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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

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Old 20-06-2007, 18:29
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cocaine cutting 101 : best cuts and cutting techniques

Looking for info on how to cut coke ? Inert white powders for weight, the synthetic -caines to recreate the numbing effects ?

Read on !

The best cutting agent is : no cutting agent.


A large amounts of threads are regularly opened in the cocaine section of the forum, focusing on the various qualities of cutting agents, and cutting techniques.

While trying to remove a "cut", an adulterant in order to purify a substance is fine, let’s make it clear that neither swiyou nor your favorite uncle’s pet bunny will get any information here on procedures related to “cutting” a substance with another.

“Cutting” refers to adding a “cutting” agent or “cut” to the substance, in order to increase its weight (or decrease its potency, but this is not the case for cocaine products).
A “cut” is an adulterate, which both increases the dealer’s profit margin and renders a substance less safe than it already is, and can in some case have dreadful side effects. “Cutting” is a criminal practice which is always motivated by greed / profit issues and absolutely unethical, and NOT ACCEPTABLE in this forum.

Which is why all threads started on the subject of cuts, asking for advice on how to cut, and this includes recooking, repressing etc, with what substances, all such threads will be CLOSED and / or DELETED and the poster given a WARNING, as this is a serious infraction of both forum rules, and general ethics and motivations.
Same applies to threads dealing with planning of criminal activities, as explained in the rules.

The only threads related to the subject of cuts and adulterants accepted are those dealing with CUT REMOVAL, or product purification.

Purification, ie the removal of adulterants / cuts is pretty much one of the best harm reduction techniques available when it comes to cocaine products. Discussions of the various qualities of cuts are not helpful from a harm reduction point of view, since no user really knows what black market products are really cut with to begin with, unless they are thoroughly analysed.

And remember that greed / profit motivated choices such as cutting products, leaving potential users to deal with adulterated, unsafe, black-market products of unknown quality or concentration, are often behind some of the worse consequences of substance use in the current circumstances.

So please be responsible and constructive in your posts, check the rules when in doubt, and try to stay on the safe(r) side.


Post Quality Reviews:
thats a brilliant way of drawing people in to get a badly needed slap on the wrist! haha
Sound ethics for the forum.
Good points, which I whole-heartedly agree with
Nice to see this position being taken
VERY TRUE! Adding cuts to cocaine is a waste of cocaine and health of nose and soul :(
This is one of the best named threads. It helps people who are actually looking to "cut" get an idea that it is not a very moral or "nice" thing to do and can be very dangerous. "Cutting" can potentially kill someone. Especially an IV user.

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