening to the same song on repeat for 20 minutes. he has taken to scanning drawings into his computer and trying to perfect them pixel by pixel. a slow and arduous process, but seemingly worthwhile.

as with previous stimulant use SWIM never want this to end. looking at the clock and deciding effects should start fading soon, he eats another cotton. cuts it up. swallows like pill. brushes teeth and uses mouthwash to rid the chemical taste. this proves to work, but later gives his lavendar burps a new, sickening twist.

SWIM decides to smoke a marijuana cigarette. it does very little to him, except provide another brand of smoke to obsessively inhale. tries to relax and be stoned, but is quickly thrown into another artistic endeavor. he should save his herb.

(+4:00)- effects dip for maybe 15 minutes, before they escalates to same plateau. the cotton should probably have been ingested 30 minutes earlier to provide seemless gap. productivity, euphoria, and focus. SWIM's eyes are starting to get a little tired. he recalls past marathon stimulant binges and attempts to stay high indefinately. as with then, the initial rush and effects can never be matched and being so alert starts to become a chore.

(+4:45)- the headache arrives, mild though. SWIM's stomach flip-flops a bit and he remembers he hasn't eaten anything all day. attempts to find something to eat are pointless. he is the opposite of hungry and any food he looks at just makes the stomach twist more. still high.

(+5:50)- SWIM is sick of being this high. his work has gone from productive and fascinating to repetitive and taxing. he shuts computer down decisively and decides to take 200 mg of seroquel in an attempt to wind down and maybe take a nap to rest his tired, twitching eyes. smokes another joint, with similar lack of effects. puts "ferris bueller's day off" on the tv and tries to sit still.

(+6:30)- as ferris bueller convinces cameron to steal his dad's ferrari, seroquel does it's job and SWIM beds down for a couple hours. sleep restless and shallow.

(+9:00)- awakes to find he is still pretty wired, minus all the pleasant stimulant effects. classic come down which lasts the rest of the day. headache present but still dull. SWIM's stomach is fucked though, and lavendar burbs still going strong. nausea and cramps.

(+10:30)- for some reason SWIM goes to wal-mart with friend, who has just injested his first benzedrex cotton. the harsh flourescent lighting amplifies nausea exponentially and SWIM escapes the mega-store just as he begins to dry heave. sweet flowery retching. he his mildly aware of the fact that he is creating a scene as friend exits store, laughing at him. despite malaise, SWIM can see the humor in the situation.

upon return home, SWIM takes standard dose of alka-seltzer. this clears up head and stomach pains.

(+11:00 until bed)- SWIM takes 400 mg of seroquel. he waits for sleep and excessive pot is smoked with mild effects. sweet bedtime finally arrives as friend begins to jabber on and on about the roman empire. SWIM remembers why he prefers stimulants in the company of just himself.

(the next morning)- a little drained with a headache. nothing a couple cups of coffee cannot fix.

the experience was definately positive. all negative side effects were expected and SWIM was ready. a little vomiting never hurt anyone. it will be repeated. SWIM should probably extract the propylhexedrine next time. it may avoid all nausea and the now detested flowery emissions.

SWIM would like to give a shout out to seroquel. it has always proved to be an effective way to end an experience, especially if it is going poorly. this applies only to tripping and stimulants though. combined with opiates seroquel would be a mistake.

the past week had involved a lot of looking for cocaine for no good reason. SWIM now feels stupid about that. he is glad he didnt spend X amount of dollars on heavily cut yo. it is far more taxing, less effective, more expensive, and almost always contains one or more random things shady people have lying around the house. SWIM has met very few drug dealers he trusted. especially coke and chemical dealers. such a shame.

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Good experience report Thanks for sharing
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Re: Propylhexedrine Basics

The following was sent to me by a friend in an email. Rather than change things up too much, I left the "hourly play-by-play" alone, and it is posted as it was sent to me (basically, I got lazy when I realized how verbose my friend had become!). Any (other) referrences to "I" actually are from my friend.

...::: Propylhexedrine Trip Report :::...

Last night, SWIM procurred 2 packages of an inhaler containing propylhexedrine (also known as hexahydromethamphetamine and dimethylcyclohexaneethanamine). Though very excited to discover the effects, SWIM did manage to wait until the next day, as SWIM had no desire to be up all night long, particularly if it became something not enjoyable - never a good idea to be alone (because others are asleep) and having a bad time on a drug. However, remembering all the quotes about the taste/smell of the menthol & lavendar oil mixed in, SWIM opened the container and used it as directed. It has a very strong smell, and did work as stated on SWIM's slightly stuffy nose; however SWIM is wondering how SWIM's gonna be able to choke this down, gelcaps or not!

Prepared the propylhexedrine for injestion by removing the product from the inhaler (the top part that goes into your nostril removes easily with a firm tug using pliers), then cutting the resulting cotton in half lengthwise. Took one half and cut it into many little pieces (10-20) to both aid absorbtion/elimination & the stuffing into a gelcap. Stuffed it into a gelcap as mentioned.

1:20pm injested approximately 125mg of propylhexedrine - start cutting up and stuffing the other half of the cotton so it's ready whenever I end up wanting it.

1:50pm start feeling the effects, I can feel my bum loosening a bit (like the first line of cocaine of the night), and I feel sort of...shimmery, just under the skin.

1:55pm it's obviously kicking in and reasonably plesant. take the other gelcap & immediately regret it as at that moment I started getting this weird feeling smack-dab in the middle of my chest, right on the breastbone. it almost feels like it's a bit numb from the menthol or something. decide to refuse to entertain the idea that I might have taken too much - even if I did, the worst that will probably happen is it will be a little more intense than I would like for a while. Thankfully, I do have access to Ativan, if it comes to that.

2:30pm feel funny and floaty all over, head feels really lightweight - different from light-headed. Almost what I picture MDMA feeling like - it feels like my body just wants to be touched, almost like I could orgasm from a kiss on the back of my neck or something. It's nice.

2:40pm tired of drinking water, I made a cup of tea. However, now when burping, I feel like I'm going to vomit. I guess it's back to water - perhaps it doesn't mix in my belly well with milk. ??

3:50pm like others have reported, the euphoria feelings come and go in waves - sometimes you feel pretty much fine, then moments later you're wrapped up in the "I know I'm fucked up & I like it, dammit!" blanket. However, I can't help but feel like there could be more, like maybe if I took more I'd reach over this plateau...I think I'll take another half an inhaler.

3:55pm started to stand up to go pee, realize I have to vomit RIGHT NOW. I haven't projectile vomited like that since the first time I tried heroin. -sheesh- The lavendar was weird coming back up & all the water I drank I think helped in making the situation pretty painless. I feel much better now. My tummy's been on the slightly upset side the last few days, so I'm uncertain if the propylhexedrine/lavendar oil/menthol would ALWAYS make me puke, or if my stomach's just on the sensitive side at the moment. Trying to decide if the puking was the cosmos way of telling me to take more, so here's some room, or don't take more because you'll vomit. I'll go for more. When the waves come, they feel good. When there not "active" I almost don't feel high at all. Hmm.

4:20pm injest another approximate 125mg gelcap. Still kinda burping a lot, what's weird is that, all along, not all the burps have that lavendar taste. but the few that do...ick.

4:30pm my vision is kinda fuzzy on the edges almost. I have that sinking feeling that I'm going to end up puking again reasonably soon. One good thing to come out of the puking incident is that I found out for sure that the cotton breaks up and/or shreds up very easily in my stomach. Though I cut each one up into a bunch of little pieces in order to shove them into gelcaps, I worried that they would basically stay as little cotton balls. This was not the case, so if any did happen to stay in my stomach, I shouldn't have any trouble passing it later.

4:45pm puked again, and it was way worse, as I hadn't had nearly as much h2o beforehand this time - I was dry-heaving a bit at the end. my belly just does NOT like the lavendar (well, it could be the menthol, but it's the lavendar smell that's affecting me), when I would smell/taste it during a burp, I would feel like I was going to puke & eventually I did. Even now, some taste/smell is there when I burp - I gotta go find something in the house to stick in my stomach that has a stronger scent. Maybe a bit of grape juice. Ugh.

5:15pm man, this sucks. I'm unable to take my regular dose of medication because my tummy's still upset. Unfortunately, rectal admin of my medications is only 95%, whereas oral is 100% (or so I'm told). But it's looking like that's how it's gonna have to be. plesant tingly feelings bouncing around in my head - wish it would travel down my body. Gotta run to the store to get something to drink...I hope that if I have to puke again, I can hold it until I get back home!

5:35pm finally left for the store - the 15 minutes prior were spent burping heavily into the toilet, fearing another eruption at any moment. It never materialized, and I went to the store for a gallon of spring water and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. I'm hoping it will settle my stomach long enough to allow my medication in. However, I think I'm just gonna plug it anyway - maybe I'm just not feeling well in general, and I won't absorb them properly anyway.

This has degenerated to not being a very fun experience. The euphoria came, but it was very slight. The upset stomach really put a damper on the whole thing. At this point, I think I'll take .5mg of Ativan sublingually, then go plug my regular meds.

6:00pm no longer feeling anything but pain. feel like I could sleep right now. vomited again.

6:30pm friend came over, happened to have some cocaine on hand. partook of some and felt a bit better all around, other than the upset stomach.

11:15pm went to relax and zone in front of the television & within 2 minutes I vomited AGAIN. spent the time since I last puked off & on in the bathroom, thinking I would puke. finally started to relax a bit, fell asleep around midnight.

4:00am woke up, still sick to my stomach. stomach remained upset even as I update this at 7:30pm. managed some ice cream @ 4:30am, then a cookie @ 6:00am. took my meds orally at 7:45am and started feeling really sick again around 8am until almost 9am, then I went back to a "gently upset stomach". the thought of food sickens me, although I went to my parents' house around 5pm to find they'd ordered Chinese food, which I surprisingly wolfed down. still feel icky, though.

All in all, a pretty heinous experience. At first, I thought it was something I still might try again, when I was certain I didn't have an upset stomach. However, after I woke up this morning and put on some deoderant that had a faint lavendar smell and I almost vomited from the smell, I realized the only way I could even think about it is if it were extracted. Considering that I still feel sick over 24 hours later, I'm not sure even that would help. I'm pretty bummed out, as what I've heard about it held some promise. Also, I never got a headache, even when it was wearing off (whenever that was), and I usually get a low-grade one with amphetamines in particular and often with stimulants in general, which was surprising. I'm also surprised that I woke up so early and stayed up and even now at 7:30pm I'm not feeling tired. Very strange, considering that I've been sleeping in a lot lately & that I have an upset stomach. Hmm.

Sorry I didn't have anything more supportive to say!
end email


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Re: SWIM's lilac belch

Swim drinks coffee before, during, and after the Benzy. It only enhances the sensations. Especially an hour after using the Benzy.
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OK swim emailed me the experience below:

background: swim had some cocaine + alcohol last night, felt crap all day. coke was cut with too much of "something" as it did not feel like a smooth up, more agitated.

swim had no idea the benzedrex could be used recreationally. he stumbled upon propylhedrexine in the threads here... happened to have one of these benzedrex lying around. swim was having a rough day, maybe exacerbated with coke down. decided what the hell lets see what happens... it was a sunday night, doing nothing special. swim wrote timeline-wise:

11:45 pm -- ingested 250 mg after reading few posts here. cut in 4 pieces. no touble swallowing. had been drinking slowly since about 8:00 pm. slowly but not insignificant amount.

00:05 swim has a sensitive stomach to some substances, completely fine with others. either way nausea is kinda long-lasting and traumatic for her and she had a very small supper. so she ate around this time (cereal) to avoid nausea. plus took an antiemetic tablet she keeps aroud. had first menthol-burp as swim types this!!

00:30 swim starting to feel something. was low and sleepy all day. Feeling alert.

00:45 definite beginnings of euphoria

01:05 nice! definitely something happening. the burps are not all menthol-y and really not that annoying. feeling great. swim loves this! there is tingling as others noted. pleasant but not opiate-like tingling. very mild really. the only negative may be feeling my heart beat a bit irregular at times. to be expected with stimulant and not a big deal.

also, still drinking. 1 glass left from bottle of wine.

at this time the mental effects are the most dominant. alert, motivated... for example, swim had typed the above on a text editor in real short phrases -- now swim can't help but add more and edit etc so she can describe better... as you can sense, mental alertness increased.

swim decides will do this one piece of work that's overdue while he has this mental status. he will return and continue later.

talk soon!

01:50 swim still feeling pretty damn good! Called sister to say happy birthday. now to work.

02:15 swim didn’t get to do much work as was distracted by e-mailing. but that was something swim had to do as well so allright. swim still feeling pretty good. no more tingling except a bit on the scalp (again, nothing like opiates). def. less pepped up than before... sleep seems farawy though – but so far in a really good way.

02:30 there is one more benzedrex.. swim decided to take the one more what the hell (totaling 500 mg), will not keep regular log any more as going off computer. but perhaps swim will update later.

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Since this thread has been used for reports I will assume it's ok. The following is the account of a friend hereafter reffered to as swim.

Tuesday afternoon swim stumbled on this drug he had never heard of while

browing wikipedia. After doing some reading he decided to give it a try.

However he was very skeptical that an otc drug could have significant

euphoric stimulation. He went to the pharmacy and was told it would have

special ordered. He asked for two and headed home for a sober night of


The next day after his appointment with the shrink he decided to pop

the pharmacy to see if it came in a few hours early. swim was pleasently

surprised as it had come in 4 hours early. Swim payed for the inhalers and


After getting home he opened both tubs, cut each piece of cotton

into two pieces and stuffed them into two gel caps that were left

over from an old script. One pill was ingested at the time it was made, the

other was saved as a booster.

Over the course of the next 2 hours swim began to notice some mild

stimulation and a mood lift.

As swim entered the 3rd hour he decided to boost with the second gel.

this was at approximitly 4:30pm. The rest of the night went quite well,

after getting some work done. Swim was able to relax and enjoy the buzz.

The euphoria and energy were very similer to amphetamines. However

there was one notable difference. Amphetamines normally produce some

unwelcome anxious stimulation. This was totaly absent from swims

experiance. He was perfectly able to lay down and watch tv without

getting fidgity.

Later that night swim had some trouble with heart burn and nausa.

Due to swims inability to reduce the nausa he forced himself to puke. After

doing this, taking an antacid and eating most unpleasentness was gone.

The last remaining side effect was inability to function sexually. This

more pronounced later.

Eventually swim decided to attempt sleep. At 3:40am swim laid down

assuming sleep would be easy. Swim is still not sure whether or not he

slept last night. He suspects he managed to get some rem sleep because

of some very strange thought patterns very similer to swims dreams.

In the interest of time swim will summerize the following day rather

than giving a full report.

After taking a shower thursday morning, swim went up to a different

store that he had also requested a benzedrex at. Swims order had arrived.

swim picked up the order and began to leave, when much his surpise, he

saw that inhalers hanging on a rack. Damnit, without noticing swim has

drifted into details again. Obviously swim is still quite stimulated. To make

a very long story short. Another 2 inhalers (500mg) were ingested 2 hours

appart, and swim procceded to enjoy his very long buzz. As the night

began to draw to a close, swim decided to jerk off. Biggest mistake swim

has made in a long time. Due to the propylhexedrine erection was difficult

to maintain. This however was not the only problem, the stimulent

properties of PH had made him very determined. Swim began at roughly

11:30pm. Three and a half hours later swim achieved orgasm. As swim

writes this his right arm is crying out in pain. Swim is expecting a painful

day tomorrow.

Edit: Very sorry for the lengh of this post, obviously swim is still very stimulated. He also felt the need to double space in order to increase readability.

Edit 2: Swim forgot to include one major side effect. Swim frequently has minor flash backs, often triggered by stimulents, stress, and or lack of sleep. During swims two days of use (possibly going on three) he had 2-3 minor flashbacks. Specificaly trails were noticed, but as time wore on, swim noticed more irregularities. Textures were not quite right, and peoples faces appeared deformed.

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Nice propylhexedrine report(s), thanks.

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Re: Propylhexedrine Basics

SWIM has been reading through this forum for a few weeks now, and throught he would relate his own experiences with propylhexedrine. He feels that the differences between the first, second, and third time he ingested the substance are interesting.

First, a little background. SWIM has relatively little experience with stimulants. He blew a line of cocaine about a year ago, also took one pill of speed at a club (unsure of exact substance or how much). Other then that SWIM has taken relatively low doses of aderall a couple times as a study aid. The experience with the speed and cocaine sparked his interest in stimulants, and he has since been looking for an easily attainable cheap replacement. He discovered Propylhexedrine through Erowid, which pointed him to this forum. After reading through different experiences he decided to give it a go.

SWIMs first experience was about three and a half weeks ago. He and a friend ingested 250 mg each. No extraction was used, each cotton rod was cut into 5 small pieces, which were then ingested, and washed down with orange juice. SWIM was expecting the taste to be much worse, and found the bits of cotton went down relatively easy with a chaser. The drug kicked in for SWIM about an hour later.. he felt some minor euphoria, clear headedness, and energy. He and his friend decided to travel to a warm area where they could walk around and smoke cigarettes. After about 2 hours SWIM was feeling great. He was extremely talkative and euphoric. He also chained smoked like a maniac (SWIM rarely smokes cigarettes). This was the closest SWIM had come to the feeling of being on speed or cocaine. SWIMS friend did not really feel much, although he did note that he felt a bit more clear-headed then usual (it should be noted that SWIMs friend is significantly heavier then SWIM). After about 3 hours of this SWIM returned home, and exausted, fell asleep with no trouble whatsoever. The next day SWIM felt fine with no aftereffects to speak of.

Exactly one week later SWIM and his friend decided to ingest the propylhexedrine once again. This time however, they purchased three benzedrex inhalers, and split them. Once again no extraction was used so its impossible to say how much exactly each of them ingested, however its probably safe to say each ingested roughly 375 mg. SWIM and his friend hung out at home watching the superbowl, once again smoking cigarettes. SWIMS friend said he felt the drug much more prominantly then last time. SWIM did not notice a huge difference in the strength of the 375 mg vs 250 mg. He did however notice that it appeared to last longer. About 5 hours later the effects were still pretty noticeable. As he started to come down SWIM took one hit of relatively low-grade marijuana. He was surprized at how much it kicked the propylhexedrine back into gear. He was immediately flung back into euphoria and talkativeness, with a pretty noticeable body buzz. That night, SWIM had a terrible time trying to sleep. He layed in bed until around 3:30 in the morning, then finally took a shot of Nyquil in hopes it would help. He fell asleep roughly 50 minutes later. The next day when he woke up, he felt extremely strange. He was relatively short of breath, and had a constant low headache throughout the day. He also found himself pacing constantly. That night he once again had an extremely hard time falling asleep. The next day (two days after he ingested the drug) the shortness of breath had turned into a tight pressure in his chest, and the low headache had not gone away. SWIMS friend described feeling similarly. SWIM was somwhat concerned, however this headache and chest pressure eventually disapated by the end of the evening and SWIM finally got a good nights rest.

The following sunday (this was starting to become a sunday ritual for SWIM) SWIM once again ingested the drug. This time with two friends who had never tried it before. Each one of them ingested one cotton rod (250 mg). This time was not nearly as pleasent as the past two. It started out relatively similar, becoming more euphoric and talkative after about an hour. However after about 2 hours SWIM began to feel quite differently. Instead of the euphoria and embracement of being social that he felt the previous times he actually began to feel quite the opposite. He became relatively anti-social, simply sitting alone grinding his jaw. He started feeling stressed and angry at friends for no real reason. He tried desperately to achieve the stimulant high he had felt before, attempting to make conversation, and playing upbeat dancey music. This helped a little, but overall he was still very out of it. This threw SWIM into somewhat of a depression loop. Being depressed that the drug wasnt working, while the stimulant properties of the drug in turn increased his depression. After about 4-5 hours, SWIM was asked if he wanted to smoke a 1 gram joint of relatively high-grade marijuana with a couple friends. Remembering how good the one hit of low-grade marijuana made him feel before he decided to give it a go. After participating in the joint SWIM felt extremely strange. It helped to ease some of the depression he had been feeling, and gave him a HUGE body high. It was unline anything SWIM had ever experienced before. He was relatively zoned out, still finding it hard to be social, but his body felt amazing. About 2 hours later when he layed down to go to bed this body high was still extremely present and showed no signs of letting up. It took him roughly an hour to get to sleep. The next morning he woke up after about 5 hours of sleep extremely awake. He was still feeling the effects of the propylhexedrine in a pretty strong way! He was still grinding his jaw and craving cigarettes. This feeling lasted until the evening when it finally went away and SWIM crashed. No headache or chest problems occured this time around.

There are a few things SWIM has gathered from these three experiences. First, he feels that when ingesting propylhexedrine, each person probably has a limit of the high they can recieve from the drug. This is obviously different for each person (considering ingesting 375 mg effected SWIMs friend much more then 250 mg while it didnt for SWIM). However, SWIM feels that when ingesting more, it can increase the amount of time the effects last, and also increase more unpleasent side effects. SWIM has never tried extraction, so SWIM is curious if this is just caused by the rate at which the body digests the cotton. It seems like a possibility.

SWIM also is very interested in the combination of Marijuana and propylhexedrine. Swim smoked a fair amount of weed when he did speed about a year ago, however it did not produce effects at all similar to when smoking pot and taking propylhexedrine. He wonders why when he smoked a large amount of good weed, it caused him to feel the effects of the drug much longer (all the way into the next morning). He would someday like to smoke weed when at the peak of a good propyl experience, as he has only smoked when coming down from the drug.

Finally, SWIM is curious as to why the third time he took the drug he had such a negative experience. He was with a group of close friends, and had relatively no reason to become so stressed and anti-social. He wonders if maybe as the body develops a tolerance the effects of the drug could change so drastically. Since this is the first stimulant SWIM has used on a somewhat regular basis (once a week for three weeks) he cant compare it with any others. Perhaps this anti-social negative feeling is something others feel when taking stimulants as well? (like a stimulant burnout)

After the last experience, SWIM thinks he is done with propyl for at least a few weeks. He would like to try it once more and smoke pot during the peak of his experience to see what occurs. He is worried however that if the propyl burnout combines with the weed burnout it could be most unpleasent.

If anyone has any insight on this post SWIM would be most excited to hear it.

Take Care

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This is only my second post EVER, so I will keep it brief:

SWIM bought one package of Benzedrex about a week ago and just tried it for the first time about 6.5 hours ago (11:50pm). He cut the cotton bar up into 6 pieces and injested, chased with a 12oz can of Coca Cola.

Shortly after injestion, SWIM developed a very minor headache. Can't really decipher if it was related or just random. It was so minor it didn't bother SWIM, but noting it here anyways. May have been related to the garlic on the pizza he had a few hours earlier (garlic burps probably don't mix well with the flavor of this stuff. SWIM gets headaches sometimes from the flavors and smells of certain foods. It's not an allergic reaction, but more a psychological one. )

SWIM waited about 2 hours, and didn't really notice anything at all. No real euphoria, and no tingling sensation out of the ordinary. Perhaps a slightly higher mental clarity.

Overall, SWIM feels normal, but maybe in a different kind of mood than normal. By "different mood", I mean the normal offset feeling after having maybe just 1 beer, or half a cigarette (SWIM smokes rarely ever, so just one cigarette gives him a good nicotine buzz.)

The only other actual stimulants SWIM is familar with are Caffeine, and the occasional MDMA dosage (possibly adulterated with other amphetamines). His last usage of X was 3 pills exactly a week ago. Could this recent usage possibly have developed a tolerance to the effects of Propylhexedrine, and this be the reason for no real increase in euphoria or energy? The effects most people have been describing here are similar to what he gets on X, but such results were not yielded tonight.

SWIM is taller and heavier than the average human. 6'2" and approx 250LBS. Would this require a higher dosage? This would seem logical for the most part, but SWIM feels he should have felt at least something at the standard dosage.

The taste wasn't too bad. Sort of a menthol with an odd flavor (probably the commonly mentioned Lavender of which I have no idea what it's supposed to taste/smell like.) Another thing SWIM noticed was the cotton rod had a minor discoloration on a few small spots. The look was similar to a used ciagarette filter, but only in a few areas. Is this normal?

It is now t+7.5 hours and SWIM feels no crash effects whatsoever. Just a normal everyday feeling with a small lingering headache which suprisingly doesn't seem to bother him at all. It's just "there". ( Normally after using X, he would be crashing pretty hard by now and have depressed feelings lasting about 36 hours. I keep making X comparisons because he hasn't really tried anything other than that before.

To sum things up, I wouldn't say it had absolutely no effects whatsoever. There are at least two other things we might be able to attribute to tonight's experiment:

1.) It is currently 7:30am, about 5 hours past SWIM's normal bedtime. SWIM could probably fall asleep if he wanted to, but he doesn't feel as tired as he normally would if being up this late. SWIM is suprisingly attentive, as you can see by the length of this post (he is proofreading, AHEM!). His conscience is telling him he should go to sleep, but he feels awake at the same time.

2.) Another thing he just realized is he has absolutely no appetite since he first dosed almost 8 hours ago. A few sips of water and that's it. He has no desire to eat anything at all. His stomach feels full, but not upset at all. Not sure if this is the effects of the cotton or the drug. I saw a post earlier in this thread that hints that it may have been tested in the past as a diet drug. Perhaps this is rings true.

SWIM would like to try this again in the near future, possibly a 500mg dose. Right now though, SWIM is going to try to get some sleep. He will keep me posted if anything else happens.

Next day: SWIM got about 6 hours of sleep. Woke up briefly after about 3 hours then went back to sleep. Normally he can get at least 7 hours before waking up.

After awakening, he felt lazy and unmotivated the rest of the day. Similar to the effects of taking 150-200mg of diphenhydramine the night before.

He will probably try this again, but not anytime soon. Maybe in a few weeks/months. He has more important things to deal with for the time being. The next time will probably be some kind of extraction method, as he doesn't want to clog anything up with some "cotton" fibers of unknown origin.

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Re: Propylhexedrine Basics

Haven't had a chance to make another post here, sorry guys.
Anyway, SWIM FINALLY got to try this again (twice). This time he tried the extracted powder, parachuted in tissue.

He and his girlfriend both ingested about 125mg, started to feel something different, so they ingested the other halves.

Maybe about 45mins-1hour after ingestion they both felt slightly out of it, yet very focused for maybe a half hour.
Then came the waves. Oh my lord, the waves.
Every minute they would feel these pseudo-orgasmic warming waves tingle through their bodies. The feeling was heaven. Neither of them felt 'coked up' or really energetic (definately not tired, in fact they stayed up for many hours).

The drug made them both VERY sexual. Orgasming did not come easy, nor did the maintaining of an erection. Nonetheless, it was AMAZING.

Motivation was slightly increased.. but he felt the bulk of the enjoymenet came in the body high. They could not get over how amazing every touch felt, how amazing the waves were. Every touch to the body was sooo pleasurable, it's so hard to describe.

SWIM had no headache, no nausea (if you have read his first posts about the drug)
It also was nothing like he remembered. Last time he felt like it was amphetamine or something... the last 2 times were mostly body highs. Very, very amazing, soothing, warm, orgasmic body highs. The sensations were to die for.

SWIM wonders if it has anything to do with taking the extract vs cotton.

Anyway, they both have done it twice with very good results.
Hardly any comedown.. and sleep came pretty easy actually.
Also note: both time they took half, then half (about 30 mins apart).

The extract ended up weghing about 500mg for 2 cottons each time (pretty good, eh? maybe it wasn't all propyl, but still).
I believe he extracted it like so:
2 cut up cottons, pour 50ml HOT dH2O over cottons. add 15 drops 35%HCl. STIR. FILER. EVAP. SCRAPE. INGEST.
zing. quick, easy and efficient.

There is no doubt they will both be trying this again (possibly tonight)

Anyway.. SWIM is so happy he did not get that damned headache again!
They both love this drug.
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Re: Propylhexedrine Basics

Ok, so swim tried propylhexedrine for the first time the other day. He had a good quantity of work to do, no time for sleep, and not enough motivation. Thus, he decided it would be a good time to run out and find some benzedrex inhalers to use as an adderall substitute for the time being.

10:00PM - Swim ingests cotton from the inhaler in four parts. He noticed that the first piece he swallowed had a bit of irritating effect on his throat and wasn't especially comfortable to get down. Swim messed around and found that wrapping the cotton pieces in little bits of tissue made it much easier to gulp down, and he didn't get any taste or irritation in his mouth/throat.

11:30PM - By this time swim is experiencing some nice euphoria, though not as pronounced as he had imagined from the descriptions he read in the thread. The pleasant feelings seem to have been increasing gradually since T+1:00 when he first noticed them. Smoking was a bit more pleasurable, though swim didn't get the usual stimulant effect of not feeling the smoke at all when inhaling. Swim felt somewhat stimulated, but wasn't feeling especially energetic. He definitely was more focused than before ingestion of the cotton though, which was a plus. Swim decided to experiment a bit and took 2 grams of piracetam to see if he could notice any resulting potentiation.

1:30AM - Swim is feeling pretty good overall by now. Effects are stabilized and swim can't really tell if they are intensifying or diminishing or simply maintaining the status quo. Swim took half of the second cotton rod at this time to see if he could boost the stimulating effects a bit, as he felt those lacking, especially for his needs at the time.

2:50AM - Swim's euphoria meter is still holding steady, but he feels noticeably less tired. Still a ways to go before the morning would arrive though, so swim took the other half of the cotton rod. On the last piece consumed the tissue wrapped around the cotton came off a bit, leaving a nasty taste in swim's mouth and irritating his throat.

3:25AM - Swim felt very level and balanced by this point in the experience. He was focused, but not too speedy. He had a cigarette close to this time and it was a bit odd. Swim had the increased desire to smoke cigarettes that he would with adderall or cocaine, but smoking itself feels very different. Swim couldn't feel the smoke being inhaled, but it was still somehow more prominent than it would be on most other stimulants. The desire to smoke itself wasn't as strong as it would be with other stimulants swim has tried, but the sensation of smoking was definitely weird for swim on propylhexedrine. It may have been the effects of lavender and methol on his throat from the two cotton pieces that weren't completely covered, but swim can only speculate as to what effects this may have had.

9:00AM - Swim got through his work alright. He wasn't as intently focused as he would have been on adderall + piracetam but he didn't get as easily distracted either, so it balanced out well in the end. A bit more stimulation would have been helpful, as swim felt ragged by this point, but the propylhexedrine got the job done.

8:00PM - It was a long day but swim got through it even after the propylhexedrine wore off. He didn't even use any caffeine or other stimulants. Not sure, but from this experience swim doesn't think the comedown from propylhexedrine is too bad, at least with the doses he was working with (total of 500mg but spread out). Was an enjoyable and productive experience on the whole. Swim would probably use adderall over propylhexedrine for study purposes if he had it, but otherwise benzedrex inhalers are a pretty decent backup to have in case supplies of the former run low.
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Experience Report 22 March 2007

Woohoo... SWIM decided to do some propyl, starting at 8:00AM this time (so hopefully will get sleep tonight... he does not have to work today). This is after being awake all night, but not too tired. He went ahead and capsuled up the cotton from an inhaler, not feeling like doing any extracting today.

Anyway, it's kicked in, SWIM's jaw is clenching repeatedly and the entactogenic effects are building... off to the shower! Nothing else like it in all the world...

* That was a bit premature (he should have waited longer), but still worth it... at least twice as pleasurable as a "normal" shower. The sensation of cool air on SWIM's skin on the way in to the shower was amazing. The hot water felt "good" not mind blowing like previous experiments... and afterward, the water evaporating on SWIM's skin in the cool air made goose pimples on every inch of his body, probably even his eyelids. So sweet... the only thing about taking a shower on stims is fighting the tendency to rush through it . SWIM is getting an unusual amount of repeated jaw clenching on this one.

* SWIM picked up one more inhaler & extracted this one (for plugging and sniffing mixed with dh2o), the high from the original is on its way out. He always forgets that if he doesn't get two, the temptation to go buy a second one is hard to resist. Still constant jaw clenching/tooth grinding, it's becoming a little irritating. SWIM usually doesn't get that effect from PPX, but this time he REALLY is. What a beautiful mood lift tho, just clean/clear positivity. Perhaps not as directly euphoric as dex or meth, but just as good an antidepressant.

* SWIM is sick & tired of this! He's been up for 10+ hours... when does this sh*t stop? B*A*D case of the jitters that benzos may/may not help, along with extreme neck and upper back stiffness & pain, mild heart palps. Note main problem with propylhexedrine: High goes on too long for comfort. Maybe SWIM's just getting old, it seems like he can't tolerate long runs anymore like he could just a few years ago. Considering another shower.

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Re: Propylhexedrine Experiences

Well swim read up on this and got extremely excited. Usually he's an opiate/downer kind of guy because he doesn't like being wired, but since this isn't supposed to cause much stimulation hell why not try it.

7:00pm: Swim comes home with his inhaler cuts the rod in half and swallows it down. Doesn't taste as bad as some of the stuff he's taken.

8:00: Minimal effects noticed, decided to eat the other half.

8:30: Notices a bit of happiness/need to socialize coming on so he goes down stairs and starts talking to everyone drinking. He's having a great time and he hasn't had a single drink.

9:00: This would be great with some kratom! He calls his supplier of kratom and picks some up.

9:30: Eats about a gram and a half of kratom extract.

10:00: Wow he's on top of the world and full of energy. The euphoria's and combined are making him be more social than ever before.

12:00am: Everything still going great still full of energy and his friends want to go to a dance club. He's the only one who hasn't been drinking so he drives them there.

1:00am: Still talking to everyone he sees and dancing like an idiot having a ball.

2:00am: Comes home and cuddles with one of his good friends and watches tv.

4:00am: Still up full of energy and oddly enough not sexually aroused whatsoever with some who he would usually fool around with.

7:00am: STILL AWAKE! but coming down and making out with friend but still no sexual arousal.

9:00am: Still up and still can't get it up! haha

11:00am: Finally comes down from everything and finally gets erect but has trouble keeping it up.

12:00pm: Back to baseline.

Wow, that was a very great experience. The kratom went very well with the propylhexadrine. Hopefully he didn't do anything too stupid combining them, but other than massive constipation that could be expected from opiate use he is completely fine. I don't know which was potentiating which, but there certainly was something there. Since alone either should only last 6 hours or so not over 15!! Crazy night but one of the most fun experiences he's ever had. Definitely will not do this often since staying up all night fucked his sleep patterns for the next 3 days, but every few weeks sounds good.
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Re: Propylhexedrine Experiences

Glad SWIY enjoyed... SWIM has found that propylhexedrine has a dark side, namely it's been giving him terrible "hangovers" lasting 24-48 hours after the main high. He just feels ill, like a sort of poisoned feeling. SWIM has been avoiding propyl because of this.

Lately he's found that in a situation where more wakefulness than caffeine is needed, plugging bupropion does the trick pretty well (seriously, it's a stimulant itself and dosed properly feels like a large pot of coffee + a little dopamine tweakage). For more recreational stuff, SWIM thinks he's done with propylhexedrine... either he saves up for something better or goes without.
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Re: Propylhexedrine Experiences

Swim decided to try Prop and found it quite enjoyable. Swim took 1 cotton tube and cut them up into small pieces and then stuffed them into caps. After about an hour and a half the effects started to kick in. Swim became very talkative and noticed that doing the boringest things became enjoyable. Some swims have compared Prop to meth. But swim thinks thats a no. Swim has done meth but didnt find it to be what what others were saying. Swim would compare it to adderall but thats swims own feeling. One thing is that Swim was a little worried about those nasty burps and it wasnt that bad. Yes they tasted rancid but it was tolerable. Swim will try it again.

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