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Various drugs not covered by other forums Discussion of Psychoactive drugs that do not have a specific forum

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Old 18-07-2007, 12:12
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Methylergometrin (Methergin)

Swim was searching in the forum for this substance finding nothing,Swim was verys urprised ,so Swim´ll share what Swim knows.
This is a quite interesting substance related to Lsd.The methylergometrin maleate,also called methylergonovin or even methylergobasin,is used to treat posnatalperiod haemorrhages.Its commercial name is Methergin,at least in Spain,and it doesn´t sound Spanish at all,so Swim guesses it´ll be called like this somewherelse.Swim isn´t very sure if it is still sold because the last time Swim bought it was 5 years ago more or less.Swim really thinks it ´ll still be in chemist´s because it is very unknown(even in Drugsforum!!!).
I found out about the drug in Pharmacotheon by J. Ott.There is mentioned the entheogen effects of ergonovin(Ergotrate,Syntometrina) and the similarity with methylergometrin.It was Hofmann in 1976 the one to discover the ergonovin maleate effects after taking 2mg of it.He experienced colourful hallucinations and other physic alterations.

Methergin comes in 10ml bottles mixed with alcohol if Swim remembers correctly.Swim thinks it contained 2.5mg of methylergometrin for bottle.It was cheap.There was another presentation not interesting for us.
Swim had 3 experiences,the first one swim took 1 bottle,the second one 2 and the third one 3.

The parts of the experience with this drug go as follow:
0h Drink the bottle or bottles,after fasting for 4 hours.
0´5h to 1h Swim starts to feel a little of stomachache(overall in the part where the uterus should be if Swim were a female) that gets worse till feeling sick in general.It is interesting to remark that the first time Swim took it,swim did it with his exgirlfriend and she felt the same,she having uterus.
1h to 1´5h Zenit of the pain getting over it slowly.All the process lasts an hour.
2h Starting to feel weird and the effects starts going up very slowly.The pain has already totally dissapeared when it starts.
3h First entheogenic effects.The vision changes and feeling euphoric.It goes up slower than its powerful brothers.
6-7h Zenit of the experience.With closed eyes there aren´t visions,with open eyes powerful visions overall compared with the mental state.Experience very visual,very little introspection and quite a lot of euphoria.
Maybe 10h End of the experience.Swim lost that data so Swim doesn´t know how exact is the end time.

The 2 first experiences were like that,the third taking 3 bottles without fasting and with a very bad stomach state and diet previously ,was a mistake and became a long feeling sick with lots of farting and burping where Swim was too sick to enjoy.Swim doesn´t blame to an overdose,it wasn´t.

Swims´s opinion is that methylergometrin is a poor brother of Lsd and psylocibin,but a brother indeed.Swim doesn´t think he´ll never take it again if he can get Lsd or mushrooms,but Swim´d take it,for sure, if he cannot get them or maybe if he could avoid the feelig sick effects in the beginning of the experience.
Due to its weak introspective effects,and quite strong visual alteration,might be recomended to the ones who are only interested in the colourful part of the business and fearful of the mental part.

Hope somebody else could post some additional information.
Old 18-07-2007, 15:17
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Re: Methylergometrin (Methergin)

Not sure if this helps but it coincides with what SWIY says about his g/f feeling something in the uterus http://www.spofa.cz/Produkty/Methylergometrin_E.htm

Indication group

Acute uterine bleeding due to myometrium hypotonia; better than ergometrin for use during the third birth period because of rapid start of the effect. Subinvolution of uterus in puerperium.
Old 28-01-2010, 18:00
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Re: Methylergometrin (Methergin)

Bump! Interesting stuff here, anything new?

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